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I just bought this theme today and had been working on it for hours and pulling my hair out on the issues I’m having with, come to think of it, this theme may not be compatible with the newest WordPress. What was describe in Documentation is not on the WP post as it would be. I’ve check where I could. Right now this theme is a “Lemon” and does not work accordingly. Requesting a refund.

I just uploaded this to my Wordpress site, and I can’t get the pages to appear in the header—it is just a black stripe with a broken image symbol. How can I get my pages listed like in the demo, at the top of the page in the header?

Setup the menu from the Appearances > Menus panel :) B


I would like to play a self-hosted video using Lightbox. I see you have an example using Vimeo. Any idea of how I could achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Sure! Just drop your vimeo URL into the lightbox link custom field :) B

I think you misunderstood, I need to put a self-hosted video.

Oh! You should be able to insert a link to a .mov file :)

Trying to do the same thing… adding a link to a .mov file is just giving me an empty blank box.

Hi There,

When I post a lightbox link to a video it is just linking to the page where the video is found, rather than the video playing in the lightbox. I am using the url for the video is that corret?

many thanks

On my site, there’s only 10 of my posts showing on the main page, how can i make it so it’s fullfilled and posts fit the exact space..?

I am having so much problems with this theme! it keeps saying NO STYLE SHEET !

Hello – I am looking for a photo theme that will allow users to “like” individual images via facebook. Couldn’t see this feature in the demo, but maybe it’s configurable via the control panel, so I’m asking, just to be sure. Very nice theme otherwise.

Hi, got my Flex template up pretty fast but would like to add the shuffle item back into my menu. How do I do this?


Hi.. can i remove the cufon style for custom menu at footer? you can check my web at and click a menu in “Jump To” (not HOME ). When page active, menu link text shown as cufon style i think.

Let me know to fix this..

Thank you.

This is probably an ultra-basic question, but can the “red label” area used for the site name be adjusted in size, either through the Wordpress options or by replacing it with a different image file? Thanks Don Jordan

Hi Epicera, I have the same question with

In IE 7 , IE8 on Windows 7, the Cufon Font doesn’t show up on my site.


The file don’t any modify.

So no navigation, no article headlines on starting page ;-(


Title can’t show

In other Browser it works.

Waiting your messages.

Hi, I bought your theme yesterday. it works in google chrome but it doesnt in internet explorer. i cant see the navigation links nor the headlines of every article. can you please reply with some sort of explanation? thank you.

Can this theme handle a lot of categories and does it enable uploading playlists from youtube?

HI, this templates was amazing, but since some week it has problems with CUFON . I’ve tried many solution via code but, i dunno why, somewhere the site is visible, otherwhere is not (only header and footer) Can you explain me how to eliminate the Cufon from the whole site? I would try to use Google fonts.

For people having issues with Internet Explorer 9 not showing your cufont pages titles or headlines… the following is a ghetto fix:

1. in wp-admin, go to Appearance/Editor. 2. Select “Page Template” (page.php) 3. Add the following to the top line: <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8” /> 4. Save. 5. Download cufon version 1.09i: 6. Replace or edit your cufon-yui.js in themes\flex\js


This does two things, first it forces IE9 to run in compatibility mode for IE8 … and second it upgrades your cufon to be more compatible with IE9 (didn’t work for me but still good to do).

Awesome theme so far.

However, am having one issue…

My site isn’t displaying the sidebar correctly on any post or page. Instead of it being on the side it is being pushed down to the bottom.

For example here is one post where my sidebar is at the end of the page itself:

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Greg

How to I increase the number of thumbnails shown on the page??? right now its only showing 10, then says next page. I’m sure there is an easy way to do it, I’ve been looking everywhere but can’t find it.

Updated in your next post ;) B

Nevermind, found out it’s in the “reading” settings. oy.

Glad ya sorted it out :) Thanks for the update! B


I just purchased this theme and installed 2.9 wordpress since the latest version did not work. Once I activated the theme I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /home/soupgrap/public_html/showcase/wp-content/themes/flex/functions/menu.php on line 6

Any reason why? I did no changes to any of the files.