Discussion on FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

Discussion on FLEX - Multi-Purpose Joomla Template

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jkrokar Purchased

I have mail you a week ago. We have upgrade of our Joomla site (3.10.11) to new Flex template 3.9.9. and face some issues with editing articles and modules. There is a issue with logo too. Please can you support us here. After this step we would like finally to move to Joomla 4. Thank you!


egeteta Purchased


We purchased the “Flex” template. There is something I want to question:

I want to work with source code in page design with SP Page Builder Pro. For example, I want to work with the source code because it takes a long time to prepare a gallery with 100 images. I need your support in this matter.

Best regards.

I need the possibility to use a custom Google font which needs to be saved locally on the webserver. Is this possible? I have to make sure that no Google Fonts are loaded from the Google Website, in order to conform to German law…


jewelcam Purchased

When I try to open SP Page Builder, the front-end displays but without any toolboxes, controls or anything that allows design work to proceed, it basically just redirects to the home page with no edit functions. This is odd, just last week, working with the same sit-up all worked. The only thing i did, was run a backup with Akeeba, then the next day Sp Pag Builder is doing what i described above.- Joomla 4.2.6, Sp Page Builder Pro 4.0.6 PHp 8.0 server lightspeed, I have flushed server cache, cleared browser cache, tried PHP 8.1, and checked global check-in and checked database tables.


jewelcam Purchased

if you are having this problem i found a work around. insert the direct link to get to the frontend editor https://yourdomain/index.php?option=com_sppagebuilder&view=dashboard&tmpl=component#/


jewelcam Purchased

Another work around for this issue is to login as super user on the frontend first then launch Sp Page Builder Pro

This comment is currently being reviewed.

The last two versions i have tested on a dev site and it breaks the footer menu – The items were inline column no tweaks or custom css, now they are bunched up with no spaces between menu items on a single line (nav menu mod list is present in old version but new version it is gone and repaced with mod menu mod list nav. and i notice on the offcanvas the menu section (via sp module) is no longer centered and gets pushed to the left, Will try and fix these issues myself J3 php 8.0

Hi i updated to Joomla 4, all works but my frontend homepage. The links from the main menu work and display correctly, but i get an error message when i go to the frontend home page? I try to pull the frontend homepage in Sp page builder and it shows the same error message, this is only for the home page all other pages display correctly both in Sp page builder and frontend PHP is set to 8.1 any suggestions?


Can we import template pages from SP Page builder? Is it include?

Hi jewelcam,

Yes, you can use Export/Import feature, but only with SPPB (SP Page Builder) 3.8.9. Export/Import doesn’t work as it suppose with the new SPPB 4.0.7. That’s why I recommend all Flex users to still use SPPB 3.8.9.

SPPB 3.8.9 has both front-end and back-end (stable) editors, where SPPB 4.0.7 (or 4.0.6) doesn’t have back-end editing (with export/import feature) only front-end editing.

Kind regards,

Aplikko team


jewelcam Purchased

Thank you, I’m using Joomla 4, I installed SPPB 4.0.6 and it has no backend editor. Can I install SPPB 3.8.9 over SPPB 4.0.6? I need the backend editor, To be honest SPPB 4 is a step in the wrong direction for Joomshaper (after using SPPB v4 for two days, I see why you recommend all FLEX users to still use SPPB 3.8.9.) Thank you Aplikko for your awesome support!

Off Canvas menu, How to force the off canvas to display in expanded view for sub-menus?

Hi jewelcam,

I explained it in the email I sent you. Here it is for other users as well:

Off-canvas menu is “accordion menu” which expands (open/close) on clicking on small arrows. There is no other way, because “dead links” (empty links, like separator, or menu heading) will take you nowhere if you click on them. It is disabled (default click) by small javascript, otherwise it will take you always to the Homepage. So, these “dead links” (empty links, like separator, or menu heading) have different behaviour compare to the regular links, and when you click on standard (regular) link it cannot open sub-menus and take you to the desired URL (page in the link) at the same time. It cannot perform both requests. That’s why we are using this “caret” or small arrows for open/close. There is no other way around this.

Kind regards,

Aplikko team

Hello, Please I have an issue with flex template, joomla 3.10.11 & flex 3..9.7, Error Message: (This error appear when link an article page.)

0 Oops… Page Not Found! We’re sorry, but the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

Thank you for your perfect support, Regards…

Hey, I tried installing the template (again) but it had an error. Found a slightly updated version of the template (as I bought the template some time back) and tried the new package, but got a new error

Warning: array_replace(): Expected parameter 1 to be an array, string given in /home/xxx/public_html/libraries/src/Document/Document.php on line 606

Not sure why its so hard to get this template to work properly from the start. Have messaged you on support yesterday but not heard back. Please help…

Hi! Is it ok to update from Helix 3.0.2 to 3.0.3? Thx

Hi again! If the reason why the update is not available yet is that ThemeForest takes time to approve it, maybe you can just mail the theme-file? Thx

Hi itmarketinggroup,

New Flex update 3.9.9 has been approved and is available for download.

Kind regards,

Aplikko team

Thx guys

Hi Appliko,

since there are already several posts about PHP8, a short feedback from me:

The page runs with PHP 8.0 as well as with PHP 8.1 almost without problems. Only the shopping cart is not displayed, there is a 404 error message. If I switch back to PHP7.4 the shopping cart works again.

After PHP7.4 is no longer updated since 26.11.22, is an adaptation of the template to PHP8 planned in the near future?

best regards

SOLVED with Flex-Update to 3.9.9

At first glance, compatibility with PHP 8.1 looks very good. After first tests, no issues are visible.

Many thanks Aplikko! Happy New Year! :)

Thank you Shorty0811!

It took a lot of effort to release this 3.9.9 Flex, after weeks and weeks of problem fixing and testing, and finally we managed to release it before the end of this 2022. It is fair to say that this is “stable” and (hopefully) bug free release.

Happy New Year!!

PROHK Purchased

Hi, I migrated a FLEX Onepage to Joomla 4. So far all ok, but smooth scrolling does not work properly.

In Firefox: It moves to the target jumping up and down until it reaches the target bookmark.

In Edge and Chrome: It moves smooth to the target, but with a 1-2 sec delay after klicking the link.

Disabling smooth scroll or changing version of smooth scroll in template settings does not change anything. smooth scroll jumps up and down in the same way like enabled in settings. Is this a bug or my fault in some way?

My Example https://www.perez-goldschmied.ch/webj4/ On https://www.perez-goldschmied.ch is Joomla3 running ok.


We’ve sent you email with all the answers and fixes.

Kind regards,

Aplikko team

PROHK Purchased

Thank you so much – five stars again!


I realized that I have two options for managing users.

This first list below is activated:




However, it would be more interesting if you used this second option.




Could it be some setting…?

Hi Aplikko, i was doing a fresh install of xampp + latest flex quickstart from downloads here.

Sadly, the website does not work directly with any of the xampp with PHP 8.x

Not 8.0.23 / PHP 8.0.23 or 8.1.10 / PHP 8.1.10 Homepage throws an error 500 with above PHP 8.x

The only version were it works is PHP 7.4.30 / PHP 7.4.30

Also, the installation prompts up an installation error, but it does install anyways if u refresh.

Any ideas?

paolo-l Purchased

Hello Aplikko. Speaking of the Ajax Intro Articles Module, I would like to show only the 4 most recent posts. Is it possible to disable the “Load More Posts” button? Thank you very much, Paolo.

Hello Aplikko, if I change from PHP 7.4.33 to 8.0.25 my homepage crash (Flex 3.9.8). After some tests I’ve noticed that if I disable a module built with SP page builder latest post the page is showed again. Could you give some tips to fix the problem? Thanks you.

Kind regards,


Hello Aplikko,

I have just installed the quick install of J4 with Virtuemart. In the store, I cannot change the shipping and payment settings. When I go to the predefined entries, I get a 504 error message after a while.

Could it be a server-side problem, or does something not fit during the installation?

best regards

SOLVED – It’s a problem with VM Version – Change to 4.0.8 10748


I have recently run into a problem with Flex 3.8.9. The menu type cannot be set as any of the “Mega Menu” options. It’s actually throwing an error. and breaking the site.

Cannot access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params

This wasn’t an issue a few days ago. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

System Information:
Database Version    8.0.26
PHP Version    7.4.30
Joomla! Version    Joomla! 4.0.1 Stable [ Furaha ] 23-August-2021 19:47 GMT

Hello resultantweb,

I’ve sent you an email with detailed explanation, relating to your question.

As I’ve mentioned in my support email, your combination Joomla 4.0.1 (from August 2021) + PHP 7.4.30 is not the “perfect match”.

I think you need to update your Joomla to Joomla 4.2 (latest is Joomla 4.2.4). From version 4.2 Joomla has some important changes, where the “old” 4.0.1 is just the second “stable” release since the beginning of Joomla 4. If you do that (update Joomla), it is important to upgrade the PHP version also to PHP 8.0.x or PHP 8.1.

There is already PHP 8.2 (RC), but don’t use it since it is not yet an official (stable) PHP version, it is a “Release Candidate”, but not the version for “production websites” (still only for testing).

Joomla 4 is working much better with PHP 8.x, than with the “old” PHP 7.4.

Kind regards,

Aplikko team


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