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Hello, Thank you for good work !

I have a strange issue with primary menu on home page only. The links disappear when i’m hover the first entry. :( Do you have an idea ? THanks in advance

Hello Renand, unfortunately this item it’s a bit old. I can recommend you using Kallyas Wordpress Theme http://kallyas.net witch is a more recent framework.

Sorry, more details, It’s only with Safari (mac). Thanks

Beautiful, simple and easy to use. Do you happen to have the homepage graphic/vector containing the 3 side by side black dialog boxes presented within the slider? I checked your PSD’s but they only included a solid graphic and I am looking for the layers. Or if you had a link to where I could purchase that one, it would be fine.

Nop don’t have it as a vector, but i will make it now and send it to you later today.

Here it is link

Hi! How do I disable the mouse scroll in the gallery?

Answered someone with the same question on the forum. Check this http://support.titanicthemes.com/discussion/19/tooltips#Item_2

Tks again!!

Sorry! I need other assitence… I removed the search is that after the menu and set it to the right side. But he insists on staying with the titles to the left side (the “li”) ... I have already put all floats the menu as “right”, but not resolved. Could you give me a light on how to solve this?

How do I change the map location… I live in the US and the address format is different.

It should work by simply entering the address. Or try this, find your address on google maps and enter the keywords that you entered there.

Hi TT Guys….

Only two little things:

a) where can I buy the freckled girl picture that appear in the slider??? b) I’m coming across some issues about the website view in a Galaxy S3 and S4, have you some special queries for these mobiles?

Really I’m very comfortable with your work…I’m appreciate it…

Hello ccwd,

The girl picture is creative commons 3.0 so it’s free to use , you will find her here http://dajydesigns.deviantart.com/art/Open-334374223.

We didn’t tested flexbox on samsung’s default browser though, but we gonna look into it.

Delete the ”.” at the end of the link

thank you very much…. regards

any update???

The Twitter widget is not working. I edited the username in functions.js, but no results. Any advice?

nice theme I would like a photo gallery. But it did not. I’d appreciate it if you send

What kind of photo gallery? Flexbox has sliders included that can be used as photo galleries. Check also the portfolio sections.

I dont want detail.html I want this http://suslermobilyaaksesuar.com/aynalar.html (click on the thumbnail to get larger image)

Hi, How about WordPress version of this theme? Where I can buy WordPress version?

The wordpress is under development, probably in a month or so it will be finished. It will be released on another account.

Just to let you know your theme demo is down.

Thanks, Alex.

Thanks we will fix it, you ca use this link http://demo.titanicthemes.com/flexbox/dark/

Hi, please assist me on changing the background color. im got no idea which part to put the code for change the left & right part color.


hi, it’s ok. i found the code already.

How to change the google map? i had update the address its not working. please help.

You must replace this address with a valid address.

// Add your address address: 'London, Covent Garden, Covent Garden (E-bound)',

Amazing design.

Just one thing I don’t like, when you use the fixed top menu, and you scroll down, it doesn’t look so good.

Here’s the page of what I do for a client. Suzuki Hnd

Thank you for creating this theme.

Thanks. Yes i know the transition should be smooth. I will release another theme soon that should be something like FlexBox v2. Stay tuned. Or wait for the wordpress version.

Our template used is this and it’s going very well. http://www.roglastudios.es/ Wordpress take out a version of this topic?

Hi, no WordPress for Flexbox. We’ve made a “facelift” of FlexBox on our new theme Avision. But is still HTML. Hope you like it.

Where can you change the color code for the slider overlay icon from orange?

Helo alex you must edit the css file screen_styles.css and change the root of the images. Or simply replace the “images/top_orange.png” image.

.top.left { background: #f14833 url(”../images/top_orange.png”) } .logo.left { background: #f14833 url(”../images/top_orange.png”) }

hi, i would like to know if i can use bootstrap to work with this template to do all my mobile responsiveness; i have choosed to work with bootstrap because it will be easier and faster

Hello Renand, unfortunately this item does not work with boostrap. I can recommend you using Kallyas Wordpress Theme http://kallyas.net witch is a more recent framework.