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Congrats man!! Looks awesome and deserves tons of sales!! :D

Thanks! Marius hope it sales like your kallyas.. just dreaming :)

Nice template.. congrats mate.. :D

Thank you!

Awesome template!!! :D

GLWS! ;)

very good design, good luck mate :)

Looks great ! :)

Well had to pick it up for my next project code is very clean thanks. :)

Thank you innerclick

Awesome job! Any plans to convert this to a WordPress template in the near future?

Yes mikehern but don’t know when

man this looks delicious! :)

This is awesome, Good luck :)

Nice template!

I’m all for Wordpress, let me know when its developed! This is gorgeous! Please add me to your email list for any future updates. Great work.

We’ll do that :)

Always a pleasure to see your work, recognizing your style from a distance ^^

Great work!!! I was almost buying the Kallyas of Hogash when I saw your template. Now I’m undecided …

I compared the HTML and CSS code (with Kallyas) and its template seemed easier to change …

He is very thorough! But, to be perfect, wish he had pagination and form elements in shortcodes. You put it in a future version of this template?

Sample: http://themes.jozoor.com/crevision/white/shortcodes.html

I will uptate it with any features you guys need, but for now there are not so manny requirements, i plan to do some more different homepage styles maybe add few more widgets… Predefined colors? don’t know if this is needed. I’ll try to implement also what you asked, thanks for the feefback Iloureiro.

Surely the typography will be there

I found in the “elements” pagination, but I’ll do another, because I do not like what you did. About the other options of “forms” that I spoke, I would like you to include in the next version. The portfolio will adapt the “themes”, but what I need is a portfolio by areas and not using filter, as you did. If you can put this option in the next version of portfolio, your template will be even more complete (In my opinion, of course).

Really really like the look of this template! I purchased it, but was wondering about a Wordpress template as well. Thank so much for your great work!

Thank you pgarrett :)! The WordPress version will be available but not very soon, after 2 or 3 months.

hey mate , i bought this template but im just wondering how to add this template to my website ! is it the same way like adding theme? Appearence >theme>upload file and activate theme. anyone help?plz

can u plz tell me how to do this ?how to upload this is my server? thanks

Can u plz tell me how to upload it to my wordpress theme?thanks

Hello attri sorry for the late response, i receive emails on my email, here and also on the support forum its hard to manage.

Please open a ticket here http://support.titanicthemes.com/ and i will answer you much faster if you encounter any difficulties.

Here is a short tutorial of how you upload it: There are 2 ways to do this:

1.The easiest way to do this is to connect to your cpanel. Usually is something like this http://YourWebsiteName.com/cpanel . Go to “File Manager” and copy paste the flexbox Dark theme in your “public_html” folder.

2. Download the latest version of WinScp from here and install it.

Login with ftp details to your server and simply copy paste the flexbox Dark theme in your “public_html” folder.

If this is to hard for you you can send me an email from my profile page with your ftp details or cpanel details and i will do it for you.

Hi, It’s nice template but has two bugs in single page mode. 1. Scrolling down cause that top menu doesn’t smooth move on scrolling down by little more then height of top menu 2. (still single page mode) After page loads left logo slogan shows all entries for a sec Firefox 19.0.2, Win7

Hello migego,

The smooth move its a great idea and i’ve took it into consideration for the next update. Regarding the other “bug” try removing on line 955 this function checkHELLO because it’s a dublicate.

What version are you on ? dark / white / boxed ?

there is no 955 line in index_spw (version dark, not boxed, just normal full width)

Here it is http://s14.postimage.org/xe7hho1ox/capture.png Please use our support forum for a faster response.


amazing template but there’s only one thing that makes me not buying it, with IE8 the slider’s fonts aren’t well supported and the images have something like a black border … !

When will I buy this template ? ;)


amazing template but there’s only one thing that makes me not buying it, with IE8 the slider’s fonts aren’t well supported and the images have something like a black border … !

When will I buy this template ? ;)

Hello philouphilou,

The font is not the problem an neither the slider, it is the browser, that doesn’t know how to render real big fonts. I really like Opens Sans, its a very light and clean font and even if you try to change the font with another one the problem still persists, again because of the browser because it’s outdated. Try to move to a more modern browser.

Regarding the image border, i can’t really see the borders. Works perfectly fine on my desktop.

ok I think I can solve that problem, because IE8 is still quite used by ‘visitors’. Just another question, is the revolution slider include within the 15$ od do I have to pay 12$ more (as seen in your presentation page) ? By the way one more thing : AMAZING TEMPLATE !!!!

Hi, congratulations for this awsome theme, i´m a really happy buyer,i only have one question:

Where can i change the dropdown menu letter color in the white “not boxed” version?

i´ve tried editing elements under /* menu::level1 / and / menu::level2 */ in screen_styles.css but it does not take efect could you please help me?

Hello hugopineda,

The js code rewrites the css code so that fade effect can happen. But if you want to change it the easiest way to do it is to add !important to css atribute.

div#menuWhite ul ul span{ color:#A9A9A9 !important; }

If still need assistance please use our support forum.

Thanks for purchasing

thanks a lot man1!!

Hi. First of all … very nice work. Little problem on portfoliodetails.html The Overlay Image (opacity.png) flows over the container to the end of the page in safari. Same issue in your preview. Can you give me a hint how to fix this?

Thank you very much!

Hi propixel,

Find the little bastard bug :)

Here is the fix: Search the screen_style.css for ”.blogpicture” class it should be something like this .blogpicture{position:relative}

and replace it with this .blogpicture{position:relative; overflow:hidden;}

That’s it