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Hello guys, I have some little issues: 1. I tried to remove the author from all the posts. I read all the old topics, but nothing seems to work – http://deltapres.ro/wordpress/?p=279 2. How can I make the post full width? I do not want the right sidebar there :)

In the FORUM section I did not get any help or at least a reply from the minti team!

Hi :)

For the author you can add #author-info{ display: none !important; } to the Custom CSS

Full-Width Post is actually not possible out of the box.

Thanks, minti

I still got this bar, how can I remove it? http://deltapres.ro/wordpress/?name=basic

An another thing please: I`ve changed the color of the menu, has to be blue; but when you hover the mouse over the text, the text turns blue. Where do I find the option to change it to white?

Thanks A LOT!


Left a message on your forum but no response. I wanted to know if you theme is compatible with WP 3.8. According to this page the theme has not been updated since 2012. Thanks

Thanks for responding. :) Is there a more up to date version of the theme?

The version you can download is the most recent. My themes are built pretty solid, so they don’t require updates-fixes for every new WP version :)

Thanks! :)


Is there a custom css code to hide the footer ?

Thank you

Thank you it’s perfect !

Are there another custom css code ? I searched your forum and couldn’t find them…

I’m mainly interested in changing menu police and background colors and small styling stuff

You can change all that directly in the style.css :)


Is your template compatible with Yoast SEO extension ?

I have a page title problem and the flexfit template seems to be the cause of it.

Thank you

Hi :)

open header.php and change lines 13 -22 with

<title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?> <?php wp_title(' - ', true, 'left'); ?></title>

Hi it’s possible to use a second menu to put in the footer ? when i create a new one “footer” assign it with widget in the footer the main menu dissapear and no way to get it back ? thanks for help


You could just insert html links in a text widget if the menu widget does not work for you.

Thanks, minti

yes sure it works this way but it will be more simple and easiest to use a secondary menu. Thanks

HI, I’m having some issues with the template now that wordpress has updated. Mainly the projects. They show all the projects on the main page (Teams in this instance) but when you click on one it says the page it shot found. It has the same url and is published.

Will you have a fix soon for the new wordpress version? or do you have a work around?

Thanks, Angela


I don’t experience any problems. Sounds, like a permalink issue. Switch back to the default permalink structure and check if that works.

Thanks, minti

That fixed it! Good to know. thank you!

Hi, I want to update WordPress to 4.0.1 and just saw @mslewis5 message. Will the theme work? Thanks

Did update and it work fine :)

Perfect :)

I built a site using FlexFit, and the working site (WP 4.1) had no issues with the Slideshow shortcode, however, once I imported the site over to a new server (WP 4.01), the Slideshows are not working. Nothing has changed, but now I get a message where the images used to be that says: no images were found

Any ideas?

I found the culprit. NextGEN Gallery is causing the issue. Once deactivated, the slideshow works. Any thoughts or recommendations on another gallery plugin that wont mess with FlexFit?

i would take the flexit theme. i tested id and can’t found the options to insert a normal gallery, or all the gallery options in your example http://themesymphony.com/themes/flexit/standard/

i can only insert a gallery in portfolio an use the template portfolio, take the lightbox on, i can view only the first image of the galerie. when i take it off, enter the page with the gallery, was are ok, but there i can define the many gallery options in the link. how can i take a gallery, standard or mansory and open in the lightbox, and clicking forward or back.? how can i do it its also possible to make a gap/space between the fotos in the gallery?

thank you very much!

Hey :)

I think I didn’t get what you mean. Could you maybe rephrase it?

Thanks, minti

excuse my English ?

I would be very interested in your Flexit topic. Have tested the theme in a wordpress installation.

how can I make a foto galerie like this of your example!: http://themesymphony.com/themes/flexit/standard/

I can only create a gallery as a portfolio template and activate the function lightbox. Then they open only the first image of each category, not all images inside. I Activate any function lightbox, open the contents of the portfolio page but does not have the whole Gallery functions, such as in your example.

How to create a gallery page so, with the options in your example: Standard or mensory, or … I do not find these options!

Would also be possible to obtain a distance between the images in the thumbnail view?

Hi again, the link you shared above does not show our theme. You can view a demo of our theme here: http://flexfit.mintithemes.com/

Thanks, minti

How do I display the Home Slider on the homepage? I entered in the photos in the featured image, and it still isn’t showing on my homepage..

Hey, make sure to select the “Home” Template for your Home Page.

Thanks, minti

Success!!! Thank you! I have used this theme before and prior, it was not selected and still worked. Of course this was prior to the new version of wordpress.

I appreciate your response – Thank you


Even thought I specify Default background image in theme options, it doesn’t show anymore. Can you help me with that ?

I have WP 4.1.1 and the latest Flexfit version.

Thank you

Hi :)

Let me have a look at your installation. You can email me your WP and FTP login info and I can take a look at it. To email me, visit the link below and find the “email minti” box on the lower right hand side, send us an email with your URL, username and password along with a brief description of the issue so I can look into it for you. http://themeforest.net/user/minti


Hi, Is it possible to use blog grid template with only one category ? Thanks !

Hey there & thanks for your interest!

You can of course use as many categories as you like. Also just one category works perfectly.

Thanks, minti

I just updated to the latest version of WordPress and now my top nav isn’t pulling the menu I have set.

(Tried to get into the Support Forum but there’s no License Certificate link on my Downloads page next to this theme file.)


did you make sure to set your menus with Appearance > Menus – also the menu location is set up correctly?

Thanks, minti

Yes, the menu was set properly, and displayed properly until I updated WordPress. I had a programmer go in and fix the issue, but you may want to consider updating your theme to fix this bug.

Hello, I used your theme to build the website http://hbcsystech.com, when you load the site on a mobile phone, the menu doesn’t work properly. Meaning, I would like to be able to tap on the menu, then tap on any menu item and have it go directly to that corresponding page. Currently, I have to tap the menu item and then “Done” for it to work. Help please? Thank you!

Hi :)

The menu is working perfectly on my device. It behaves just like the demo page, does it work different for you?

Thanks, minti

So do you get the click wheel menu that rotates, and then have to hit “done” to go to that page? Why not just have the user tap the page on the menu item they want to go to without having to hit “done”?


i like your theme. i have a few questions about portfolio and single portfolio pages.

1- can i add to menu a portfolio category as submenu item? i mean, when i clicked the submenu item which i added to below portfolio menu item, is it open my portfolio category page?

2- is it possible to add a related portfolio widget in single portfolio page according to categories or does the theme has a “related portfolio” element somehow.

Hi :-)

1) Unfortunately not. The filters work with ajax, so there is no “link” to filter the items.

2) There is no related portfolio option, however I think this can easily be added with a plugin or a little code knowledge :)


Hi, Just installed the great FlexFit theme on Wordpress 4.2.4. Unfortunately the home page slider doesn’t show up at the homepage using the homepage template. What is going wrong?



did you try to disable all other plugins? Maybe one is incompatible.

Thanks, minti

Hey I was wondering about how to embed revolutions slider into your theme . I notived on the support forum two years ago i asked the same Q, bottom line i asked again a month ago, and about six months ago some one else asked but the issue has not yet been address. Where in your theme is the file and script for the existing slider that it was be replace with the revolution jquery slider?


we shifted the support from the forums over to the comment section again for over a year. The file you want the revolution slider to be added would be page-home.php.

Thanks, minti

Any ideas how to change the font of the main site title please? I can’t find an option anywhere.

Hope someone can help.

Hi & thanks for purchasing! :-)

You can use this CSS to change the page title font:

#subtitle h1{ font-family: arial, sans-serif; }

Thanks, minti

Hi, I have been testing google maps shortcode and it does not work for me. Do I have to change a template? or Do I have to change a text code in a file .php?

I set the contact template and it does not worked for me.

I used this shortcode: [map z=”16” w=”920” h=”400” address=”New York” marker=”yes” infowindow=”Hello World!” style=”full” markerimage=”http://flexfit.hellominti.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/pin2.png” infowindowdefault = “no”]


Hi there :)

Google Maps changed their API, so from now you will need to add a Google API code to show maps on a website. You can generate one here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key?hl=de

After that, go to /framework/functions/shortcodes.php and add ?key=XXX in line 97, where XXX is your generated Google Maps API key.


Thanks, minti