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Thanks tagDiv :)

- Ed

Thanks dude :)

- Ed

good work guys, glad to see you boys always creating quality content!

Appreciate the kind words :)

- Ed

ShortCode > Images, Videos & Lightbox have problem

Portfolio > filler > background over a number

What problems are you seeing? Just checked and can’t see any issues.

- Ed

oh sorry, you fixed it

Yes, thanks for pointing it out :)

- Ed

Looks great :)

Any plans to add Aweber to the subscription form?

Can you change the title of single post blog post and pages so that the page title is using the H1 tag instead of the H2 tag for SEO?

Page speed is a little low for homepage and the first blog post according to Google, any plans to speed this up?

Good luck with sales, I am sure this will sell really well :)

Thanks! :)

- The subscribe dropdown can contain any code you like. We’ve added a textarea to the theme options so that it’s easy to control.

- Sorry, oversight on my part! When you specify a custom page title in the meta options, this is h1. Will get the default heading to be h1 too in the next update.

- It’s mostly minify optimisation that is holding the page speed rating back, something that we can’t do on the demo for people that want to see the code, but we plan on adding a tutorial for minifying that users can follow.

Thanks again :)

- Ed

Clean and beautiful! :D

Thanks :)

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Looks great, congrats :)

Cheers Bedros, appreciate it :)

- Ed

Looks so good I’m gonna be the first to purchase – great job !

Thanks, glad you like it :)

- Ed


so loooooong waiting for a theme like U !

wish u all the best ! u deserve the best !

thx for all your progress these months, for listening & responding to our needs & wishes

(barca also triumphed last night, just like u did)

tasos @ greece, so shiny today, really :-)

Thanks Tasos – was just about to email you to let you know it had been released! :)

You’re more than welcome, thank you for the patience and the purchase.

Have a great day!

- Ed

Great again :)

Thanks Naci :)

- Ed

Looks good. Have had a few problems with other templates we’ve used so just want to ask a couple of questions:

- can you add your own elements to the page builder? For example, if we have a custom plugin that uses a shortcode to be displayed, can this be added through the page builder? - what flexibility are there with icons? can we use our own in addition to yours? - can woocommerce NOT be used without affecting the template?


Hi Phoenix, thanks for the interest :)

- Yes, you can simply place the shortcode within a text block, and it will work perfectly.

- What icons are you referring to? You’re free to use your own if you like.

- Yes, WooCommerce is completely optional, and no elements are fixed and dependent on it.

Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Fantastic theme guys! Another incredible product from Swift Ideas :)

Good luck with sales!


Cheers buddy!

- Ed

Wow fabulous , very like :)

Thanks louiejie :)

- Ed

Very nice, I might just buy this one after reviewing it a bit!

So far, I have (just like webmedesigns) a few errors on the Images, Videos, etc page :

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/swiftpsd/themes/test/flexform/wp-content/themes/flexform/includes/page-builder/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 43

Notice: Undefined index: extension in /home/swiftpsd/themes/test/flexform/wp-content/themes/flexform/includes/page-builder/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 435

Notice: Undefined index: dirname in /home/swiftpsd/themes/test/flexform/wp-content/themes/flexform/includes/page-builder/composer/lib/helpers.php on line 438

(Repeating a few times).

Hi there,

Thanks for the interest! :)

That’s actually from our test site, and you shouldn’t have been taken there – must be an old link in the demo. Will check that out.

Here is the link to the page on the real demo – http://themes.swiftpsd.com/flexform/shortcodes/images-videos-lightbox/

- Ed

Good, thanks for the info :). I suppose I switched from one version to another via the header… maybe the one following the scroll.

I found a few old links and fixed them, thanks for pointing it out :)

- Ed


Does the pagebuilder add custom code so that a page created using it requires additional processing? My reason for asking is that I have heard of problems where other page builders have been updated and all previous posts then developed errors.


Hi there!

The page builder’s frontend output runs from shortcodes, so no additional processing other than what WordPress does – this is all done before the page is served to the user.

Hope that helps :)

- Ed

Thanks Ed – perfect, just what I wanted to hear :)

You’re welcome :)

- Ed


Some questions.

1. A Q regarding responsive visibility. Eg.

[visibility show=”desktop”] Your Content Desktop [/visibility]

[visibility show=”tablet”] Your Content Tablet [/visibility]

[visibility show=”mobile-landscape”] Your Content Mobile Landscape [/visibility]

[visibility show=”mobile-portrait”] Your Content Mobile Portrait [/visibility]

Is this possible?

2. I also miss some short codes: Tooltips Responsive image Eg. [responsive]IMAGE HERE[/responsive] Gap. [gap height=”60”]

3. Plugin Is it possible to use forms with Contact Form 7 Plugin?

1 – Not currently as shortcodes, although we will add this in an update. For now, you can use <div> tags, such as:

<div class="visible-desktop">Desktop</div>
<div class="visible-tablet">Tablet</div>
<div class="visible-phone">Phone</div>

2 – Our image blocks within the page builder are responsive, and also so are images added within the content (full sized images). We also have a blank spacer element within the page builder. We’ll add tooltips to the list :)

3 – Yes, you can simply place the shortcode in a text block.

- Ed

Thanx for quick reply and i’m waiting for version 1.2 ;-)…more short codes. Haha!

It will likely be in v1.1 :)

You can never have too many shortcodes right? ;)

- Ed

Nice looking theme, Ed!

Just as I thought I was settled on PinPoint…..

Quick question: Aside from design, what are the main differences between FlexForm and PinPoint?


.filter-wrap .filter-slide-wrap {
display: block!important;

- Ed

Thanks, Ed. So this isn’t exactly what I was asking… sorry if it was a confusing question.

So I’d still like to be able to sort things by category. Adding the above code takes away the ability to sort. I’d still like to sort by category, but without having to click “filter our work” in order for the categories to show. Basically, I’m looking to get the portfolio section to function exactly like in your “Punch” theme—Where the categories are there by default, but you don’t have to click anything to get the categories to display.

Is that possible? Just with the way I’m looking to set up the page, it doesn’t make sense to have to click something in order to see the categories.

That code above should keep the slideout option open as standard. Is that not what you wanted?

- Ed

What a fantastic theme! This is incredible. The word “theme” doesn’t seem enough :)

Only two things..

1. I notice there are problems with the search box when the viewport is anything other than widescreen. On Mac Safari and Chrome, you can’t focus the input, and clicking the icon does nothing. On iOS tapping to focus the input doesn’t work.

2. In tablet or mobile modes, the drop down menu breaks only on the Features page and its children. It lists all the pages at once in the menu button.

Are you able to give me an idea of when these issues could be fixed?

I’m dying to use this awesome theme! :)

Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

1 – I’ve just seen this issue, thanks for pointing it out. 2 – Thanks for pointing this out too.

We are able to provide auto-updates within the WordPress admin, so will get a v1.0.1 update out in the next few hours to fix these issues :)

- Ed

Wow. That’s what I’m talking about! :)

There should be a purchased tag next to my name, any..second..NOW..!

Have fixed both these issues on our test site. Will wait a few hours to see if anything else turns up, and will push a hotfix update later.

Thanks for the purchase, enjoy :)

- Ed


pre buy question: is there a setting to turn on/off when clicking an image in gallery or portfolio that the image is shown in lightbox instead of goning to the portfolio page?


Hi there!

Yes, you can choose what the item links to for each item. Here is a screenshot showing the options you can choose from: http://cl.ly/NXvM

Hope that helps.

- Ed


Theme looks good! Modern. I am looking for a fast theme that loads quickly. Have you looked into that for this theme?

BR Jaap

Thanks for the kind words :)

We constantly get 2-3s load times when testing with various locations around the world, which is seriously quick for the content. This is without using a CDN or Minifying JS/CSS. We can’t do that for our demo, as most people like to see how clean and workable the code is. The speed is also dependent on content, so if you choose not to use the revolution slider, and are strict on imagery, then this theme with fly quicker than it already does.

Hope that helps :)

- Ed