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Just wanted to say, that responsive visibility shortcodes ROCK! :)

Glad you like them, clever functionality! :)

- Ed

Hey Ed, great theme! Quick question. How can I setup full-width, responsive slideshow like in the demo? I tried playing with slidshow settings, but can’t get it to work. If you could take a screenshot of the slideshow settings page of the demo, that would be great and save you from typing it up. Thanks.

Hi there,

Have you purchased the theme? I can’t see a purchased badge on your comment.

- Ed

Client did through another account, I can get license number if necessary.

Guys, you rock!

I loved the theme and I’m about to purchase it. My only remaining question is whether it supports Cyrillic and how many Cyr Fonts are available?

Great! If you need anything else, let us know :)

- Ed

Hi Ed,

We’ve purchased your awesome theme and trying to make it work on our server!

I’ve done all as described in the doc, but still not obtain the view like in your demo. If I chose one of the imported views in Settings->Readings our site looks pretty similar, but still not the same (http://smm3.org/flexform/). I read somewhere in topics the answer to this question, but fail to find it again. Could you plz help with setting up?

P.S. That could be great to add such question to your Knowledge base.

Hi there,

Thanks for the purchase!

You need to set the menu in Appearance > Menus, then you can set up a slider in the Revolution Slider plugin, and footer widgets in Appearance > Widgets. Both of these aren’t included in the standard WordPress export.

Hope that helps.

- Ed

I left a message in the support forum but no response yet. When I open the color customizer the areas won’t stay open long enough for me to make a change. They keep closing. Is anyone else having this problem?

Hi there,

I see you posted in the Forum Help section, but this isn’t for support – you’ll need to post in the Flexform forum. I’ve checked your account and your code has been accepted so you should be able to access the Flexform forum. If not, please clear your cache or try an alternate browser.


- Ed

Okay I will add there but somewhere can you answer the question?

Add a private reply with a link/login so that we can take a look. Will need a little bit more to go on to be able to see what the issue is :)

- Ed

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for the great theme. I’m looking for a way to create a header with the logo in the middle and a navigation menu below it. I’m really new to wordpress and CSS, so could you explain in detail how this might be done, if it CAN be done?



is it possible to do a blog like in CLIQUE on this theme? Also if i understand correctly in a previous comment I can increase the swift slider height?

You can use the masonry blog layout (selectable in the edit screen of the blog asset).

Yes, just use the same css I provided in that response.

- Ed

Hello. I love this template. It’s really flexible. Again, congratulations on your work.

—Please could you check the following in your code?

When I assign a class to a “divider” by “custom class name” then the code does not appear into: “dotted wpb_content_element wpb_divider span12”.

Thanks for pointing that out, have fixed it for the next update :)

- Ed

Hi, I currently have a wordpress theme running on my server, would I be able to install your theme on the same server to do a demo and test site?

Yes, you could use a preview plugin to do so, or install another instance of WordPress in another folder.

- Ed

When you select a page in the navigation menu, is it possible to keep the underline cursor stay at the menu item you selected? I know the cursor stays at the page you are on but is it possible to make the cursor stay at the menu item you clicked, even though the page you want to go to hasn’t loaded yet? I don’t mind if you give me some instructions on how to edit the files myself….

Unfortunately not, as the navigation line is powered by jQuery – which won’t load until the page is ready.

- Ed

Hi, how would I alter the font (colors, size, font, background) of JUST the navigation bar? Is this possible? Thanks!

1) Can you show me a link to see this?

2) Hmm, not seen this before.. I’ve tested it here and it works fine..

- Ed

sure. It’s rebelintern.com

Rather than making the search bar the same width as the sidebar, how could I make it so that the search bar is shorter, so that it’s centered from both right and left (and a little lower from the top)? Because right now the white of the search bar is bleeding into the white of the page background. Thanks!

Add the following to Flexform Options > General Options > Custom CSS. That will add space around the search box and other widgets.

.sidebar.right-sidebar {
padding-right: 15px;
padding-top: 20px;

- Ed

Is it possible to choose the position of the social icons? Instead they are displayed on the top bar, to be able to be displayed in the footer, next and before: ”<? Php echo do_shortcode (stripslashes ($ go_top_text));?>” I tried putting ”<? Php echo do_shortcode ($ top_bar_social_icons);?>” But it does not work. Keep showing it only on the top bar. Thanks!

You can add them anywhere you like with the shortcode. See here for details: http://themes.swiftpsd.com/flexform/shortcodes/social-icons/

- Ed

Great Ed! This works perfect in the template: <? php echo do_shortcode (“[social style = ‘dark’]”);?>

-Thank you very much for your help!

You’re welcome :)

- Ed


I really love this theme. Just need to know two things; (1) Is it compatible with WordPress MU and (2) With all the header options, is there one (or a way) to allow for a logo to go on top of the menu buttons?

Thanks in advanced!


I just purchased your theme… I’m excited about using it!



Now that I’ve had a chance to install the theme and have taken a look at your knowledgebase, can you direct me to that custom CSS that will place the logo above the main menu?

All I can find is how to change the log container width. From what I see, I have to replace code within the header.php file which is not what I want to do because it will affect all sites within my MU installation. I was hoping to find some custom CSS that I could add to a single site “Custom Code” section.

Can you help me figure this out?

Thanks :)

Sure, here it is – http://support.swiftideas.net/knowledgebase/how-to-center-the-menu-and-logo/

That will work for you, custom css only :)

- Ed

Hi there, if you want to make a CSS change for mobile format, would you make the change in the responsive.css file or twitter’s bootstrap one?

I’d recommend adding it to the responsive.css file, or copying the media query to the custom css box in Flexform Options.

- Ed

We suggest you move the large block of css code from the header area to an external file, to make the page much more cleaner and faster load speed. why not move these code to style.css file? or other file? even customized css code can be saved to a file, simply use a script to generate the customized css and save them to a file(use fopen, fwrite, etc. to write the css code to a file), not very difficult to accomplish that.

see other themes all did that, we believe you can also do it.

Please consider this for your next update, thanks in advance.

That is one way to do it, but having to write the styles to a file, if for some reason the user doesn’t have permissions set, then it won’t be able to write the file. Nevermind that issue, the result is still much slower than loading the styles like we currently do.

As I said, trust us – the way we do it is tried and tested, and by far the best solution.

- Ed

1. the permission issue is easy for all users who bought your theme, it can be easily solved by ftp tools 777(you can note it in FAQ).

2. The result is Not slower but faster, because ‘the save css to file’ action is done only in admin side, and only done when doing the theme color customization. After the color customization is done, you will never need to save css to file again and again.

While for the front end users, the load speed is faster because the external css file will be cached in browser, and your page code will be looked much cleaner. (look at other themes, all save the css to external files.)

I’m not being funny, but I’ve explained that the permission issue isn’t the only reason why we don’t do this. Trust us. We’ve tested ALL methods, and this is by far the quickest, easiest, and definitely the best method. No matter what browser caching, it’s still quicker.

Please understand that, and accept it. We do appreciate your input, but we’re confident that this is the best solution. After all, this is what we do for a living!

- Ed

hmm… I’m having trouble with displaying portfolio thumbnails. looks like everything is correct, perhaps the plugin I’m using is interfering ? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpro/ I use this plugin since I deploy my wordpress to multiple server instances and this plugin helps me upload wordpress images to Amazon S3. All other image functions work correctly, inserting into post etc… I only have problem with portfolio related pages. I checked with my browser console and it looks like no code for fetching portfolio thumbnails are generated…

Hi Mobiq,

Would you be able to provide me with a link so that I can take a look?

- Ed

I made a portfolio page : http://mobiq-inc.com/portfolio-test/

Doesn’t look like the image setup is working, but it works ok for the lightbox. If you disable the wpro plugin, does it work? Can you try disabling any other plugins as a test?

- Ed


Before I purchase, I just have one question.

I need to have the home page display

the most recent post followed by directly underneath, the next 3 most recent posts.

So, the most recent post would be full width and the next three would be a thumbnail and short excerpt.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks and the theme looks great!


Hi Mitch,

It would be possible to get something of that sort layout-wise, however there isn’t any option to offset the blog posts, so the only way you’d be able to have different posts below (not duplicating the first) would be to use a different category.

Thanks for your interest, glad you like it :)

- Ed

Just a WOW from me SwiftIdeas!!! Such a beautiful and useful template. And so many amazing features! Thanks a lot for such a great work!!! Wish you many, many sales!!!

Sure, these are in two locations.

1) /includes/post-formats/standard.php

2) /includes/page-builder/composer/lib/shortcodes/blog.php

- Ed

THANK YOU!!!! :-)

You’re welcome :)

- Ed

Is it possible to have BuddyPress integration in an update?

It’s on the wishlist, so we’ll see what we can do in a future update :)

- Ed

Very good work! Really like it. Pre-sale question. Wc3 validator gives some (minor) errors when testing the demo. Could you fix that?

Thanks for your interest.

Which issues are you seeing in W3C? Send me an email with the links that are causing problems and we’ll take a look :)http://themeforest.net/user/swiftideas

- Ed

Checked again. Result: no errors! Hm, strange! But happy to see that. 100% convinced about the theme. Will buy it this weekend. Thanks for the quick reply.

Great, if you need anything else just let us know :)

- Ed