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hi, ed, I have one question, the logo at the top of each page default link to the front page right, I would like to make the logo link to another page, how should I make this? It is emergent, thanks in advance.

Hi there,

This links to the page set in Settings > Reading. If you’d like it to be different then you would need to edit the template files – I can point you in the right direction if needs be!

- Ed

yes ed, I really need to link different page, please guide me to edit the template files. thanks a lot.

Edit header.php line 317:

<a href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>"></a>

You can replace the href code with whatever you like.

- Ed

Can I change the link in the “Account” nav menu from “Wordpress Admin” to “My Account” page?

Hi Ed, sorry for delay. Yes, I’m referring to that one. What do you mean by having the My Account link set in WooCommerce?


If you mean the My Account page destination to be set in WooCommerce-Settings-Account, yes. It has been set already.

Sorry, just double checked and it’s not currently possible to do that as standard. I’ve just changed it for the next update, but if you need it sooner, send me an email via: http://themeforest.net/user/swiftideas

- Ed

How do I add my client’s phone number to the top right header of the site…? Can’t seem to figure it out…

Thanks, CT

Hi there,

Go to Theme Options > Header Options, and use this configuration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tdx4sikafp0ixbt/Screenshot%202014-06-14%2019.05.10.png

Hope that helps.

- Ed


There is any way to generate the content of a parent page from the content of the subpages? I saw something made at http://tradologic.com/front-end/ using Flexform theme, but I didn’t found a way to do something similar.

Thanks, Andrei

Hi there,

You can either build that page with the page builder, or the only way to pull in sub-content would be with posts, sub-pages can’t currently be used for content in a parent page.

- Ed

hi ed,

how can i get the portfolio items on the archive page to be alphabetized, instead of most recent first? page is here.

thanks a bundle, emily

hi ed, thanks for your reply.

i would, however, like to try and automate this process instead of asking my client to sort things manually. i dont mind getting into the functions and adding or removing code.



hi again– i think i’ve figured out part of this issue. i had worked with a programmer last year to modify a couple things about the portfolio. one was to alphabetize the posts and the other was to add in a function that allowed them to be removed (set to pending) if they passed a certain date (membership expired).

i updated wordpress, and the plugins, where everything worked fine. i realize that when i updated the theme, these custom functions were wiped out, even though they are in their own functions.php file in the child theme folder.

any idea why those custom functions have been lost, and how i can get them back? or, should i revert to v1.0 of flexform? i dont need any new functionality, i just want to preserve the site as it was but with the continued security of wordpress updates without any breaks to the theme. what would you advise?

thanks again, emily

Hi there,

Nothing in the theme update would cause a child theme to be updated, or at least I’ve never seen this be the case, nor can I imagine how it would occur.

You are free to revert to any version of the theme that you like, however there may be issues due to WordPress updates that aren’t supported in earlier versions of the theme.

We’re hoping to add portfolio sorting options soon!

- Ed


I’m having issues with viewing the site on a windows screen, however the demo looks perfect on the same windows screen so i’m a little confused.

The site is http://www.wolverhamptoninterchange.co.uk

Help would be much appreciated

Hi there,

Do you mean Windows computer? If so, what version of IE are you viewing it on?

- Ed

Please advise how to enable comments for pages and posts? I used your theme, and found that the comments are all disabled.


Edit page.php, and add the following below line 109:

<?php if ( comments_open() ) { ?>
    <div id="comment-area">
        <?php comments_template('', true); ?>
<?php } ?>

- Ed

Thanks for your help. I have another question: how to get rid of the “Website” field in the comment area? thanks in advance.

You’ll need to remove the website field in /flexform/comments.php

- Ed


I’ve added the ‘Mailchimp for WP’ plugin ( http://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp-for-wp/ ). I have created a form within the plugin that generates a shortcode that I put in the Flexform theme options ‘Subscribe form code’, and activated the ‘Subscribe aux option’. After I save the theme options and check the site on the front end, the ‘Subscribe’ menu/dropdown for the mail chimp form does not show up and only displays the short code generated by the plugin. i.e., I get this [mc4wp_form] displayed in the ‘Subscribe’ drop down where the form should be.

I tested to see if the short code worked on a dummy page by using the same short code and then published the page. That worked, so I know that the short code is correct…it just doesn’t work in the menu drop down (subscribe aux option).

Any ideas on how to get this subscribe form to work?

NOTE: I also tried the ‘Mailchimp List Subscribe Form’ (http://wordpress.org/plugins/mailchimp/ as suggested, however it does not work.

Wordpress 3.9.1 Flexform (latest) 1.62 Safari 6.1.4

Hi there,

Edit header.php line 240 from:

<?php echo $sub_code; ?>


<?php echo do_shortcode($sub_code); ?>

That will sort it. Just changed this for the next update!


- Ed

Thanks a lot! That worked.

Glad I could help :)

- Ed

Hello Ed,

I’m wanting to add a couple things to the ‘Jobs’ initial list so it looks a little better on the page I put it on. I’m wanting to add a Date posted field just to be balanced. I’m wanting to put that list in a ‘table’ with alternating background colors, and then it just links to the job page.

I’m also hoping to add an ‘Apply Now’ button that either has some sort of toggle to get to a form and attach a CV…that I would create manual forms in contact form 7, or ninja forms and attach it to that job (…since I’m sure it is a lot more work to create that functionality on this basic custom post type).

Any plans of improving the Jobs (custom post type)?

Any suggestions or advice on how I would go about doing what I described?…where to change/add in the flex form theme files? (I am using a child theme)

Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

To be honest, the Job post type isn’t one of the most important aspects of the theme to us – if users need more functionality, we usually recommend a plugin.

You are however free to add whatever content you like to the job content editor, so you could easily add a table here, as well as a button linking to whatever functionality you’d like.

- Ed

Hi, thanks for the great theme! Unfortunately we got problems with the Maps element within the page builder on our “https” website. On the http version maps works correctly. On https the map is not loaded. We have already change the google URL to https in functions.js and functions.php but it still doesn’t load. Do you know where the problem comes from and what could be a solution? Many thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Please log a support topic with a link to your site and we’ll take a look for you!

All support is provided through our support forum – http://support.swiftideas.net . This will allow you to view knowledgebase articles, search existing topics, and if you are still stuck then you can post your own topic and receive support from our super helpful support team. Please log a topic with a link/login if needed so that we can look into it for you.


- Ed

For a multisite installation, will each instance be fully customizable and will each one have a custom CSS section?

Yes – each site uses a separate database, so each is unique in it’s theme settings.

- Ed

Hello there,

I am interested in your theme but have some questions first…

Q1/ Portfolio section: Within this section there is a filterable portfolio but when I click on one of the images I get taken to the image plus lots of information about the image. I simply want a user to click on an image and just have a larger lightbox image appear instead of being taken to another section with content regarding the image. Is this possible with your theme? And can social links be added to the lightbox feature so that images from the portfolio can be shared across all the big social networks?

Q2/ Can google adsense banners be added to your theme? I need to have a goggle adsense banner placed across the top of the forum under the logo and navigation links. And also have one within the right side bar on all pages. Is this possible?

Q3/ Can a Forum be added within your template i.e. http://www.enginethemes.com/forums/ or BB Press etc so that it becomes part of the whole site?

Q4/ Can a google adsense search bar be added in replace of your standard search field?

Hi there!

1) You can set the item link per item: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b3sez14jjo1g00v/Screenshot%202014-07-05%2020.49.47.png , but unfortunately the lightbox doesn’t include social sharing. If that’s important to you, our latest theme Cardinal ( http://themeforest.net/item/cardinal/8070889 ) includes this with the latest update.

2) It’s easily possible in the sidebar with widgets, but for the header you would need to edit the template files.

3) Yes – bbPress is supported, but no theme styling is included. Again, our latest theme Cardinal includes full bbPress styling.

4) This would be possible with templates changes.

Hope that helps.

- Ed

Q5/ Can users also join the website and submit comments to blog posts etc through twitter and facebook? Or is it just standard registration process for users?

Q6/ Can a Rating / Review System be added to your theme? Like this one here – http://oldschoolphysiques.com/roy-callender/ – If you scroll down the page you will see what I’m referring to? Do you happen to know what type of Rating / Review system that website uses?

5) This isn’t possible as standard with WordPress, but a plugin such as this may be ideal for you – https://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-comment-system/

6) This isn’t part of the standard functionality, but I assume you could use a plugin, such as this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multi-rating/

- Ed

How much would it cost me to have the template tweeked to include a google adsense banner at the top of every page and have a google adsense search field button included in the template?

If you could that would be great. Thanks.

Quick presale question:

The Portfolio part of this theme will be very important to me so any images I upload will need to have a watermark on them. Is their a watermark feature with this template? So basically when I upload an image to the portfolio section, will there be a feature where the template automatically adds a watermark to any images I upload?

Hi there,

This is something that would be done using a plugin, such as: https://wordpress.org/plugins/image-watermark/

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Checking this thème template on my mobile…. Within the portfolio section all images appear as one picture below another when my phone is portrait style – vertical. When I turn my phone on its side all images appear very large and again with one image below another. Any chance you can make it like Suprême template where if i turn my mobile on its side, the images split automatically into smaller images of two rows? Because right now the images appear too large for the mobile phone which in my book isnt responsive. So if i were to buy this template i Would need the above changed so that all images appear in two rows instead of just one. Hope all this makes sense.

Hi there,

Yes, this is easily done with a few lines of custom css – which I’ll be happy to provide for you :)

- Ed

We’re using this theme on a live site running wordpress 3.5.2 on php5.3 and it runs nicely. We’re currently testing an upgrade to this site to run on 3.9.1 with php 5.4 but upon installing a default wordpress install and installing the template doing nothing else, we get an issue with tinymce not loading on the page.

Here is how to replicate: 1. Install wordpress 3.9.1 and php 5.4 2. Install your template and activate it. Do nothing else. No extra plugins. 3. Go to Pages and then Swift Builder 4. Add a text box 5. Try to edit the text box – the TinyMCE editor does not load in the page

Doing the same thing in our live site on 3.5.2 works nicely and the page loads okay. I replicated this on two different servers.

Do you have plans in a future update to make your theme Swift Builder/TinyMCE/Wordpress 3.9 compatible?

Hi there,

Please update to the latest theme version (v1.62) and clear your browser cache – this issue was fixed in v1.61, after WordPress was updated to v3.9 and the TinyMCE core was updated.

Hope that helps!

- Ed

Thanks – works great

Great news :)

- Ed

I had no problem installing this theme but encountered a fatal error when I activated it: “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WPBakeryVisualComposerAbstract in /home3/cbazow/public_html/wp-content/themes/flexform/includes/page-builder/composer/lib/abstract.php on line 11”

Please help :(

I’m not sure what that means. I love your template the way it is. My boyfriend has it on another domain of ours so that’s why I purchased it for this one. How do we make it work the way you intended?

Oh I see… the designer before me loaded the VC plug in. Do you know if deactivating will lose all his work? Awe crap.. lol I will just go through and save pages that used it. I feel silly for not realizing that was just a plug in issue

Don’t worry! Try disabling Visual Composer as a test – you can always re-enable it.

- Ed

I’m now having an issue with any text boxes while building pages… none of the tools show up. The text in the edit box using the “visual” tab is white so the only way to see it is by clicking the “text” tab. No kitchen sink, no anything. Please help

Text boxes are fine in classic mode so they’re only messed up when using Swift… but unfortunately that’s what I need to do :(

Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version, and cleared your browser cache – this was sorted with the W3.9 compatibility update :)

- Ed

Can BBPress forum software be installed within this theme? If yes, will the BBPress forum resort automatically to the colours of the template?

You will with custom css – it won’t take from the theme colour customiser.

- Ed

With Cardinal – the styling carries over to match the theme styling which you set.

- Ed