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Very nice item! I really like it! Congratulations! Good luck with sales!

thanks :) we appreciate the kind comments

Very cool as always!
Good luck :)

thanks man! :)

It looks great! I’m a big fan of yours ;) GLWS :D

thanks man, really appreciate the kind comments!

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

:) thanks man – means a lot!

Lovely work, good luck :)

thanks – we really appreciate the kind comments!

Very nice! Good luck! :)

thanks stefan! :)

very well done.

thanks, we appreciate the support! :)

Great work, glws ;)

thanks! :) we appreciate all the support!

You did an amazing work again!

Well thank you very much :)

This looks very nice! GLWS

Thx @ThemeTreeDesigns :)

Speechless Jonathan. Beautiful, clean, crisp, etc…don’t think the textarea would be long enough ;)

Hi and thanks for the comment :) Each section can be any length you wish – no text, image, or gallery section restrictions.

Hope that helps explain.


LOL, Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the response, though I meant not enough length on this textarea that I typed my comment in – due to the amount of compliments I would give it, rad landing page!

Beautiful design.

Question: 1-any possible future wp version release ?

2-For clients with a very basic knowledge of html, what editor would you recommend, something simple with WYSIWYG ?


Hi and thanks for the comment – no there will be no WP version of this as it’s purely designed as a landing page only – sorry!

As for editor – purely a matter of choice but I would never recommend anyone uses a WYSIWYG editor as the code produced is never clean / without extra things added etc and a WYSIWYG can’t really take in to account all the code such as parallax sections etc. But as I said – it will work with any HTML editor – choice is yours :)


This template is top-of-the-line in regards to coding, markup, and aesthetics. In addition, the HTML and CSS files are organized extremely well which makes altering this template a breeze. Great job Jonathan…you completely removed the guesswork from repurposing a template. We need more guys like you in the world!

:) thanks very much man! that means a lot!

Very nice theme. Is there a contact form for it somewhere on the horizon?

Well, there are no plans for a newsletter, but I’d really like to have a contact form. Have been playing around some, but am not surefooted enough in the coding department and under some time pressure. So, if it’s no big deal, I’d really appreciate a form.

I can certainly put an update in for the file but it would not be until next week as I am currently finishing up a project here.

Next week would be awesome, thank you!

Great theme, but the parallax effect doesn’t work great on smaller screens, the welcome text overlaps the image, is it meant to do this?

Hi and thanks – we have fully tested in iPhone 4, 5 and 5s and iPad 3 and iPad 2 and iPod without any issues – it could be that you just need to alter the min-device to accommodate a different screen size.

As for the parallax – this is turned off on tablets and mobile devices so you shouldn’t see this – unless as I mentioned you are using a device with a screen not accounted for currently.


Ive only worked with wordpess before, how to you build a site like this?

Hi – you use a HTML editor and swap the content out – the files you ftp to your server – just basic HTML and CSS knowledge.


Really Awesome! Great work! is there any way to adapt it for wordpress?

Hi and thanks for the kind comments. There is no plans to convert this into a WordPress theme.

Hi Jonathan,

How easy would it be to add a contact form to this?



Very easy if you know how to do that – you would also probably want to add styling for it in the style sheet so everything matched.

You could use the styling for the mailchimp sign up for inputs and button so it’s just the matter of building the form inputs and throwing together a mail script to send the info to wherever.