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Hi, some troubles I encountered and need support from uouapps. Reference page aleksandersosnowski.com.

1) I can’t translate some of the fields from English. Name, Surname, Age, Years in Business. I’m using WPML but in these cases instead of field name I receive its content to be translated. Really weird. Like instead of translating Name into Polish I receive its content – Aleksander – to be translated. I need you to fix this.

2) I created some pages (Profil, Biografia, etc.). As you see they are in Polish. This is a result of translation. I don’t know why and how but English names disappeared although as pages they still exist. I can’t get any other name than Polish. Weird again. What I am doing wrong?

3) Icons for pages. You show in examples nice fancy icons like some hut, envelope, visit card. How can I get them? What should I do?

4) Check my Kartoteka page and Links for 2 pages I’ve added. There is a problem with the size of an icon. Whatever dimension of a photo I’m giving it never expands that to the picture borders. How to solve this?

5) Check my Kontakt page. Where can I find place to translate fields like Drop Me a Line, Name, E-mail, Website – they also didn’t pop up for translation. Are they translateable? Send Message – same as above.

I need some email address to your support because I’m sure I didn’t list all of the cases. I need this template really operational since I need solid page multilingual, 2 languages to start with.

Aleksander Sosnowski contact@aleksandersosnowski.com

you’ll be contacted via mail


I bought your theme one year ago but i recently found an issue that i can’t be able to solve.

In fact in my Blog section : http://www.guillaume-peltier.com/blog/ when someone select a category then select an other category and an other… in my url the names of categories are added and i can have url like that : http://www.guillaume-peltier.com/category/developpement/developpement/developpement/e-commerce/e-commerce/

Its an issue because it creates lot of duplicate content !

Have you any solution to help me fix this ?

Thanks in advance for your help

hello can you please send a PM then drop a line over here thanks uou

Hello, I’ve just bought FelxiCV and preparing to install it on BlueHost.

I use and iPad from home so I want to know if there is a way to manage that content from my tablet. Should it be supported by wordpress.com app, right?

Thanks M

Hello, now it’s clear thanks. Since I’m building my resume in both italian and english, I installed Polylang to manage the same content in both languages. Work really well for content, but not for the menu. I created 2 menus, one english and one italian (with 2 test pages translated in italian), but it’s not shown. How can I do them? I’ve read these two links, maybe could help:

https://wordpress.org/support/topic/my-menu-doesnt-change-with-the-language https://polylang.wordpress.com/2014/04/10/incorrect-usage-of-wp_nav_menu/


Sorry, I solved it by adding ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ to wp_nav_menu function in header.php file. Now it works.

thank you for your confirmation

the live preview is not working… I need to see the show…

thanks for informing us now its working ate mais uou

FLEXICV – WORDPRESS THEME: The menu dispositvos furniture does not behave to an appreciable extent … With the same layout as the desktop, commits touch points … Think can switch to a standard menu of mobile devices?

First of all: nice theme dude!!!

I really like it and being a (WP) programmer myself, the setup was done in a jiffy.

I have some minor questions that I did not find an answer to in the documentation or in the comments (sorry if I overlooked):

1) In the FlexiCV v.3.2 Control Panel, I can choose 3 different Profile Structures. If I choose the third one, on the profile page I get the “Design Applications” column with expertise’s listed beneath. Do I need to change those in the code or did I miss an option in the admin?

2) I don’t really need the “save PDF”-option or icon. Do I need to remove it from code or is there an option in the admin?

Editing code is no problem by the way, just wanna make sure before I start tweaking…



Let me explain better, even though support is not a mandatory requirement from Envato this item has been supported for over 2 years together with free enhancements & updates. the new rule that Envato is implementing is that an item needs to be supported for 6 month then after those 6 month customers need to pay a certain ÷ of the item cost to receive support. this is how it works in theory.

so if there’s a bug that we neer to address you can report it and I’ll have Andrey fixing it if it’s questions related to customization then as mentioned earlier this is based on Andrey’s availability

I understand your situation and you need to to understand the tos based on envato’s rules and our commercial viability

legaly speakibg Envato is the seller so in case you need a partial refund please feel free to open a ticket with them and ask them if they can provide you with a partial refund

cheers uou

Now you are just hiding behind the rules….

You made a lot of money selling this template, which contains bugs that it probably has since the very beginning.

If you say you will support the template, buyers expect that it will be supported beyond 6 months AND that bugs will be resolved within a reasonable time. If you can’t live up to that expectation, you should not be selling this template.

I have bought a template that comes with support (I always check this), but after I have bought it, I now get to hear that I have to wait for some ex-employee that may or may not feel like helping!!

Basically I am on my own and have paid for support I don’t get….

are we going to keep going back and forth my friend you’re paying a theme that costs the price of a t-shirt we get $26 for this theme the rest goes to envato and on top of that you expect a partial refund ??

again if you have a bug to report feel free to do it anything going beyond bugs you can follow-up with Andrey based on his availability

+ again you haven’t paid for support you paid for the theme cheers uou

The back-button in Firefox and Internet Explorer does not reload a page correctly, either not showing the content at all or showing the load.gif.

The problems also appears in the Live Preview on themeforest. Google Chrome is unaffected by this behavior.

Simulation: go to the Blog-page, click on the title of a blogpost and when it has appeared, click on the back-button. The previous page is shown, but not loading the content.

Monthly archives on the Blog-page don’t work. They redirect to the Profile-page.

Simulation: go to the Blog-page and click on a month in the right sidebar.

Hello, sorry again for the misunderstanding as most of the team is on vacation right now please forward your request to Andrey at sokolby@gmail.com thanks Cheers UOU

The mediaquery ”@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px)” (line 2416 in style.css) pushes the right part of a blogpost to the next line, which makes it look very ugly.

Simulate: go to the Blog-page in the preview. You will now see the overview of latest post. Now decrease your screen width beneath 767px.

Hello, I bought your FlexiCv theme yesterday and I have a problem with it. I installed it on my FTP server but when I activate it, I can’t see the menu bar with every pages like on the preview.

Thank you in advance for you help.

Hello can you confirm following the steps as mentioned in documentation ? + did you install the dummy content ? + have you set the static page to a specific page (appearance—> reading) cheers UOU

Hi I just set this up and there is 3 things I can’t figure out. Can you send me your mail so I can send you the screenshot.

Also, I see there is another newer version out. How can I update my site without remove or mess up all my work?


Hello even though support for this item is limited, please send us a PM and drop us a note once you did it so that we can check thanks UOU

Hello, I wanted to know, how you can change the tooltip displayed on the social icon side bar. I replaced the dribble icon with a xing icon, that worked. But I can’t figure out how to change the tooltip from dribbble to xing. Thanks


A client has purchased this theme and is having some trouble with it – the blog post featured images are all distorted. They have uploaded a 1024 × 683 image to be the featured image and it looks to be vertically squished.

I have uploaded my resume to show up in the documents page. I have changed the category names to resume but its still showing up as letters in documents page and not displaying any documents.

Hello, it’s possible to have demo site?