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Hi, I am unable to get pictures to populate onto portfolio page:

I have uploaded images to media file. created a new porfolio item, and attached uploaded image as a featured image. (also, tried using image link, and then tried using both image link and using featured image.)

Page name Pictures, Menu name Pictures, slug name: pictures. (I tried swapping porfolio out). Page template: porfolio.

Please help.

Hi, we’ll get back to you via mail, we got your email. Cheers.UOU

Love the theme! I have read through the documentation a few times now but I can’t seem to find how to add files to the documents page? Any chance you could help? Thanks in advance

Hi, in order to add Documents go to: Portfolio -> Add New Item, Portfolio categories Letters, Pictures, Videos, Links correspond to the tabs Documents Let us know if it’s alright Cheers UOU Apps

Thanks, I new it had to be something simple like that!

Link used – Appearance -> FexiCV CP -> Skills
1. Your document says that we can “change order of section/element.” by clicking on the arrow button. But as soon as i click on the arrow button, it generates multiple blank fields below it. Hence, the click icon and drag feature does not work.
2. Your favicon browse feature does not work. Please look into it. These are bugs.

hi , we tested it and it works, can you please send us your admin credentials via PM, we’ll look into it. (what browser are you using?)

Hey Uouapps, On the profile page for str1 you have Years in Business twice.

Hi, thanks for the notice, it’s strange because it appears once everywhere on the demos, can you please send us a PM with your credentials to access your admin. thanks UOU

Yeah on the other two templates it was fine. I already updated on my end in the template. Thanks!

you’re welcome cheers.


I’m also trying to find out how to upload files to the documents page.

I read your previous reply but there aren’t any portfolio categories listed.

Any help would be much appreciated.


add Documents go to: Portfolio -> Add New Item, Portfolio categories Letters, Pictures, Videos, Links correspond to the tabs Documents Let us know if it’s alright Cheers UOU Apps


Thanks for your response.

Should I create the portfolio categories, letters, pictures, videos because they don’t currently exist.

Or do you mean the dropdown field under options for “url type”?

The selections for that are -image -youtube -vimeo -iframe -quicktime -flash -external link

If that’s what you mean what’s the best way to publish a word doc for download like a resume?

Thanks for your support.

Hi, for a Resume it’s better to use this page


+ I don’t know if you realized that on the bottom-right there are 3 icons (print, save and share) the save button allows recruiters (or who ever viewing your profile ) to download your CV so what you can do is to replace the save.pdf file with your CV file

if you have any issues, drop us a mail via PM it’s easier to send screenshots and exchange.

Cheers UOU

Portfolio image issues, The featured image does not fill the box leaving black lines at either side I am not sure if this is intentional but could I have a fix so the image fills the box. Thanks

did you adjust it to your needs or are you sharing the code for us to focus on this section?

This is what I changed to get the portfolio images to fill the box, no further assistance is needed, thanks

thanks for your message, actually I checked with developers and what you had to do is :

Go to Settings => Media => set Thumbnail size Width: 200 Height 150  that's where you can customize it.

Cheers UOU

I’m also experiencing the double “Years in business” bug. As for my portfolio, my current images are clearly not formatted for the theme, is there a way to make the theme/WP auto-crop the current images so that the thumbnails fit properly?

Lastly, for my portfolio, when I click on a portfolio item and the image pops up, when I close it out, the space/area where the thumbnail/portfolio item originally was is now blank/white space. (using Chrome)

+ I logged into your account and unchecked the crop option, let me know is this suits you if not then please insert your requirements in the ticket support that I opened you. cheers. UOU

(there’s still this strange effect that makes the picture dissapear after you click on it, that’s really strange and does’t happen with other themes) we’ll look into it.

I have not received an e-mail for the ticket system, but I just want to say thank you for providing amazing support thus far. Definitely earning that 5-star rating :)

Thanks for your message, and I really apologize for the inconvenience, developers have been extremely busy on converting Glocal to WP so I didn’t want to distract them. I’ll send you your credentials via mail in a sec… cheers. UOU P.S: thanks a lot for the 5 stars :)

I bought the theme $ 37 and I’m disappointed.

1) How to affichier in touch with googlemaps for the below contact form??

2) How modier png menu tab for?


I’m on wordpress 3.6.

1) I want the same site as the demo with googlemap in the “Contact” tab. 2) I want to change the icons for each tab. 3) I also expect the files and changes to the theme is entirely in French.

if you follow the instruction in the documentation you will get exactely what’s on the demo version including google map in contact, 2) if you want to change the icons then change them, no one is obliging you to use these ones 3) on ne va tout de meme pas creer une documentation pour chaque langue, toutes les documentations sur themeforest sont en anglais donc c’est a l’acheteur de devoir s’adapter a l’anglais et non pas l’inverse.

as mentionned earlier if you have any comments please send them via the PM Kind Regards UOU

just to confirm that we received both of your emails and you will receive the answers after the week-end. in the meantime to change the coordinates you need to go to Appearance—> Flexicv CP everything is controlled from there.

I’m on wordpress 3.6.

I sent you a message from your profile. I get no response.

1) I want the site password entirely in French. What do you do for a beginner? English tutorial> French? 2) In the Contact tab, how do I change the coordinates of the maps-google?

Thank you to answer me. Aym.

Hi Aym,

We did send you a reply, please control your junk mail, in any case here’s our comments to your points below:

1- What do you exactely mean with the site password, is it when you’re being asked to type your username & password ? (you can write to us in French so that we can understand better the request)

  • you can take the documentation file and copy paste it in google translator into french then you’ll understand better but believe me the theme is really easy to use.

2- You remember we sent you a message last day to explain how:

when you’re logged in in your admin, you have to go on the left menu called “Appearance” -> FlexiCV CP -> then in the profile & contacts tab there’s a field called “Adress” that’s where you type your address and it will automatically appear in your Contact tab


UOU Apps

Je souhaite échanger par mail avec vous. Merci de me répondre sur mon mail avec une adresse où je peux répondre. A très vite, Aymeric.

Have you tested this theme with WPML for translation purposes?

Hi, not yet we will include WPML plugin for v2, we’ll do it perhaps end of next week. will keep you posted.Cheers.UOU

You mentioned a “v2”, is that “version 2”? If so, what will be included in this new version 2 of this theme!? Very curious :)

Hi, for the moment we’re busy with Glocal release, as soon as we release glocal we’ll focus on Flexicv updates for example WPML and adding some new pages, will keep you posted Cheers UOU


I want to know how to add html code to profile page (“about me” section) to be able to have strong letters or simply to leave a blank line between two paragraph ?

Thank you !

Hi thanks for your purchase, you can increase the letters’ size with the different headings : H1 H2 H3 you need to put < and > between them Cheers UOU

let me know if it's ok

Hi, It doesn’t work. Source code appears on front end on the “about me” section.

because they need to be sticked, send us your credentials please via PM and we’ll help you with it when we have time. Thanks UOU

Love the theme, with one exception. The portfolio images don’t display correctly. What’s the fix for this? Please help…


Hi, we’re currently going to upload a fixed update, but we’ll send you the zip folder via mail so that you don’t waste time waiting. Cheers UOU

Is it possible to make this theme hold multiple resumes?

why don’t you create a sort of switch bar and insert different resumes ? something similar to our preview (if you click on choose a theme you can switch between blue resume, red and green) does this help?

I’m trying to format a “projects” page and none of the formatting is sticking: http://dustinbarton.com/projects/

Bolding, spacing, nothing. I’m using “default template”...

Hi, can you please add it in your ticket system, developers will get back to you on Monday (someone else opened a ticket with the same issue so you’ll get an answer on Monday) Thanks for your patience Cheers UOU P.S: it’s always better to do it via tickets otherwise I always have to intermediate and it takes more time

I just added this to my open ticket, thank you :)

thanks for your cooperation :) enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU

Thanks for this great theme.

The only thing what does not work on my website is the contact form. http://dominik-bernthaler.de/kontakt/ I always get the message “Please enter your message.”

Can you help?

Hi Thanks for your purchase, glad to know you like Flexicv :) did you download the latest update from August 15 ?

if yes then please open a ticket at www.uouapps.com/system and provide us with your credentials so that we can login to your admin account and see what’s wrong



UOU Apps

No. I’ve downloaded the files on August 12 :(

well then that’s good news :) just download the new version and replace the files that are linked to the contact form (do it via ftp) so that you don’t need to replicate content or reinstall the theme. let us know if you need support, just open a ticket we’ll help you out.

Is there a way to change the categories (names and how many) for the Documents page template? I don’t need “letters”, “documents”, etc. I need to be able to customize those :)

Hi, I know we’ve been keeping you waiting for v2. sorry about the delay (actually we’re still finalizing Glocal then we will spend 2 days on Flexicv for enhancements) regarding the documents page template I’m checking your site and I don’t really understand what do you means by you don’t need “letter, documents”etc… are you talking abotu the filters? can you either drop us a mail with a screenshot or do it in the tickets system ? Thanks UOU

http://dustinbarton.com/projects/—I’m trying to rename Letters, Documents, Videos, and Links, and figure out how/where to put the text for each.

man your site looks great :) the thing is I don’t really get it, I don’t see what you’re trying to rename (no where on this page I see letters, docs, videos ? can you please be more explicit ? drop us a mail if you don’t mind with a screenshot and comments on it so that it’s clearer (will try to take care of it tomorrow morning ok? )

The “save to PDF” doesn’t work. I get presented with a blank browser window.

Oh I see… makes sense… so I need to upload my actual CV in PDF format and link it to that button… okay, but where do I change the link from?

I’ve inspected the footer.php which points to the current save.pdf file which I believe I will need to recode to exactly the path of the file I replace it with. Not ideal for when the theme updates as the file will get overridden but the only solution nonetheless.

Hi, you do not necessarily need to convert it to PDF it can be any extension.

Thanks for your notice about the link, I’ll discuss it with developers tomorrow and I’ll let them integrate the save button in the FlexiCV CPanel so that you can easily link it without getting into the php files.

we’re a bit stuck with Glocal, as soon as we submit we’ll dedidate a couple of days to optimize FlexiCV and add some new features to it.

Enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU

Hey! I am considering to buy this theme. I will not use portfolio cause I will use it as a blog and resume page. Could you tell me if I can add post image? What about front page where you insert portfolio button(first template)? If I dont use it can I insert button and text to blog or CV? If I edit resume and add job – can I make a list of my all actions or I just have to write a text?

I hope I create clear questions :)

Hope to see aswers from you soon, Mike

Hi Mike thanks for your purchase, can you please either send us mails or open tickets, when you send mails everyone from the team sees them and I don’t need to keep intermediating, if you open tickets the developers reply immediately, in the meantime the link you sent above is showing the homepage, so I don’t really get your question, regarding the other questions everything is explained in the documentation folder, please read it first and if you have any difficulties get back to us.

Thanks & good night UOU Apps

I sent ticket and found documentation :) al my questions were stupid :) great theme!! :)

thanks a lot, really happy to hear that, We will be adding some cool options soon, we’re just extremely busy working on Glocal Template, as soon as we publish it, we’ll spend a couple of days optimizing FlexiCV, Take care Cheers UOU Apps

Is there any chance this will be made “retina ready”? I saw my site on an iPad today and it looked blurry. Not unreadable, but it wasn’t crisp at all :(

that’s because you need to clean your screen :) (kidding) thanks for bringing this up, we’ll definitely do it retina ready, if you have other ideas please drop them in the ticket system. we’re just so busy getting Glocal Theme ready it’s really annoying. as soon as we publish the first version we’ll spend a couple of days optimizing & making enhacements to FlexiCV, we’ll add more options thanks Cheers UOU Apps