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Hey! I found en error. I wrote a long text in my job description… but theme cut it :(http://www.michal-adamczyk.pl/cv/ screenshot-> http://i43.tinypic.com/e9jls0.png

Hi I just sent you an email to explain where to do it, let us know if it’s clear thanks Cheers UOU Apps

everything work great :) thank you so much! please tell me how to move month name to the left… september is still too long…. just like here http://www.michal-adamczyk.pl/passwords-of-the-future-heartbeat/ Best regarts, Michael

You’re welcome :) my friend it’s always better if you drop us a mail or open a ticket because, the developer is the one who looks into it, so it helps you go faster when you write it there. I’ll ask him to look into this after tomorrow if you don’t mind because he’s busy working on Glocal delivery which is expected tomorrow night. Cheers UOU

Ciao, ho un problema con il vostro Tema. Se installo WPML per farlo trilingue, non appare nel menu la possibilità di cambiare lingua. Ho due esempi sui due siti, dove si vede come dovrebbe funzionare. Qui gli Url delle pagine: www.excolos.com www.effective4you.com

Un altra domanda, come posso fare full translatable il vostro Tema? A me serve la traduzione totale in Italiano e Tedesco.

Grazie per un auito veloce!

Grazie, ciao!

Ciao, allora quando presenti il tuo update per WPML?

Ciao scusa per il ritardo m abbiamo avuto qualche soft rejections con funder glocal, domani faremo un updatr di flexicv proveremo di integrare wpml. Quindi domani e flexiday :-) Ti facio sapere

Is there a changelog for this new release?

EDIT: Where can I rename the “Save” button? I’d prefer it to say “Download CV” instead. Also, do you have icons for the three file locations for Save? PDF, WORD, and INDD? That would be excellent!

Hi, it’s in the folder:

- Add custom fields at Information block and Skills block - Add custom link at Save icon - Add to frame pop-up portfolio item. - Fixed duplication of personal information - Fixed overflow text converted to scroll - And a lot of changes improving work of template.

I’ll send you the PSD via mail for the save icons, we added languages otherwise feel free to add or propose icons

we did it fast because tomorrow we might be adding the WPML depending on it’s complexity… will keep you posted Cheers UOU Apps

Hi, I found this errors while installing

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /home/k7064771/public_html/wp-content/themes/flexicv/lib/class/settings.php on line 170

Really need to upload it ASAP. Need your solution. Thanks.

Hi can you send us a PM with your credentials to access admin zone ? the problem has to do with the host that provides WP installation not the theme in itself, so it could take some time to fix, if you need us to install it on our server and provide you with a temporary account we can do it as a courtesy let us know

Already sent you a PM. Please check. Thanks.

Hi, we tried to install it on your server but we got the message you mentionned above. now when you google this error message you find several links of people who had this problem in the past.

we foud this: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/fatal-error-cannot-use-object-of-type-wp_error-as-array

basically this problem could be because you have installed other plugins (I think that it’s the coming soon plugin that is affecting the behavior of flexicv). the problem is that I can’t access your admin anymore because of this error.

So what I suggest is that you create a new wp account and disactivate this coming soon plugin or any other related plugin, then install flexicv, if you still get the problem then provide us again with the credentials to this new wp section and we will look at it during the week-end or on Monday

As I mentioned earlier if you urgently need to have your site visible then we can temporary provide you with a subdomain on our server and you can redirect your your domain to our server.

let us know Cheers UOU Apps

Is it possible to see what the resume file looks like when it downloads? I would like to purchase but want to see how it formats.

Hi, can you send us a PM we’ll provide you with credentials for a demo

Sorry I got your question now, the download button is not a formatting option, it’s simply a download button that enables you to download a document that you place on your server. for example if a recruiter wants to download your CV then you need to place on your server a CV.doc or CV.pdf and this doc will be downloaded by the recruiter. we intend to do a formatting option but a bit later now it’s a busy period. Cheers UOU Apps

how do I change the background image?

Great. Thanks!!!

What does the size need to be?

it doesn’t necessarily need a specific size but it’s better if you have it at least 1024

Hi. I’ve been looking for a cv/portfolio theme for a very long time and I finally found my ideal theme with FlexiCV. I also love how the team really is available for its customer and everything.

I just have a little question : is it possible to change the name of the tags categories ? I mean the “Programming” tags on the front page which can be seen on the green demo. And if not, will it be in the V2?

Out of curiosity, maybe do you have a release date for the V2 ? I’m really excited to discover it :)

Thanks again for all your amazing work !! :)

Carmeline, if you’re happy with FlexiCV would you mind rating us, it helps us get better recognition. thank you in advance. Cheers. UOU Apps

Done ! Five stars :)

you get what you give :) thank you very much Carmeline, drop us a line whenever you need anything. Cheers. UOU Apps

Dove si possono trovare le informazioni dove sono scritte tutte le modifiche che si possono fare? ad esempio cambiare quella piccola icona vicino alle voci del menu, oppure come aggiungere dei plugin nella homepage ecc. grazie

ci mandi per cortesia un PM cone le tue credentials ?

io vi ho mandato un pm ma non ho ricevuto nessuna risposta!

Ciao Matt, non abbiamo ricevuto le credentials (user & password per accedere al tuo admin di wp)

Hello there. I recently purchased this theme but for some reason the contact page is not loading. COuld you help me out? Greatly appreciated, thanks.

And after submitting the form there is a ‘Your message has been sent! Thank you’ – where can I adjust this to my own language?

Hi, thank you for your purchase, in the admin zone you need to click on appearance—> editor then you open the file: Contacts Page Template (page_contact.php) that’s where you control elements appearing on the contact page. let us know if it’s alright Cheers UOU

I know there were some updates to allow the CV/Experience page to scroll the descriptions, but has it also been changed to allow those boxes to expand without the need for scrolling? Basically, I don’t want visitors to have to scroll themselves and would prefer the box space just auto expand to show all text at all times. Thanks.

The “About Me” box doesn’t allow for paragraphs? Please let me know where in the code to change it so I can format the paragraphs.

Hi, thanks for your purchase, we added a scroller instead of paragraphs because it will affect the balance of the design if it crosses the box. please allow us until after tomorrow to revert, we’re under pressure with Glocal template in any case if you want to try to make some changes, go to appearance—> editor and you’ll find a file called profile.php (something like this) Cheers UOu

You’ll see what I mean at the following. The About area is one giant paragraph, but I’d like it broken up in to 3.


Hi, i now understand what you mean, which version did you download of flexicv is it the latest one ? if yes then please send us a PM with your credentials we’ll take care of it tomorrow Cheers UOU

Is the .xml dummy content included??

Hi, thanks for your interest, yes the dummy content is included

Complimenti ragazzi per il template che è molto semplice e intuitivo.

Volevo sapere come si fa a modificare le icone su ogni singola pagina.

Su tutte le pagine a me viene visualizzata l’icona del doc e non come mi piacerebbe a me (icone diverse per ogni pagina)


Ciao grazie mille,

guarda questo w.e faremo un update con qualche novita quindi aspetta la nuova versione prima di cominciare ad usare quella attuale.

per il discorso dell’icona mi sembra stranno, sei sicuro che hai installato il dummy content corettamente come viene spiegato nella documentation ?

normalmente ogni pagina ha la sua icona come nella version demo Mandaci un PM con le tue credentials e ti aiutiamo

Saluti e buon w.e UOU

Go to this customers site here and click through the tabs. http://www.michal-adamczyk.pl/cv/

Then do the same at your site. http://uouapps.com/portfolio/?theme=ThemeName

1. Why do the tabs not load within the window, minimizing that whiteout effect as the page loads.

2. why is your site load so much faster?

regarding point 1, didn’t really understand the question can you send a screenshot

regarding point 2, speed is sometimes linked to the server/host you’re using

It appears that the page is trying to load without refreshing, like it’s jquery, but then it refreshes the entire page. I’t more pronounced in site example 1.

Hello, I just purchased this theme.

I want to customize the section heading such as “General Information” and “Professional Skills”. Please tell me how.

Also, on the second “structure profile” I did not fill anything in the “Skills” section (from the “profiles and contact” section) but the “Skills” title is still there when I don’t want it.

On the third setting under “structures profile” I want to chage the background image, please tell me how.

Thank you!


I am sorry, but I do not know what that means. Can you please clarify?

this is our last warning, please stop opening a new box everytime you need to say something.


I also need to know how to change the “Contacts” header on the contact page – especially since it is grammatically incorrect!

Please advise ASAP.

well we think you should ask yourself the the question the other way around, how come most buyers are satisfied and you’re the only one complaining and invading the thread, you can at least respect our time so that we can respect yours. if every single buyer we react like you then we would need to cancel our after sale service.

so rather than wastime your time over the comment section, if you have a bug to report then open a ticket if you’re not happy with this theme then provide us with a PM and we’ll refund you

uouapps, I am getting very discouraged. I have not opened a new box as per your request since yesterday. I opened all the documentation and read it all, fixed some issues myself and still have questions. I am only responding to your responses and also opened a ticket just as you asked. I am sorry for upsetting you – but I feel that I have played by the rules set out and just need a little help. No need to respond, I am awaiting a response from my ticket.

Hi Rochelle please understand that we’re always there to help and we have many requests for customization, enhancements and bugs to fix for all of our projects in our portfolio. The developer has replied already to some of your comments in the ticket and even sent you the files in a zip folder (don’t worry about future updates they will be included) but as far as you were in a hurry we prepared them for you in advance. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers.uou apps

BUG: I have removed all data from all “skills” and “Profiles and Contacts” section, however on my homepage there is still the title for “Programming ” is still there.

This is my site: www.rochelleskwarok.com

Okay so since I need this done ASAP I changed to the template that has the quote next to the profile picture – and also because I wanted to have a much longer text introduction on the homepage not limited by that little box… However when I fill out the “About Me” section it doesn’t recognize separate paragraphs and just runs everything together. How can I fix this?

Hi again, we had someone else that had the same issue, can you drop us a PM with your credentials I’ll let the developer do it for you. Then we’ll release an update with it fixed Cheers UOU


I am sorry I have so many questions – but I am in a hurry to get this done.

How do I change the menu icons? I have all different kinds of page templates, but the icons are all the same. Am I missing somthing here?

Thanks again.

Hi thanks for your suggestion, i think it makes sense (will add it to the todo list (we’re a bit under pressure with glocal as we’re working the payment gateway, as soon as we’re done we’ll dedicate a day n Flexicv enhancements) Thanks again Cheers UOU

I am also under pressure to get this done today. You didn’t answer my questions: How do I change the icons for each page like in your example site?

Refer to section 6 from the documentation, everything is explained there.

Buongiorno, volendo utilizzare la parte blog del tema, trovo problemi nell’utilizzo del widget tag cloud: cliccando su un singolo tag mi ridirige sulla home. Sto sbagliando qualcosa? Se serve vi do i riferimenti del sito. Grazie

Ciao, ci mandi un PM per favore con le tue credentials cosi proviamo di capire dove e il problema, Grazie, UOU

Comment: I am very annoyed that when you purchase this template that support will be available through the “comments” section and then you are directed to then open a ticket.

Also, I don’t really want a developer in the backend making changes – because I will probably want to change them again and will not know how (headings and such)