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Hello ! How can we replace the transparent picture featured on the “See my portfolio” block on the red theme ? :)

How can we change the order of the categories in the documents page ? Is it possible to put the videos forward ?

Sorry for my english ! Best regards and thanks. :)

Hi Carmeline, thank you for your purchase, so to change the picture in red theme you need to do it via FTP by replacing the image called “somelink.png” it’s in the images folder (wp-content/themes/flexicv/images)

regarding the order of the categories, I don’t think it’s possible, please open a ticket at www.uouapps.com/system the developer will try to help you out, if not then I’ll ask him to add it to the next update (we should have one end of this week)

what do you mean by videos forward ? (please include it in the ticket)

you’re english is more than perfect :) Cheers UOU Apps

Thanks, it worked perfectly ! I’ll send a ticket if I can’t find a solution myself concerning categories stuff.

I wonder though, is there any way to redirect the viewer to a video when it’s featured in portfolio and not documents, or should I send a ticket :) ?

Thanks again for your efficiency!

Hi Carmeline you can create a portfolio menu and set an item as video when the person clicks on the video it will popup Let us know if it’s clear Cheers Uou

Hi, when do you post your update for a Multilanguage Support of your theme! You promised it 3 weeks ago!

Regards, ebi.g

Bel lavoro!! Ho appena fatto una installazione di prova! Una domanda:”Lo switcher per WPML non posso posizionare nel Mainmenu orizontale? L´icona rimane sempre a destra, sopra la barra dei Socialicons, anche so lo imposto in WPML per posizionarlo nel Mainmenu.”

Ciao, non penso che sia facile perche vuol dire che dobbiamo collegharlo al menu e creare un submenu (pero chiedo al programmatore lunedi e ti facio sapere, se dimenticho scrivimi va bene) Buon w.e


Fantastic theme!

How can I get rid of the left sidebar on the CV page and make the Employment/Education content boxes the full width of the page?

I would also like to remove the download box only from the right sidebar and leave the print and share boxes?

Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Daniel,

Thanksfor your purchase, To do this you would need to play with php code, I’ll ask the developer if he can help you out on Monday especially for the boxes Otherwise you can try to build it from a sample page Will get back on Monday, if i forget please drop us a pm or open a ticket at uouapps.com/system Thx and enjoy ur w.e Uou apps

Hi there,

Great theme, 1 problem though.

The portfolio images are out of proportion. Some items fit in the thumbnail, and others just totally go outside of the thumbnail box overlapping other images. This happens to some images only.

Could you tell me why this is happening? Thanks in advance

Hi, thanks for your message, did you download the latest version ? as we fixed this a while ago so I can suppose that it wasn’t the latest version that you downloaded, if you still have the problem then please drop us a line via PM with your crendentials or open a ticket at www.uouapps.com/system Thanks UOU Apps


Good theme,but I have a problem. I have not categories CV, Portfolio, Documents, Contacts and so… like this: http://uou.ch/wp/flexicv/red/documents/ I tried to reinstall the theme but it’s still not working. What can I do?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, I solve my problems, I just read the documentation. ;)

Thanks for confirming, you have to install thedummy content, Have a nice w.e Cheers Uou apps

Ciao ragazzi e complimenti per il template! ho un problema sulle immagini dei post nel blog.

Come faccio a togliere la funzione dello script adipoli?

Vorrei semplicemente caricare l’img dp il titolo del blog ma senza quell’effetto che poi da la possibilità di aprire l’immagine (perchè non mi piace e mi deforma l’img)


Ciao grazie per il tuo msgio ci Mandi un pm per cortesia .se no ti rispondiamo domani mattina. Grazie. Uou

ciao ti abbiamo preparato un file per spiegare come fare la modificha del adipoli, appena ci mandi un PM te lo faciamo girare tramite mail Saluti UOU Apps

Hello, I am just adding content to my webpage and I have purchased WPML like you recommendet in the documentation. So far it is translating. The only problem I have is with the Resume section. How can I translate that? Is there a shortcode? Would be nice if you could help me because this is the only part left which needs translating. Thanks. Best regards, Karolin

Didn’t receive an email yet :(

Hi i mailed the developer he should get back to you today, Mondays are terrible we have to deal with all the requests from Friday + w.e sorry about the delay just know we didn’t forget you danke ???? uou apps

OK I will wait for it. The other’s from WPML said I have to include a .xml config file in the theme’s root. The rest is working now. I just need to change the resume and skills and documents section into english and german

Hello once again! Is it possible to biuld Menu with blog cattegories? Best regards! Mike

Hi there’s a menu on the right sidebar which allows you to searchor categories the blog posts, is this what you’re talking about? If not please send us a pm with a screentshot Have a nice w.e Cheers Uou


This theme is good ! I do not regret my choice.

However, is it possible to add “viadeo” in the list of social networks ?


Hi Florian, thanks for your purchase, you can add whatever social icons you want you just need to replace it in the images folder via ftp + replace the link with the social icon you don’t need, if you need to add it in addition to the current ones, please drop us a PM with your credentials we’ll try to help you out during the week (it’s quite a busy week, many requests, new projects… ) Cheers UOU Apps

Okay, i will work for that.

I have another problem. Your template is not compatible with the plugin disqus. Can you do anything to solve this problem ? Thank you

Hi, can you send us a PM with your credentials we’ll see if we can help you out with it

Beautiful Theme. I’ve been able to figure out most questions on my own.

I would like to suggest that someone spend a few hours and beef up the documentation. It really is very, very sparse.

You would save a lot of time answering a lot of these questions here.

Thanks and good luck with your themes.

Thanks for your comment, we were so busy working on glocal and funder that we rushed a bit on flexicv, however if you havea list of ideas or questions just let us know Cheers Uou

I have the same problem as Doug5000 – Child theme css modifications do not load.

Is there a solution?

Thanks Once again, beautiful theme!

(in the meantime here’s my answer to your last comment, we have multiple projects on themeforest and in the pipeline, so we need to prioritize themes and features based on buyers’ requests (we receive between 20 to 50 requests per day across all the different projects) this is the second time we receive the childtheme request so we’ll take it into consideration if it’s really urgent for you, if not then we’ll add it to the todo list for future enhancements. WPML was a top priority and another important priority is the custom fields, the developer in charge of flexicv is the same one in charge of glocal so as soon as we’re done with the top priorities on glocal we’ll dedicate some more time on flexicv,

but of course if you have any bugs or issues you can always contact us and we’ll help you out.

Cheers UOU Apps

Thanks again for the quick reply. I have workaround that involves putting my css changes at the bottom of the style.css and then backing that file up so the changes don’t get written over by an upgrade. Not rocket science but it will do.

Hi, we just submitted a new release with the custom fields so normally you should be able to have it tomorrow morning

Have a nice w.e UOU Apps

Hello, I want to change some features in the blog, could you help me with it.

Hi, can you send us a PM first, if it’s simple we can help you, if it’s complex we’ll kindly ask you to wait because we’e really really having intensive days and we need to finish the completition of our next projects (we’re a bit under pressure) Thanks UOU Apps


is your theme compatible with Disqus plugin? I installed this plugin, but the comment part is wrongly displayed, because it does not fit – some overlay. Can you please check and advise?

Otherwise I am very happy I purchased the theme. Thanks


thanks for your purchase,

Look we have a lot of custom code so it’s possible that disqus will require some customization.

can you open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com we’ll try to help you out, but we kindly ask you for some patience becauser we are extremely busy working on 2 new projects and many people are waiting for it

CHeers UOU Apps


I will be out of town for some days so if you have any questions please wait until Monday

if you require technical support then open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com

Cheersa UOU Apps

Hey there,

Great theme until now but I ran into a problem: > How can I add HTML content to the first page paragraphs…it’s really hard to figure out how to remove the code that automatically strips HTML content.

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: This theme is more than worth its money :)

Hi George, thanks for your kind message, great to know that you’re enjoying FlexiCV :)

would you mind opening a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com one of the developpers will get help you on from Monday on.

Thanks and enjoy your w.e Cheers UOU Apps

Found out today that there might be a bug in the resume section. If I add an empty resume section, then actually the other resume sections underneath get translated with WPML. If I do the same with section for example in “Employment” the other parts get translated too. But now I have an empty part in it and it doesn’t look nice.

I need to create an wpml-config.xml and put it in the flexiCV theme directory.

Anyone has the same problem or has a solution for this bug?

Hi, can you please open a ticket at http://uou.ticksy.com Thanks UOU Apps

Hi I love the theme but i have one thing that’s not 100% working, when in mini mobile mode (the tallest version possible) the text goes all strange with a lot white space between words…

See http://goo.gl/seViG0 and scale it to the tallest possible when on the resume (cv) page

What can i do?

Hi, thanks for your purchase, glad to know you’re enjoying flexicv,

i’ve checked responsiveness on your site and it’s working fine (http://mattkersley.com/responsive/ )

the theme is compatible with 320+ anything below is sort of outdated

Cheers UOU Apps


I bought the regular license ($35). But I don’t find the psd files, is this normal ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi thanks for your purchase the PSDs are sold seperately


or with the HTML version

Cheers UOU Apps


Dove posso trovare la versione multilingua che avete fatto?


Ciao, devi scaricare l’ultima version nella tua sezione download, se hai un prob in trovarlo faci sapere. buon w.e

could you include some more screenshots on how to update the CV from wp-admin?

Hi sorry didn’t understand your request