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Thank you am_themes your flat design are really nice too. :bashfulcute:

I like your design too, look very clean :)

Thank you wegrass, I also like your colorful Grizzly theme too :bashfulcute:

Very beautiful! :)

Thank you MidnizeStudio , you did a good job too :superbashfulcute:

Thank you bank508, wow you got a lots of good stuff. :O

Thanks, these look great. One thing though, the demo site is VERY slow.

GreatPotato, Thank you for purchased my Flick mail, and sorry about the demo site. I’m going to contact my hosting provider to see what they can do to fix this slow connection. :(

Thank you for inform about this :)

Hi. Thanks for this nice work. I have purchased it and tried to use it, but it seems that in outlook it is not responsive. Am I missing something? Can you help me? Thanks

Hi, herszab I’ve reply your email. ;) thank for purchase my item.

ps. because Outlook strip out CSS in the header and don’t support @media queries.

Hi, this email template is very nice … but there are some issues with gmail.

Gmail infact filter out classes and styling ..

can you solve this issue? thanks, paolo

Hello, palumaprogetti

Thank for you kind word, According to this it might be some of the style in the header are ignoreing. However I already use an inline CSS for most of them, only @media queries are need to be embedded. Please send me a screenshot to my email so I can see what went wrong :)

I am knew to this. Before I go ahead and purchase can you tell me if there are other colours available please other than those on the preview? Thanks, Lee

Hi, leeboy281172 Thank for your interesting, right now just 4 color for the template. I can add more if you want, but if you want to change color by yourself, I can help guide you how to change the color. it not so hard :)


Great template, thanks! But i have an issue with inner text in block. It has not left padding in some mailers. On Gmail it’s ok. Can you help?

Hello del_liero, Thank you for your kind word, can you send me a screen shot to me at and what mailer that the problem occur ?

HI. Do you have a guide or info on how to use with GMAIL? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I couldn’t seem to find any info in the “documentation” folder. Thanks.

Hi, sstigler1

Thanks for asking me about this, normally “Compatible Browsers” which only mean display correctly in that browser. In my opinion why people are not interest to use template in Gmail because first you need to host all image that use in the template by yourself. and Gmail is not support responsive function (they ignore the css in the header), if you need a responsive view I suggest to use CampainMonitor or MailChimp instate.

However, to use Template with Gmail was so simple. After you host all the template file on your hosting. just navigate to the html file on your host in your browser. select all, copy then paste in the content area when you compose the new email. and the template are ready to edit and send. :)

Thanks so much.

Hi, I am having problems with the default template already. The 3/3 boxes display weird in Thunderbird and therefore won’t behave responsive. Screenshot

I used the un-modified demo template for sending. Thanks in advance.

Hi, this is awesome, thanks a lot for looking into that :) Looking forward to the update! Will send you my mail via PM.

Splendid – it works flawless since your update :) 6 out of 5 stars, mate!

Thank you so much for kind words, I really do appreciate. :bashfulcute:

Hello, I was wondering if you can help me. I purchased the Flick email template, and trying to use it in MailChimp. I can import it successfully, but as long as I modify anything, for example if I change the header_image than everything will be deleted, until the footer. I spent hours now on changing things, but It doesn’t work. Looking forward to your soon answer. Thanks

Hi, herszab.Thank you for purchase my item.

Make sure you edit your template in the sending step not in My template menu. You may notice that repeatable are not working too. what course the problem was mc:repeatable tag. if remove this tag we can edit template normally. but, keeping repeatable function are better. so I suggest to edit in Design step after create a new Campaign instate. These will make you able to edit and repeatable module normally.

if you want to edit for future use I suggest to edit in the code editor then save and import as a new template. All code are commented with a Modular style. Easy to copy/paste/delete.

Cheers, :)

Thanks nutzumi. It worked. Big thanks :)

Fantastic template, works really well!

Thank for your kind word carlito944 :bashfulcute: I do appreciate that. btw You can rate my item if you like it ;)

This doesn’t seem to be working with MailChimp. When you try to modify an image in the template all of the content gets blown away. Also, the hide function for certain elements doesn’t work. Is there a fix for this? Very frustrating….

Hi, pdileo. I’ve reply your email. Hope that help. I geting update for mc:hideable now. Sorry for inconvenience.

How do you import to MyMail? I cant seem to get it show up in Templates.

It would go much smoother if they were already pre-made so we don’t run in to issues like this.

Never mind I just realized I had the folder structure wrong. It works fine now.

Sorry, as I know. Envato not allow to use zip file to manage in the item package. :)


OK so now that it is all working I would like a much bigger space for the logo. It’s just way to small for our company logo, and I want the whole newsletter boxed layout, as in not wide. How can I do these two things?

With the fit template.

Ok, I’ve try remove background color please see this image. if is correct please inform you prefer color scheme(and your email) so I can send you mymail file that removed bgcolor.

To change logo for notification template in mymail you can select at the top right menu in the Template panel while editing; to normally change logo for notification template.

We need the edits for the Dark color scheme please. You can send email to

We tried changing the logo there, but it keeps reverting back to the default flick logo for some reason?

I’ve send you email, and for logo at notification template you have to save your change by click the floppy disc icon next to the template switch and check “overwrite if exists” then save =)


Hello, I am trying to upload a logo that is 140×38px, but the template automagically crops it to 99×27px.

Could you please tell me what I need to change in the html code to adjust this.

Thank you so much for the help

Hi, you can search for a <!--Logo--> and look for
<img src="images/logo.png" width="99" height="27" alt="logo" />
here you can adjust the width and height size of the .
hope that helps :)

Hi – I want to import theFlick template into Mail Chimp and then edit and create with drag and drop environment. I do not know HTML or PS. My question to you is – will this template behave like other native Mail Chimp templates once it has been imported? Thanks

Hi jeffbrookes, Thank for interesting. If you mean a drag and drop like “Email Designer” function. as far as I know right now, this mode only available for native MailChimp templates. However, this template once you imported it can be adding modules and realign by section. I’ve made a video to show you how it work in Mailchimp. The video include importing process, create a new campaign, and editing content. hope that help :)


Hello sir!

Im looking for a plugin that allows me to change the emails WordPress sends out to my costumers for forgotten passwords and welcome email etc.

The wordpress now sending is extremely ugly.

Can i use this plugin?

/Khial SEO

first of, thank for interesting but this’s a template not a plugin. In order to use my templates with WordPress you will need MyMail plugin. most of my templates are already compatible with this plugin. cheers,

Thanks for help!