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hi! great theme!! wondering, on an html site such as this one, how does the blog work?

Thanks! In the HTML version the Blog pages have 3 possible uses: 1.) For design/layout usage 2.) For somebody that wants to do manual or infrequent Blog posts, or doesn’t want to use a database 3.) For somebody that wants to setup a custom PHP / AJAX blog

It’s the same as the Search box, it’s only included for similar reasons, but will be fully functional in the Wordpress version when it is released.

And when will the Wordpress version be available?

We are working hard on it, best guess it will probably be another couple of weeks… we have been improving on the interface and making it extremely easy to customize every aspect of the theme, ensuring the best possible user experience.

We have also been working on a Light (white body) version of the HTML template which will be included in Version 2.0 and released shortly. It will also be an option included the Wordpress version. We are also incorporating a sortable masonry portfolio with support for AJAX loaded grids in the Wordpress version, which is going to be awesome. These additions have caused a bit of a delay, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Great theme, but have an issue…it is not rendering correctly ( Locally, the theme works. However, once uploaded, the theme will not center properly. I also tried to sign up on your support forum but they said my purchase code was incorrect.

IE works but chrome has the issue…

Please advise.

Thanks for your purchase! Regarding the Support website, your username must match the ThemeForest username used to purchase the template, and your purchase code must be typed in 100% correctly (we recommend cutting and pasting). Please email if you are still having issues.

As far as your Chrome problem goes, I have tested your website on Firefox and Chrome on both Mac and Windows and I can’t see any issues. Could you create a support ticket, or if you are still having issues signing up then please email a screenshot to and include the version of Chrome you are using and we will download that version and try and replicate the problem. Also include your operating system and problem description.

Any word on the Wordpress version yet?

It’s very close! It’s finished, we are just working on the documentation now and doing some final testing…

How do I add a drop down for the main navigation? Is there a

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      code somewhere that I may have missed?
  • There is no drop down menu if you are referring to the flyout menu? Is that the menu you are referring to? There is a side menu demonstrated on the blog pages that drops down dynamically on hover…

    do you get a solution for the special german letters like ä,ö,ü,Ä,Ö,Ü and ß?

    Yes, the League Gothic font in the flyout menu and headings supports the following languages: Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

    As explained in the email I sent you on Nov 14, if you aren’t using an updated version of the template, you may still have the english-only League Gothic font – if you are unsure, make sure you download the fonts and overwrite the /css/fonts/ folder with the one in this zip file:

    Also, as I outlined in my email – some of those characters you are referring to, particularly ä, ö, ü and ß – are lowercase – you will need to disable the text-transform: uppercase; in the CSS to properly view these. Search the style.css for text-transform: uppercase; – you will find these entries around line 159 and line 497. If you use those characters in the logo you will also need to delete the entry from the h1.logo class around line 543

    Please let me know if you run into any difficulties or require further assistance! Thanks!

    hi, your last mail was dated 13.11. i overwrite the fonts and changed the css, but the letters doesn`t look like fine. see here:

    You obviously didn’t replace the fonts because it’s not working :) I just downloaded your site and changed the fonts and it works perfectly for me, you can see it for yourself here:

    As outlined in the above thread, download the fonts: and overwrite the /css/fonts/ folder.

    As you can see it works perfectly! Let me know if have further trouble, or email me your FTP account details and I’ll login and fix it for you. Thanks!

    The wordpress version, pleeaaassee!

    It’s coming soon!! We are literally working on it everyday! The improvements, ease-of-use, and advanced customization options will be worth the wait we promise :)

    Any updates on when the Wordpress version will be out?

    The html templates and documentation rock and are very easy to work with.


    I am hoping a couple of weeks (possibly sooner), I know we’ve said that before, but we want to make sure it’s 100% before it’s released. In our opinion there is nothing worse then an author releasing something too quickly just to start making money off it. We want to make sure it works reliably, bug-free, and as-advertised before it goes to market.

    Also, we keep building in additional functionality as well! This week we added in the ability to customize all of the fonts with any of Google’s 573 available fonts. :) You can also customize font-size’s and line-height with a slider in the option panel rather then editing CSS . The new portfolio options are also completely finished. Basically all that is left is finishing the option panel for the demo site, creating and exporting the demo content (with the ability for the customer to easily import everything with a few clicks), and we have to finish the documentation.

    Hopefully that gives you an idea of where it is at! Thanks for your patience!

    Yes that is one I am referring to – the flyout template. Is there a way to do a drop down for the horizontal menu bar?

    The horizontal menu bar is only visible on low-resolution screens (mobile.css media queries), so it wouldn’t have any function on a good majority of the new monitors (over 1200px wide resolution). You could fairly easily make a jQuery dropdown menu on the mobile horiztonal menu, but it wouldn’t be functional with higher resolutions that support the flyout menu without a lot of customization. I hope this answers your question! If not let me know and I’ll try and clarify further if I’ve misunderstood.

    Hello, it gave me an “api google map” error using the googlemap. style sheets – I changed the longtitude and latitude to match our area and it wouldnt read it? So i changed it to the regular iframe code. Do you know why it would give that error?

    You need to have your own Google API key (it’s free and takes 2 minutes to sign up for one). If you open up the Documentation included with the template and click Location Pages – you will see the very first item – Obtaining an API key. It has screenshots and a step-by-step guide, it’s very easy to follow. Let us know if you have any trouble though, we are here to help!

    Also I’m not sure if you realize, but we have a Dedicated Support Page that is more geared to providing support then the Comments page. It’s also free and easy to use.

    Be sure to check out our new Option Panel and try out the features and functionality on the Demo Site before purchasing!

    Hello I did post a question a couple of days ago and havent heard back – our client wants a drop down menu for about 6 buttons on all pages. How do I go about doing this? I cant seem to get anything to work .Thanks

    The horizontal menu bar is only visible on low-resolution screens (mobile.css media queries), so it wouldn’t have any function on a good majority of the new monitors (over 1200px wide resolution). You could fairly easily make a jQuery dropdown menu on the mobile horiztonal menu, but it wouldn’t be functional with higher resolutions that support the flyout menu without a lot of customization. I hope this answers your question! If not let me know and I’ll try and clarify further if I’ve misunderstood.

    Hi there! I’ve bought and installed the theme and we are really happy with it! Lots of options and pretty dynamic. Is there any news about when will the Wordpress version be available? We’d like to add a “news” section, and a WP running inside would be really great for SEO purposes. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks, glad to here you are happy! The Wordpress version is finished, we are basically just working on the demo content (so that it can be easily imported as an XML / DAT file with a couple of clicks in Wordpress) and finishing up the extensive documentation. We are hoping to have it released in the next week or two!

    Is there a release date yet for the WP version?

    Hopefully end of this week if all goes as planned! :)


    I just bought this theme and just realized it is not a wordpress theme, I have not downloaded it yet, what can I do ?

    I don’t believe Envato allows refunds ( ). However that being said, we have a Wordpress version coming very soon so if you open a ticket on our Support Page, we will arrange for you to just pay the difference and upgrade you to the Wordpress version. Hope this helps!

    Will we find the wordpress theme under the christmas tree…...?

    Sorry to ask again;-)

    lol :) No problem, I know there are a lot of people anxiously awaiting it also. Unfortunately we still haven’t had a chance to get to the documentation, we have 2 other big projects that have to be finished by year end that we have had to focus out attention on. The good news is we have finished the actual theme now, and of the demo content is finished, fully importable, and tested. :) It will for sure be after New Years now though.. I am sorry for the delays, we really did have good intentions to get it out sooner, but unexpected development issues come up and other projects get in the way! Thanks for your patience!

    Still waiting…

    It’s finished :) Just getting it ready to submit to Theme Forest

    Ok, does it really takes 11 days to submit it to Theme Forest…:(

    It is in the queue, shouldn’t be much longer!

    Obviously they’re not being entirely honest with their perspective customers…

    It is in the queue in all honesty, ThemeForest has requested some changes and we’ve had make these compliance changes and resubmit it. It is ‘in the queue’ once again.

    Yes, I think so, too. The “it´s in the queue” post is now 4 days ago. Should not be a big thing for a site like themeforest to publish it within a day or two. So I guess it is simply not finished…:x

    It is in the queue – ThemeForest has requested some compliance changes and we’ve had make these edits and resubmit it. It is ‘in the queue’ once again.