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Hello there, I purchased this theme from you, but I need some brief instructions how to install to the wordpress.

Best regards, Alex


The portfolio page templates will dynamically generate a portfolio but first you have to add your portfolio items = projects one by one (see te documentation -> Project). One you have built your projects, create a new page and choose one of the portfolio templates.

Please note, that you do not have to edit any theme files to do that.

Don’t hesitate if you have any further questions.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hello there,

Thank you so much for your help! I did some progress, but I still have some problems and I will list them.

1. Under theme options, there is a rubric to put my tracking code for the Google Analytics. Then, when I put my code, it is visible on the website. I don’t think that code should be visible. Please check on my website

2. Portfolio pages, I can’t get the same portfolio like you have on your Flights example. I don’t even have the titles with categories, please check on my website and let me know how to solve this.

3. Also I don’t see the options how to get the same rubrics like you have on your Flights example on the homepage. The rubrics are: SERVICES, OUR MAIN PROJECTS, TESTIMONIALS and STAY IN TOUCH (please let me know how to get them on my web site)

Thanks Alex

Hi Alex,

Could you send us your admin access? You can use the contact form on our profile page

Best, PeHaa THEMES

I’ve been working on this theme for a while and love it! one problem i’m having is with the modal windows not being centered. The 1/2 modal windows appear the same width as the 1/3. Are they supposed to do that? If so is there a way to have them centered instead of aligned to the left?


Thank you!

Could you send us a link to the page when you have this issue. You can use the contact form on our profile page

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi pehaa, great theme this is. I’ve been clicking arround in the admin for a while now. How do I create the multiple rows on the home page with different categories? (Like your live preview: PORTFOLIO, SERVICES, ...) And how do I select different card types? Like the service card with a round icon?


Thank you very much for purchasing Flights.

In the current version you still have to use the shortcodes to build your content. (We’re considering adding a page builder support to Flights but it can take some time). To build rows, you have to use the Section shortcode and service for Services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with that.

Thanks again.

Best, PeHaa THEMES

Hi, we are just about to buy your theme and I have two questions :

- Can you put video into the site ? Is that what video header is about ?

- Id like to use a site builder either fusion or visual basic . Is this theme compatible with either of these site builders?

Thanks in advance Cheers Fiona

I try to install the theme but I have an error : no style.css file.

Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…

Installation du thème…

L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Le thème n’a pas de fichier style.css.

L’installation du thème a échoué.

My bad, it’s ok

Seems like something went wrong with the latest Wordpress update and fullscreen responsive layout. It pushes everything to the right. Not sure how to fix?


our demo runs on the lastest WP version and it’s fine. Please send us your theme url so that we check it.

Thanks. PeHaa THEMES

Having issues with Safari browser, the home page works fine, but lots of pages just sit with the loading squares spinning around, our media page is the worst. It only seems to happen in Safari (Mac. Ipad, Iphone)

Hi, I don’t think you actually use our theme – it’s enfold isn’t it?

Sorry, we did use it up till today. the client decided to switch after I wrote this. Thank you

Hi, since a couple of weeks my site ( work really slowly. I didn’t changed anything for about a year or 2. Do you know what could happen? And how do I fix it? Thanks a lot!