Float - Minimalist eCommerce Theme

Float - Minimalist eCommerce Theme

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Beautiful eCommerce.

Selling physical or digital products within a beautifully designed storefront has never been easier. Float integrates seamlessly with the free and popular WooCommerce plugin to provide a solid platform to build your online business. Choose from a variety of layouts, sidebar configurations and pagination options, including infinite scroll.

Quick closeups.

Float gives your customers the ability to quickly preview and add products to their shopping cart as they browse through your store, without having to redirect to each product page. The quick–view panel includes a slick animated carousel of product images, as well as product details and a link to the product page.

Stunning product pages.

Float’s product pages are beautifully minimal and modern, with a simple yet striking design that gives your products focus and clarity. Customers can zoom product images in full screen, as well as share, review and add the product to their shopping cart. Choose from a scroll product page style or a classic slider style.

Seamless animations.

Float’s built–in AJAX and CSS3 animations give users a seamless browsing experience throughout the site. From adding products to their cart, to viewing various page elements, Float gracefully and elegantly animates to the desired outcome without reloading the browser.

Enhanced publishing.

Float’s minimal and stylish yet bold and professional blog templates provide a beautiful publishing platform for your creative writing. Designed to enhance the reading experience, with a clear focus on text and space — your stories will be told with an enhanced elegance and clarity. Readers can share articles, leave comments, view similar posts and subscribe to your mailing list.

Multiple media types.

Float supports a variety of media types, with templates specifically designed to enhance the utility of each format. From built–in SoundCloud and MP3 play–bars, to YouTube and Vimeo powered banners and models — you can upload a variety of media formats to enrich your content.

Loaded with vector icons.

Choose from hundreds of minimal, retina–ready and customisable icons to beautifully illustrate your content. Icons can be inserted into specific shortcodes or stand–alone within your content.

Multiple header options.

From advanced banners with hidden panels and randomly generated images, to transparent navigation bars, parallax images and sliders — you can choose from a variety of header configurations to style each page.

Float’s expandable and dynamic footer consists of an optional carousel containing featured blog posts, as well as columns populated with a variety of shortcodes including a Twitter feed and an email subscription form. These elements can be subtly hidden to maintain a minimal look and feel.

Easy customisations.

With a live customiser and built–in page options, modifying each element of Float to fit your requirements is quick and easy. You can upload various versions of your logo to suit specific pages, select fonts from a collection of high–quality typefaces from Typekit and Google fonts, choose colors of theme elements, integrate your social profiles, add custom CSS and much more.

Beautiful on all devices.

Float’s responsive design scales down beautifully from desktop to mobile, without loss of function, to give your audience an optimised experience on each page and on all devices.

Epic performance.

Built with clean standards–driven code, using the latest page optimisation technologies, Float will accelerate your website’s performance with lighting fast page speeds and search engine optimisation (SEO). View Float’s GTmetrix Performance report.

Drag–and–drop page builder ($34 value).

Visual Composer, a drag–and–drop page builder that you know and love (and one of the most popular WordPress plugins) is seamlessly integrated into Float to help you save time building your pages. Visual composer comes bundled with 40+ default content elements, as well as our premium elements.


  • Retina ready
  • Browser support (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, IE)
  • Fast page loading
  • Search engine optimised (SEO)
  • Infinite scrolling
  • AJAX animations
  • Choose from 2 product page layouts: Scroll & Slider.
  • Extended product mode
  • Multiple cart icon display options
  • Order tracking page
  • Multiple navigation bar layout and font style options
  • Multiple layout options
  • Dynamic top bar
  • Advanced, slider and video headers
  • Dynamic top notifications bar
  • Touch enabled sliders on mobile devices
  • Product image modals with fullscreen and zoom features
  • Parallax images
  • Full WooCommerce support
  • 100% responsive
  • Lazy loaded imaged for fast page performance
  • Standards-driven code
  • 3 premium Pixelobject Add–ons (see below)
  • Slider Revolution included – Premium responsive slider plugin ($25 value)
  • Visual Composer included – Drag-and-drop page builder ($34 value)
  • Translation/WPML/Loco Translate ready
  • Typekit & Google Fonts libraries
  • Multiple-color logo upload
  • Extensive theme options
  • Child theme included for advanced customisation
  • Free life-time automatic updates
  • Extensive documentation
  • Fast and first class support
  • Multiple demo import files
  • Simple installation & setup


Float comes bundled with 3 premium add–ons included in the purchase price:

To sell digital products within the Easy Digital Downloads eco-system, you can optionally purchase the Pixel Downloads add-on:

Wishful thinking.

With the Pixel Wishlist add–on, shop visitors can create and manage their own wish–lists while browsing through your store, increasing your sales and conversion rate. Visitors can also share their wish–list with friends via their social network, attracting new visitors and potential customers to your store.

Sell your digital products.

Float integrates beautifully with the popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin and our Pixel Downloads add–on to help you sell and manage your digital products. Pixel Downloads supports EDD’s core add–ons including Software Licensing, Recurring Payments, Auto Register, Free Downloads, MailChimp, Per Product Emails, and more.

Customise your shop.

With Pixel Downloads, you can choose from two thumbnail styles, including a web theme, and a selection of EDD widgets to customise your shop page and product thumbnails.

Dynamic product pages.

Customise your product pages with two unique header types, various customisable elements, shortcode embed sections and a dedicated call–to–action banner.

Display your pricing.

Choose from either a standard pricing template or a custom pricing section using Pixel Shortcode’s Pricing shortcode in combination with the Pixel Downloads add–on.

Beautiful checkout.

With a completely reimagined Easy Digital Downloads checkout, your customers will enjoy a fresher, clearer and quicker experience when purchasing your digital products.

Styled account suite.

Your customers can manage their purchases in a beautifully designed, minimal account suite, complete with product thumbnails and styled product receipts.

Showcase your work.

Float integrates seamlessly with Pixel Portfolio to showcase your work within beautifully designed and dynamic templates. From a masonry–styled archives page with a variety of layout options, to highly customisable item pages — you’ll have all you need to curate a stunning and professional portfolio.

Loaded with shortcodes.

Powered by the Pixel Shortcodes add–on, you can easily customise and add dynamic elements to your pages using a simple shortcode generator. With accordions, carousels, progress bars, icon boxes, Google Maps and much more, your content can be as dynamic, interactive and eye–catching as you like.

Easy shortcode generation.

With the Pixel Shortcodes add–on you can quickly customise and add a wide variety of page elements, such as buttons, tabs, testimonial carousels and much more, into your content within an easy to use shortcode generator, located within the WordPress visual editor.

First class customer service.

We’re committed to providing great customer service, and have built an app for digital product creators, like ourselves, to better support our products.

Our services.


v1.8.3 – 1 January 2019
  • Update: WooCommerce
v1.8.1 – 27 February 2018
  • Update: WooCommerce
v1.8 – 19 February 2018
  • Update: WooCommerce Core 3.3.0
v1.7.7 – 11 December 2017
  • Fix: Background video autoplay issue
  • Fix: Blog/Portfolio layout on 500px+ screens
  • Update: Visual Composer
  • Update: Slider Revolution
v1.7.6 – 14 November 2017
  • Fix: Single product page scroll fix
  • Fix: Product category/tag archive page Show link remove
v1.7.5 – 11 November 2017
  • Fix: Select2 remove
  • Update: Pixel Shortcodes social icons
v1.7.4 – 10 November 2017
  • Fix: Checkout country dropdown
  • Update: Pixel Shortcodes minor changes
v1.7.3 – 9 November 2017
  • Fix: Quantity min/max input conflict
v1.7.2 – 16 October 2017
  • Update: WooCommerce 3.2.1
  • Update: Visual Composer 5.4.2
  • Fix: Quickview variation product conflict
v1.7.1 – 6 October 2017
  • Tweak: SSL compatibility of dynamic placeholders
  • Fix: WooCommerce single product shortcode styling.
v1.7 – 6 October 2017
  • Tweak: Moved all shortcodes to Pixel Shortcodes
  • Tweak: Added dynamic placeholders
  • Fix: Quickview varible product price
  • Update: Visual Composer 5.3
  • Update: Slider Revolution 5.4.6
v1.6.8 – 7 September 2017
  • Tweak: Added more stable one click demo install option
v1.6.7 – 29 August 2017
  • Tweak: Mobile logo size setting via Customizer
  • Fix: CSS modification of cart shipping section
v1.6.6 – 18 August 2017
  • Tweak: Minimum page height customizer option.
v1.6.5 – 31 July 2017
  • Tweak: Remove breadcrumbs option
  • Tweak: Hide product display options on archive page
  • Rename: Float Framework to Pixel Framework
  • Fix: Simple banner title position on Android devices
v1.6.4 – 21 July 2017
  • Tweak: Category and Tag archive page header customisation
  • Fix: Category and Tag archive page pagination and infinite scrolling
  • Fix: Mini cart remove button on mobile
v1.6.3 – 13 July 2017
  • Tweak: Resolved column shortcode line-height issues
  • Fix: advanced arrow landscape tablet screens
v1.6.2 – 8 July 2017
  • Tweak: Order tracking page styling
  • Fix: Side button close button styling
v1.6.1 – 7 July 2017
  • Tweak: Single product page navigation transition timing
  • Tweak: Updated Visual Composer to 5.2
  • Tweak: Slider dots fade on page load
  • Fix: Fix: Automatic updates child theme source path
  • Fix: Navigation icon distortions
  • Fix: IE/Edge navigation styling
v1.6 – 5 July 2017
  • New: Cart icon option
  • New: Extended product
  • New: Multiple navigation layout options.
  • Tweak: More navigation bar customiser options
  • Tweak: WooCommerce 3.1.0 file update
  • Tweak: Slider product page styling in wider screens
  • Tweak: Slider product page columns settings for each product
  • Tweak: Added s column type to grid
  • Tweak: Archive pages masonry load improvement
  • Fix: Variable product image change
  • Fix: Float Framework automatic update to latest version
  • Fix: Slider product page notices styling
v1.5 – 27 June 2017
  • New: New product page style.
  • Tweak: Product page navigation.
  • Tweak: WooCommerce 3.0.9 file update.
  • Tweak: Update translation files.
  • Fix: Cart negative quantities in Chrome.
  • Fix: IE9 javascript issues.
  • Fix: Minor single product responsive styling.
  • Fix: Top bar page padding.
v1.4.1 – 22 June 2017
  • Fix: Cart update styling/quantity issues.
  • Fix: Grouped product quantity issue.
  • Browser support fixes: Minor IE9 issues.
v1.4 – 20 June 2017
  • New: Added top bar.
  • Tweak: Stripe checkout styling.
  • Tweak: removed Stripe Apple Pay button and styling from single product page.
  • Fix: Checkout shipping layout issues.
  • Fix: Checkout Place Order button iOS styling issues.
  • Fix: Mobile cart layout issues.
  • Browser support fixes: Microsoft Edge. IE11, IE10.
v1.3.1 – 14 June 2017
  • Fix: Product variation price layout on single product page.
  • Fix: IE9 fixes.
v1.3 – 13 June 2017
  • New: Slider Revolution integration.
v1.2 – 10 June 2017
  • New: Visual Composer integration.
  • Update: Pixel Shortcodes: Updates to the Tabs, Testimonials, Pricing feature shortcodes.
  • Tweak: CSS correction on po-share table.
v1.1.4 – 7 June 2017
  • Fix: Float Framework activation error.
v1.1.3 – 6 June 2017
  • Fix: Pixel Wishlists table error on activation.
v1.1.2 – 1 June 2017
  • Fix: Pixel Wishlists table create/drop on activation/deactivation.
v1.1.1 – 31 May 2017
  • Fix: jQuery issue caused by Account text navigation link.
v1.1 – 31 May 2017
  • New: Add-on bundle – Pixel Shortcodes, Pixel Wishlists, Pixel Portfolio included.
  • New: Added navigation bar account icon/module.
  • Fix: Account page styling.
  • Fix: Call to action image class clash.
  • Fix: Side menu disabled when not in use.