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Good work j3dlab! Good luck


Very nice theme, good luck with sales!

Thank you

Good Theme have a good job

Thanks. We are working hard in a new color related update.

Muy buen trabajo. GLWS :)


How do I remove your links from the nav? I’ve changed the blog url, but your links remain.

Hi capickett, You can change it with yours by editing the main.js file. All of this are explained on documentation on RSS block. In order to help this issue, we are working in a small piece of code to autodetect the domain and load RSS without editing the code.

Thanks for your feedback :) !!!

Hello capickett, The new version is ready to download. Thanks you for help us to improve our product

Hey j3dlab!

Firstly, I want to say that this is a fantastic theme. I have been checking out the code and it’s really nice, very tidy and well commented which is good for a novice like me.

I have just started my blog using this theme, though there is one minor detail that is irking me. I wondered if you could make a comment on it and let me know if it would be easy to fix at all?

So, check out the text posts on the main page. The text has some nice spacing around it which gives the content of text posts a white border. It looks great.

But- if you click on a “tag” to view all of the posts under that tag, the lovely border is gone! All of the text leads up right to the very left edge of the box and the “Read More” button is cut off slightly. It’s not a huge problem, but it doesn’t look as nice.

Main page (with text border): http://lupincentral.ghost.io/

Tag page (without text border): http://lupincentral.ghost.io/tag/news/

Do you know of an easy way this can be fixed?

Thank you!

Hi Lupincentral!!!

Many thanks for your comments !!!. We work a lot to clean and document our code.

Floro will be update in a few time and this issue will be fix, but if you want to fix it quickly i can show you how to do. Locate and edit the file “floro/assets/css/main.css”. Go to “12. Post Index” block and edit the last line:

.archive-template .post-excerpt, .home-template .post-excerpt, .tag-template .post-excerpt{ padding: 0 48px;}

The black text is the class that you need to fix the issue. Easy, isn’t it?

Many thanks

Beautiful mate. That worked a treat. It really was an easy fix!

Excellent stuff, I appreciate your help. Keep up the good work!

Hi, can the size of the boxes showing the posts on the home page be changed on a post by post basis? Eg if I have a portrait image, can I set the preview to be a portrait box rather than the squares all the images are at the moment?

Hi photosite! The size of boxes depends from its content. For example, if you type a long title, the box will be more high. The images of posts are also auto-fit in order to use all the high of its container.


Very cool !;

Many thanks!!!

How do we change the colors, and menu icon and such? Good theme.

Hi geekrohit!!! Thanks for your purchase. Icon are located on “assets” dir. To change colors, you can do it on “assets/main.css” All of these issues are explained in detail on documentation and easy to apply.

And if you like our work remember to rate us :) Regards

Great theme. Are you planning to support Ghost 0.5.x? Thx

Hi ntree!!

Floro is already compatible with last version (0.5.x). Right now, Floro is working on last version and also our theme The Great Adventure


Please make an update to enable the {navigation} helper introduced with ghost 0.5.9

Thanks rriemann for your comment. We are going to update this feature as soon as possible.

HI Guys, The theme looks great, just one question, are there customizable boxes for instagram/twitter/flickr feeds?


Hi dhb2211,

We are sorry that is not customizable boxes, only those that you see in the template. The template style is to keep the design of the boxes as well.

Really beautiful :)

Thank you!