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Hi, great theme, I have purchased the template and have a question but your support refuses my purchase code. Could you let me know how I can get support. All I want to know is, is there a way to switch on the text over the mobile version rather than have the ‘i’ button. Thanks

Hello MrDB,

Could you send us your mail address please. You can use themforest contact form right sidebar.

We can sent a new password to you.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

the contactform doesnt work I dont get the email can you help me with this?

Hello Roycarl49, Could you move your question to our forum page

Our team gladly help your issue.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

hi dear, i’v a problem with this template. I notice that in your example, whea i click on other page, it show a small loading square on the center top, and menu continue to be visible. But in mine menu is hidden on the left and load a new white page full width… could you help me? thank you in advance

Hello sermemole,

Could you move your question to our forum page please. Our support team will attend to your request asap.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Hello RenkliBeyaz, Great theme, i have a query. If i mouse over about us then submenu appears on the right, then if i take my mouse over Blog menu the about submenu takes some time to disappear. Can i reduce the time delay to 0?

Thanks in advance@

Hello Sankey,

You can change these codes ”.delay( (lasti+1)100)” to ”.delay( (lasti+1)1)” from main.js file line 2588

Please login to our support page for more questions.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

hi, congratulations for the beautiful template, I would like to know if you are planning a version with joomla cms, or if there is the will to get it done to others, I would need to buy it, or make it a development team thanks

Hello comunicaazioni ,

We dont have any plain about joomla version. It has already Wordpress version on themeforest list.

Thanks for interesting our themes, Have a nice day.

Great job on the design…Love it! I’m trying to get in touch with you via the support form to pose my problems to you but I dont have an account and I’m not sure the step to move forward any help would be appreciated. Again great job!

Hello MirageProd07,

You can sign in to our support page with purchase codes.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Hi There, I’ve already added these issues in your support without a reply – can you tell me how to remove the thin black line overlay across the main front page slider? & how to change the overall colour of the template?

Thanks – great template btw :)

Hello Froger1,

Your question replied on

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Hi, purchasing the template, it’s possible to have the layered PSD ? Thanks

Hello intermodo,

Unfortunately PSD layer is not included theme package.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

What are the changes in last update, which files were changed?


main.js file.

thank you

You are welcome mickey0

Next question, ... found answer :)

Hello mickey0,

Could you move your question to our support page Our team will be help you asap.


Please check files for download, I upload it on my server and small “x” near the logo that close menu does not work, for both versions. Would you check it and correct it ?

Hi again,

We can sent a new patch if you send us your mail address.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

I could not register on your support page, I sent you person email, did you get it? I wrote about problems with “x” near the menu and not working menu on mobile devices.


We sent patch and login info to your mail address.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

how do I change it to the dark skin?

Hello sclapham, You can edit style.less file as show as screenshot if you use Ajax loading.


I have purchased your theme .. and i have a issues if i have long list of menu the left nav sections does not have a scrolling so its impossible to see those links for small screen devices even laptops as well .. so can you please tell me how can we access those links ? How can we add scrolling there?

I have also post this issue in support please take a look there.

Hello Dundee747,

You can drag navigation up and down as show as this video.

Thanks & Have a niceday.

Hi Renklibeyaz,

My name is Affixaffirm and I had already posted my issue in your forum as a pvt. message. Could you please get back to me soon as I need to launch the site soon.


Hello Affixaffirm,

You should buy Wordpress version of theme. You seem buy to Html version of theme. You can not install html version of theme to wordpress.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Hello, Salih. I want to buy your theme FlowAway. By testing a demo version on mobile device, I was confronted with inconvenient interface. I really like your theme, but what about the mobile version I does not know. 1. small cross to close the photo 2. not disappears upper browser menu (it seriously interferes with the perception of the photos) I tested the mobile version using google chrome and various phones and all the interface was not convenient. Your theme looks great on the PC, but I’m not sure that buying it I can make it convenient for mobile. Maybe demo version do not display correctly in contrast to the original? Help please, I want to buy your theme …..

Hello LGavrik ,

Thank you for noticed these issues. FlowAway theme tested mobile devices and browser before publish. Some icons and text can be change with users. Could you send us a screenshot about this issue an send us to support[at] please.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

How do u change the music in the playlist to your own?

Hello bosshog,

You can add your own music on RB Admin > Audio Manager page.


Ok where is the audio Mgr located and do u have to use WordPress to edit this template? Ron.

Hi again, I noticed you use html version. You can edit index.html file as show as screenshot.


Hi. Great theme. Some months ago the video background stopped playing automatically. I have the video play on start in index.html on true, so it used to work before.. Do you have a solution? Thanks. Jan

Hi. I got it fixed. Had a script line missed in the index.html at the end. Thanks. Great theme! Jan

Helo Jan,

Vimeo api changed a few months ago. We updated froogaloop2.min.js file. We would be so glad if you move your next questions to our support page

Thanks & Have a nice day.

in preview no Light Version


You can try this link for preview.