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Hi, where do I modify the header slider? The one it says “We are smart… we are floyd” and the text and buttons of each slide? Thanks, Francisco

Hi, Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

Hi, yesterday I updated WordPress to version 4.5.2 and my website with your Floyd theme didn’t work properly:

It’s look like that your last version of Floyd theme don’t work correctly with new WordPress version. Please tell me what I should do because this website is very important to my company. Do you intend to update your theme?? If answer sounds “yes”, when I can expect this update?

Regards. Luc

Hi, Have you updated your Floyd theme? The latest version works with WP 4.5.2. Try downloading it again from your downloads page and update it.

Hello I add 16 Projects, but theme appear 10 Projects??? Case Studies Please advice

Hi, Have you adjusted the “max” project option in the page edit admin area? Also make sure there is no “paged result” option enabled in the same place.

How can I delete the loading animation so the site would load faster. Thank you!

Hi, The site will not load quicker without that, that covers the website until it is loaded, without it, the site’s content will jump around and there may be other visual problems which you visitor will see while the website is loading. I would recommend other means of speeding up your website loading. Optimize images, us a caching plugin, use a CDN, server optimizations, etc.

Hi I updated to the new word press and this messed up the website I read above that I need to update the them e how is that done as I need it to get it to start working properly again urgently as we are in logistics and really cant afford any downtime .


you activate some other theme (for example the default WordPress ones), you delete the Floyd, then you upload the latest version you download from ThemeForest.

Hi, I’m a one woman band, after hours of searching I’m looking to use this template for my freelancing comms business. I like the look of it but dont need a number of the elements – is it possible to remove the OUR TEAM, PRICING TABLE and OUR NUMBERS. And then bring the BLOG to the home page? Appreciate your help.

... more from me. I also need to be able to easily change the headers (from ‘Our’ to me/my … yes, I’m new to this but don’t worry I will get help!. Thanks

Hi, Yes of course, you can rename any section or delete any section that you do not need. However the blog must be on a separate page, it cannot be simply a section in the one-page layout like those other sections can be. You could make the blog your homepage, meaning the first page someone sees when they arrive to your site, but it would look like the blog page does now.

Hello. As the WordPress Update 4.6 just came out: Is this theme compatible with the new update? We would really like to use your theme, but I read about problems with the last WP version. If not, how soon can you repair it? Thanks in advance.

Hi, We haven’t tested this latest sub version with our themes yet due to summer vacations. We expect to get this done in the near future.

What is the current status of the 4.6.1 Update? Apparently your developer has returned by now (

Hi, Yes our themes have all been tested with WP 4.6 and updates were released where necessary.

Hi, I like Your theme, just one question: is it possible to use a slider-picture without title-text?


Hi, Yes it is. Just leave the headlines empty in the admin.

Is it possible to install a wpml plugin onto this theme? Or any other way making this a bilingual website?

Hi, Unfortunately there is no multi-language support in this theme.


Great theme, loving it so far and very easy and simple to set up. Just trying to make some tweaks to the “Statistics Section.” With the pnumber shortcode, one cannot add comma’s or a +. This is necessary for me, and very urgent. Can you please help me in this process?

The numbers I need to display are: 25+ ; 100,000+ ; and 100+


sorry for the trouble. You can achieve what you are looking for by adding this to Custom JS field in the Theme Options:

jQuery( function( $ ) {

  function addCommasAndPlus( n ){
    n += '';
    var s=n.split('.')[1];
    (s) ? s="."+s : s="";
    return n+s+'+';

  $.fn.countTo.defaults.formatter = addCommasAndPlus;



This did not work unfortunately :(


I just noticed that the editor in the comments section added unnecessary code, please remove those two < /pre> at the end and check if it works then.

Fort Awesome icons not displaying on some computer browsers.

Hello! Love this theme, just need to fix one problem. I am not sure if it is isolated cases or not, but some people whom viewed my website ( has given me feedback that the icons are showing up as blank squares.

Can you please help me solve this problem?

Thank you so much!

Hi, The icons are not displaying because they are viewing your website using the incorrect url, which is this one: your website’s correct url is this one: (check it and you will notice the icons are all displaying. So to fix this problem you will need to create a redirect in your hosting panel which automatically redirects anyone using the incorrect url to the correct one.

On the BLOG Page, theres is a column on the right with a Search Box at the top … What is the TEXT WIDGET and verbiage below for?

Hi, That text widget can be used for anything you want. Something people use it to introduce themselves or their blog. If you cannot find a use for it, you can remove it via the widgets section in your WP admin.

I’ve been working through the WP Admin Dashboard now for over an hour … Where is the Text Widget Located?

Found it:)

OUR TEAM SECTION … Verbiage above photos … This is the only section in which I have not been able to change the margins of the paragraph to match the margins of all the other section paragraphs … I am working with a GoDaddy WordPress Expert and he cannot figure it either … Please advise how and where to change the paragraph to expand the margins?

Hi, Please share your website’s url with us so we can check the page source and provide you with a css snippet. Thanks


ronin72 Purchased

Love the theme. Is working fine with the latest WP version?

Hi, Yes!


ronin72 Purchased

Well! This is a sure buy for my next project, then. Thanks


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Hello, excuse me for my English, I speak Spanish. I have problems with this template on mobile devices. I do not work the video of the main slider (header) and the text of the slider is cut. Can you help me solve this problem? The page is under construction. Try it on a phone and on your laptop


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background video playback is unfortunately not supported on mobile devices and/or tablets (it’s an OS restriction) so fallback image is used instead.

About the slider issue, please try adding this to Custom CSS field in Theme Options panel:
@media (max-width: 450px) {
.home-slider .slides > li h1 {
  font-size: 30px;

Hi, I’m trying to upload this theme. But Wordpress said that: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Could you please help me

Thanks, Lala

Hi, You are seeing this error because you didn’t unzip the package you downloaded before trying to install it. Unzip the download package, inside you will find another zip, this will be the installable theme package.

HI , I’m trying ti upload this theme, but I got “Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2017/06. Is its parent directory writable by the server? ”,could you please help me


Hi, Make sure your permissions are set correctly in your server’s file/directories. You can usually change that stuff in your FTP client. Contact your host for more info about this, as its not a theme issue and each hosting provider’s setup may be slightly different.

Hey There, I have problem with images. I’m working with aws plugin all the images on s3. I’ve uploaded some images do media and I see them correctly. when I try to add one of them to Home Slider(for example) – the image not shown. I see image like broken link. can you please help? Thanks!

Hi, We’ll need to see a link to your website where this problem is happening.

It’s okay not important this time, Thanks!


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Hello good afternoon, why the first time I load the page the menu does not work correctly, but when I do refresh it then everything works perfectly. My site is and I’m using floyd theme


Aleix_4 Purchased

Every time I load the page in my browser, firefox or chrome, I must refresh the page so that the sticky menu works. If I do not refresh it is as if the site does not load at all.

I’ve checked on both of those browsers and i’m not seeing anything unusual, the sticky menu is working perfectly. I recommend that you check it on a different system because maybe you have browser addons or something else relating to your setup which is interfering with things.


Aleix_4 Purchased

Thank you very much for your fast answer! I have solved the problem, an everything is working correctly. The problem was related by the domain, if I put de domain without www the page didn’t work correctly but with the www the sticky menu works perfectly.