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Hey One Page Master :) Lovly Work GLWS :D

Great work my friend!!

Hi theme looks great. Couple presales questions:

What is “Shortcode Editor.” Is this anything like Visual Composer? Or is it just a way to add shortcodes to posts.

Any way to make portfolio items link out to pages?

Any other page styles or just blog post/ or one-page splash style?

Thanks! a

Hi, Shortcode editor basically means that there is a popup dialog into which you fill in the details you want to appear in your shortcode before you add it into the main WP editor.

Unfortunately there is no way to make portfolio items link out to posts. The ajax project load would be removed, but would need to be done for all project items and would need to be done manually (via out support forum help).

All one page section can be used a separate pages.

Ok. When you say “via out support forum help” do you mean paid customization? Thank you.

Also, could i use my own version of Visual Composer plugin with this theme?

Hi, No we don’t provide paid customizations for our items. We would help you to make the changes needed to remove the ajax load for all projects only. Unfortunately you would not be able to use that plugin with this theme.

This one page has much cleaner look and feel, very well done.

Creative and Cool!Like it :)

Simple, clean, nice work ;)


Congrats on this beautiful theme. I have few pre-buying questions. 1) Are you planning to integrate a twitter feed? 2) One / multi-page theme. Can you please specify? Does it mean that I can create several one-page within the site? (homepage + different pages including features of the one-page like parallax, section…). Or is it just a one-page site to which i can add some default pages without those cool features?

Thank you in advance



1. For a twitter feed you would need to use a 3rd party plugin.

2. This can be either a one page or a mulit page site. You can have multiple one page style layouts if you choose yeah.

Hi @themightythings,

1.) No plan for that, you can easily integrate it through some of the available plugins though, should be easy. 2.) Yes, you can have several different homepages, or several separate pages by itself, or any other combination.

The only restriction is that to have a one-page on certain url, top page must be homepage (ie. splash with image/slider/video).

Some pre buy questions from me…

1) Can the colours be changed easily? 2) Can the image slider on the home page just be a static image? 3) Will Woocommerce plug-in work with this theme (style, layout and functions)? 4) Does it include a page builder/visual composer?




1. The theme’s primary color can be changed easily using the admin color picker.

2. If you insert only one image slider then this will be static.

3. That’s not supported.

4. Unfortunately not.

Congrats! great, cool and clean design!

Another pre buying question:

- Could I use vimeo in portfolio without problems? or just youtube?

Thanks in advance

Hi, for inline videos, such as those in the portfolio, both YouTube and Vimeo are supported. Youtube alone is supported in the splash area background video.

Hello, are you available for custom project.

Whats your email or Skype?

Thanks! Alex

Hi, Unfortunately we are unavailable for custom commissions.


Anyway I can just use video from the media library?


Hi, YouTube videos only supported for the splash page area, while elsewhere both youtube and vimeo videos are supported.

Great work! GLWS :)

can the ajax loading for each section be disabled to all load at once ?

Hi, The sections are not loaded using ajax, they are simple revealed in a timed manner when the user scrolls down the page. This effect can be turned off with a js snippet, which we could give you after purchase via our support forum.

Hello there,

First of all awesome work with the template, I’m really diggin it. One question though. Is there somewhere a visual catalogue for all the icons, since it’s pretty hard to get hang of them from the text list?