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Hello I really like the theme but i have one question How it works with Multilanguage Plugins ? and which one ?

Hi, This theme does not support any multi-language plugin. Built in translation possibility is using pot file only, which means direct translation only and not multi-language switching.

Hi, Is there any chance to have this theme as a multi-language site?

Hi, This theme does not come with built-in multi-language translation support, hence it would need custom work to achieve this.

Attending the requests and the increase in sales that you would surely have, the question is:

Will you do it??!

Hi, Unfortunately there are no current plans to add multi-language support to this theme.

Hi, thanks for the theme. unfortunately i have a problem : when i donwloaded your theme (wihtout doing anything on it) on safari, when i click on the image in portfolio section, i can’t see the expand-image ( > ) but on firefox it’s work very well.

Hi, Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. This sort of support is only available to confirmed customers. If you have purchased this theme from another account, please login via that account before posting a support request. Alternatively use your purchase code to login to our support forums and post your request there.

Hi, I just realize, I bought only 1 item of the three you propose. Sorry for that.


Love the look of the Theme, but just wondering if its able to be adapted to be a multipage site as opposed a single page only.


Hi yes, this theme supports multi page layout also.

Hi there, I really love the theme, but I noticed it was a bit jittery and laggy on the scrolling as opposed to other one page themes. It isn’t terrible, but it lacks that smooth and fluid scroll. Is there a particular reason for this, and if so, can it be fixed easily?

Thank you.

Hi, The scrolling is totally fine and smooth here. Different browsers and different OSs handle smooth scrolling in different ways. Some better then others. There is nothing we can do about this unfortunately.

Hi there, I want to purchase this theme please tell me about the theme parts like admin in backend. Can i get admin with separate pages like potfolio, slider, price table etc… Thanks

Hi, All sections in the one page layout are created as pages, with separate controls for things like pricing, slider, etc. These can then be left as a multi-page website, or they can be arranged into a one-page layout like in the theme demo.


I have an urgent question – is it possible to add a picture into the pricing tables content? (let’s say a row just above the price).

I look forward to your answer. Best, Anna

Hi Anna, Unfortunately this theme doesn’t support pictures in the pricing tables.

Can I easyly change the backgroud color of the blog from gray to white?

Hi, You could do that with a little CSS snippet, which we could provide via our support forum once you have purchased the theme.

Hello. This theme is fantastic. Pre-sales question here…

We are interested in a new launch of our WP site and Floyd is at the top of our list for a new theme. We are also currently in the process of migrating all of our video hosting from Vimeo to Wistia. I have read on these comments that (though the splash is only YT) embedding YT and Vimeo is supported. From my coding lay-perspective, the embed for Wistia appears to be similar to Vimeo (iframe)

Can you tell me if embedding a video from Wistia will work in this theme? Thanks!

Oh, I meant to include this page with info on embedding from Wistia.

Hi, Wistia embedding is not supported in this theme.

Hi Bitfade I sent you a set of 4 pre-sale questions around 3 days ago would it be possible to please get back to me sooner rather than later as we really love this theme and really want to get it.

My few presale questions:

1. I know there is a video preview and a parallax preview with the sliders.

Is it possible to have slider images and a video at the same time? If so then is it possible to have an autoplay video in say the last slide of the slider. So 3 images go passed the user is scrolling and scanning the page and the video starts playing bringing their attention back to the top?

2. The text in the slider i.e the we are floyd we are creative we are smart can that be switched off (I assume it can be changed/ edited to say whatever is needed )

3. Whats the best size for the pictures in the slider as we will probably be having a photo shoot so want to pass those details over to the photographer etc

4. We are going to need to change the services area and icons is it a case of downloading the pics for the service icons from your library and uploading them or is it a case of going into the theme editor css to change the line for each service.

Also the services will be about 7 so I notice they are in a row of 4 on the demo so does that mena it will be a case of 4 in top row then 3 below and lastly we want that when the services are scrolled over and clicked it will take the user to a page about that service (I know this doesnt work for the portfolio section but does this work for the services?)

Thanks a lot.

Hi Bitfade,for the benefit of everyone these guys did get back to me with a thorough response including some ideas,options and demos not just yes or no answers hence I felt compelled to share as I value this type of customer help.

Thanks Bitfade as you can tell I am now a proud owner of the theme , my final question for now is I have installed the theme on a pre-existing website.

If I import demo content I assume it will transform the website exactly into what the demo preview looks like ( but will this remove/delete all the pre-existing content ?

Hi, Yes it will import all the dummy content and create projects, pages etc from the demo. You will likely have some cleaning up to do afterwards deleting some of this imported stuff which you don’t need. None of your existing content will be deleted or modified.

Thanks guys


Rookie here. I have purchased your floyd theme and can’t figure out how to remove the “Floyd” name from the footer and also at the top across from the menu bar. please advise.

Also I can’t seem to get the video to work on the main page where you have the two options one being the car vid. It doesn’t play. I also can’t figure out how to add our own vid here either. Please help.



Hi, For these types of basic questions about fulling the theme with your own content we have written a help document which is filled with step by step guides on completing all sections. Please refer to this document, it can be found in the main download package docs folder, open the html file in a browser.


contact form doesn’t work, how to fix this? i was filled the email address, i try to send via contact form on my site but the message doesn’t sent.



Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here:

please review my question in support forum, i have a proble with contact form, it doesn’t work

Your post has been dealt with, please keep any further discussion on the forum.

Hey there!

Love your theme but am having trouble with the Gallery.

Is there a way to load all the pictures (without showing them) so when someone presses on a category, it shows the images associated with those tags even if not currently displayed?

For example, I have 50 pictures, split up into “Interior”, “Exterior”, “Floor Plans”, and “Site Plans” and I only have it show 8 images per page.

If I click any of the tags no pictures show up unless they’re in those 8 images.

Any help would be much appreciated! Even if it’s using a different gallery than the one included. Travis

Please make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the theme, which contains fixes for WP 3.9. See this post in our forum for instructions for updating your theme:

Hello. This theme is fantastic. I have one pre-sales question here…

Can I set INTRO background image’s height to 100% of window height?

Hi, Unfortunately not, this theme does not have a fullscreen splash page option.

Hello—I have subscribed to your support forum but it will not allow me to post a new thread or question.

The sound on my video does not work. Please view at



When you register to our forum you will receive a confirmation email to the address you used during registration. You will need to click on this link to confirm your account before the “post new thread” button will appear. If you can’t see this email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Great theme i want to buy it, but i have three questions. 1. Is it posible in portfolio not to have the “ALL” selection and just to have the projects in categories “Music Videos, “Advertisements” etc. 2. In demo when i have selected a video who is still playing and pressing the X button i am going back to the site but i am still hearing the sound. Can the sound stop as the project window closing? 3. Can be the portfolio preview images be vertical (like movie posters) and not horizontal?


Hi, 1. There is no option for this in the theme by default, but others buyers have requested it via our support forums, so we could help you to achieve it post-purchase.

2. This is indeed a bug, which we have fixed and it will be included in the latest update which is coming shortly.

3. At the moment, single project images are not cropped, they are just resized to fit the width of the container found there. The gallery project’s media (sliders) are cropped, this is done to cater for different sized images being inserted into the gallery. However this can be disabled via our support forum, if its something which is important to you.

I installed this theme through wordpress by uploading it within wordpress the theme is there but does not display fully? just blog page and about pages thats it, and advise please.

Thanks Lee2k

Hi, Did you import the demo content? You can find this function in Appearance>Theme Options>General—> Import Button at top.

Have to input custom css just to get the header nav to adapt to a larger logo size?


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

Hi there,

We have looked at the theme and really like it but have a question about the portfolio section. The live preview shows all the images butted up right next to eachother – can this lay out be changed?

Also, when we click on one of those images it only takes us to a page with a further single image and a small description – is it possible to make this page show more pictures of an entire project?

I hope you can answer our query as we really like the theme.

Many thanks!


portfolio layout can’t be altered, but adding more images to a single project is possible. Project is just a normal post so you can use editor to insert as many images as you need.

Hi, is it possible to make the menu appear ALWAYS on top of page, and not only after i scroll down?


Please head over to our support forum for this theme, open a new thread about this issue and include a link to your page. One of our guys will take a look.

You can find the forum for this theme here: