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Just nice, very useful project! Wish you many sales :)

Kind of you to stop by! Thank you :)

Congratulations, nice item, cool design!

Hey thank you so much, glad you like you it!

Hey two2twelve,

You do not answer to my request ?

there is no support ?


Purchased but no support. thank you for keeping me informed

Hey two2twelve,

I like your theme, nice work. I have a pre-purchase question though. Is it possible to change all the colors of the theme, or is it limited to the light and dark versions? The same questions goes for the buttons: is it possible to change their color? On top of that, do you know if the theme works with the Gravity Forms Plugin?



Hello marcvos,

Apart from the default Light and Dark versions, FluidApp has built-in support for WordPress custom backgrounds allowing you to add a background image or change the background color for the entire site.

Additionally, there are options to change font and link colors for nearly all the text within the theme.

Though I haven’t personally tested Gravity Forms plugin, FluidApp should support every WordPress plugin.

- Eric

Hi, Nice template. Pre-sales question: can I add a price / plan page to it? how easy to accomplish that?

Hello qiangma,

It’s very easy to add additional pages to FluidApp, simply add a page in your WordPress admin as you would in any other theme. While there is no included shortcode styles for a pricing table, feel free to signup to our support forums after your purchase, and I’ll do my best to help out.

- Eric

Looks like a great theme! Is it possible to ‘turn off’ the left area on lower-level pages? In checking out the theme on a phone, since that stays at the top of each page, it’s not immediately known that one has actually gone to a new page when selecting a page from the navigation.

Hello emilybro,

It should be possible to hide the left area on all subpages when viewing on a mobile device. For this, you may need to add an additional media query CSS style.

After your purchase, feel free to signup and post your inquiry on the Two2Twelve support desk, I’d be happy to help out!

Visit the Support Forums

- Eric

Great, thanks for the reply.

is it possible to have each slide in the slideshow link to a page?

Hi there,

I love the theme and would like to use it especially for iPad use. However, I really need my logo to be retina when viewed on a retina device. Right now I see that the logo is not. Can you either create the ability to upload a retina version next to the normal logo, or instruct me how to arrange this?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Hey Tom,

It would be quite simple to add a retina logo image and requires just a few lines of custom css, which can be added through the FluidApp admin panel in WordPress.

Feel free to head over to our support forums after your purchase and I’ll be sure to help you out!

- Eric

Okay thats wonderful, thanks Eric!

Short ne question, it is possible at the moment where the slider is to be depicted the article? The buttons should stay there

Not sure I fully understand, but you can easily disable the slider on homepage.

Hi guys

Great theme, it will work great for our purpose.

I need to change the two main buttons “Download for iPhone” and “Download for Android” as they do not comply with the Apple & Google developer marketing restrictions. (e.g Must not use the word iPhone in the buttons, only AppStore, etc.). Not only that but I’d like to change the colour of the two buttons to a calm silver or black to comply with the colour requirements.

Please advise where I can do that from. I need that urgently.

Thank you! Ovi


Thank you for purchasing FluidApp! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there.

Visit our support desk


Hey mate, I opened the ticket 2-3 days ago as requested. Still no answer. I mentioned in my original post I need that urgently. And not because I want to “customise” the theme but because it’s a product we can’t use! (see the Apple & Google marketing guidelines). It’s been 5 days all together since we’re trying to solve this.

Another issue: I’m trying to edit the the slider (or any other theme related function) and as soon as I hit “Save all changes”, I get a 404 error Not Found – Blog – Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. I’ve already opened a ticket. The URL it tries to access is /wp-admin/admin.php?page=functions.php


Just wondering if it’s easy to integrate a webshop e-commerce plugin and adapt fluidapp theme in order to work with woothemes for example?


Sorry but we cannot say for sure how this will work with any particular 3rd party plugin.

Hi, Just wondering if it’s easy to integrate a webshop e-commerce plugin and adapt fluidapp theme in order to work with woothemes for example? Best,

Getting really disappointed in the support. I have installed the theme and got couple of bugs (Toggles, social media icons…). I created a ticket and got a reply 3 days later. I then replied (providing more info) but no one seems to reply to me anymore. I am seriously considering removing the 5 star rating I gave to the theme…

Hi, May I know why the wordpress version menu when go to another page why not like html version smooth ?


The WordPress version is not a one-page template like the HTML version which simply fades in and out without reloading the page. The WordPress version is setup like standard pages.

The text for individual pages disappeared in my install suddenly. No plugins installed.


Thanks so much for purchasing FluidApp! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there. I look forward to helping you out!

Visit the Support Forums

Thanks again!
- Eric

Pre-purchase question: Do you offer a single column layout for the FluidApp Wordpress theme?

Is there a way I can embed shortcodes on the home page / App Description?


By default, you should be able to use shortcode in the app description field.

- Eric


I am strongly considering buying this theme, however, I need to know if I can switch out the iTunes App Store logo as well as the Google Play Store logo. As @acdco previously mentioned, the logos in the theme violate both companies terms for using their branding. I did not see a publicly displayed response to @acdco’s question, so can you please advise if these can be changed or removed easily?

Thanks for the assistance.

Question: Is there anyway the layout for the Fluid theme be a single column, instead of the double column shown in the live demo?

No, this is a two column site.