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Great theme! Is there a way to have 6 items in the homepage slideshow instead of 5?

Thanks Kromero! 5 is the limit for the slider but if you’re interested in having it customized feel free to visit our customization shop


The Two2Twelve Team

Hi, if i have more than 20 apps. can i create a separate page for every app, or I should install wordpress 20 times, each time in a separate folder, then install this theme for every one?

Hi there,

Firstly, it is not possible to create multiple instances of the same WordPress theme on a single install. Furthermore as stated in ThemeForest licensing a regular or extended license is good for installing the theme only once, therefore, if you would like to use the theme 20 times for 20 different apps you would need to purchase the app 20 separate times in order to obtain a regular or extended license for each. You could then proceed to install the themes on 20 different WordPress installs.

For more information on ThemeForest licensing terms please go here –


Pre-purchase question for you…

I love the layout and design on the desktop, however when I view the website on an iphone, the navigation turns into the native “wheel”. Is there a way to turn it into a drop down instead of the wheel?

Also, I assume dropdowns in the nav are available, however there isn’t an example on the live preview.

Yep, drop-downs are available. I’ve added a dropdown example to the demo under the Contact tab

As for the iPhone ‘scroll wheel’... that is native mobile Safari behaviour and is how iPhone treats select tags. There may be a way to disable this but will require adjustments to the code. Please contact our customization shop if this is something you need to have done. Alternatively you can try doing a bit of research on this and tackling yourself if you are familiar with code.


I got a real problem about this wp theme. I bought it and i can’t use it because “send.php” file is not into the script, and the contact form can’t be used.

I send an email to envato from several days without any answers from them…

Please help, my contact form don”t send any email !!strong>

The send.php script is definitely there and working. Have you opened up the send.php file and added your email at the top? If so and you are still having issues, this could be a problem with your hosting. Please visit our private support desk and we’ll see what we can do to get you sorted out –


Love the theme ,congratulations . I would like to buy it ,but I have two questions - Can I add a video into the blog ? - Can I add google maps to the contact page ?

kind regards Philippe …

Hi Phillippe. Yes and yes.

You can add video to the blog and Google maps to the contact page


Thx …

Before purchasing this theme… I have what may be a silly question… What’s the process of making this an app that is available for download in the (Apple) App Store and/or Google Play?

I am new to the whole App process, and I didn’t see anything on the forums that answered this (silly) question for me.

Thanks in advance to anyone that help answer my question : )

Sarah K

Hi Sarah,

FluidApp is merely a website template that can be used to display/market the app that you already have up for sale on the Apple store. The process of becoming an Apple developer is quite involved and is best explained by the docs located here –

Once you have an actual app for sale on the App store or Google play a theme such as this can be installed on a hosted WordPress installation and used to market your app. The buttons on the site will simply link to the App Store where your app can be purchased.

Hope that helps!


Great theme.

Can you please tell me where I would customize the iPhone, Android buttons and their text?

Currently it says: “Download now for …” I would like to change that.

Please visit our support desk and we’ll help you out with that.


Can’t see the Live Preview.. something is wrong.

Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: ”” The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

Is there any other link to show live preview of this template?

I am sorry, but the support for this theme is non-existent.

Posted a comment here with a request for help… basic stuff (see above). Waited a day just to be told to post on their support forum, which I did, two days ago.

No response. Regretting purchasing this theme.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you were not helped as promptly as you would like but do keep in mind that it is clearly stated on our profile that the best way to get support is by going to our support forum as we do not regularly monitor the comments here. Also bare in mind that we may be in different time-zones/countries and do not operate on the weekends. It is now Monday morning here and we are addressing the support queue as efficiently as possible. Thanks!

Hello, It´s run in WP 3.5.1? or only WP 3.5?



FluidApp is fully compatible with WordPress 3.5.1.

Thank you!
- Eric

hi i’ve problem to responsive my site on iphone4-5 and ipad and othet tablet, image and test.. can help me???

Hi Alfredo,

Thank you for purchasing FluidApp! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there and we’ll get you sorted out.

Private support desk


Hi. I’m trying to use FluidApp but it is not sending email using contact form. Can you help me? Best regards, Leo

Hi Leo!

Thank you for purchasing FluidApp! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. Feel free to signup and post your inquiry there. We look forward to helping you out!

support desk


Hello, I have a very basic question. Is there a way to make an image on the slider a link?

I have seen an example of a video but not of a link.

Thanks! Marsha

Sorry but there is no default way to do this at this time.

On a Post (Blog) is there a way to have the Featured Image height be greater than 275 pixels?

Thank you.

Sure, you can have the feature image be whatever height you want, though we do not recommend going past 240px wide to comfortably fit in the area.

Hi, I purchased the app, everything is good for now but 2 questions:

1: Is there a way I can add my desired fonts to the heading styles 2: I want all the sliders on the home page to display the microsoft surface, how do I change that

Thanks in advance

Hi Please How do I add my desired font to the heading styles??



realy great theme…but it is not compatible with any Plugin. Maybe you can help us…we need a contact form with more than name, email, subject and message. Our customers have to send us more infos. Is it possible to create an own contact form?

Our App work as a list of service providers. It is free for the user. But the provider have to pay to be in the app…is it possible to create a pay system for them?

Thanks and best regard Engin

Hi there, unfortunately we cannot advise on third-party plugins, however you may contact our customization department for a quote on having this done.


How do you activate the homepage slider? I have uploaded images, but can’t get the slider to show up?

Hello, I see that the first two phone items are showing so the slider is enabled. It seems as though you need to continue to upload the rest of your slider images so that your can see the next device move in. Also make sure that you do not have the checkbox in the slider settings option checked to ‘disable slider’. If you are still having trouble please visit our private support desk for help

Thanks, I figured it out after I posted the question. I had only downloaded the .zip file and didn’t have the documentation .pdf.

Hi, I’ve couple of qs. before I buy this theme.

1) Can I change the background color? So instead of white or black if I want to use brown. 2) Can the App Store button be changed? I.e. from : Download now for iPhone to Download now for iPad or Download Universal App. 3) Can the home screen images be changed. E.g. Right now there’s no BB phone, so adding that or show the iPad in landscape, currently it’s in portrait.



Hi there, you can change the background color using the built in color picker, the buttons are css and can be changed by adding your own in the custom css area. The slider devices are hardcoded into the theme and would therefore require modification of the theme files on your part or by contacting our customization department for a quote.


I am also having problems with the contact form not sending emails. Can you tell me what I need to do to get it working? Should be the last question. I really like this theme so far!

Thank You! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk. If you haven’t already please feel free to signup and post your inquiry there. We look forward to helping you out!

Visit the private support desk