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hey, does that theme support the usage of plugins for language translations (f.e. qtranslate)?

We have not tested this particular plugin, but the theme is fully localized/translation ready.


I really did not understand how to put the slider on the site … need help tks

It sure is. You can add a landscape device image to the images folder to replace an existing one or add an additional device image to the images folder and then copy and paste the code from the corresponding HTML section to repeat the slider.

Hi! We purchased your theme and have a problem with its responsiveness. When displayed on iPhone (4S or 5), the pages are not shown properly.

For example, the Features page appears on bottom, but the text is cut on the right side and it’s impossible to read. The same problem happens with any other page we make and integrate into the menu, e.g. our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

Here is a screenshot of our problem:

We are not able to scroll the screen to the right to see the remaining content. However, it works nicely on our Android device (LG L5). Please help us out, because we are launching and iPhone app and the page will be mostly displayed to iPhone users!

Many thanks, ClickmediaSI

Hey there,

Thanks for your purchase! Support for all of our themes is conducted through the Two2Twelve support desk, so feel free to signup and post your inquiry there and we’ll get you sorted out.

Visit the Support Desk –

Solution to Child Theme CSS:

Hopefully, this will help someone out there. Put the following in the child themes function.php:

function custom_register_css() {
    if (!is_admin()) {

        wp_register_style('custom-style', get_stylesheet_uri(), array());
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'custom_register_css');


How do I add text or paragraph to ‘Home’ page. I added some text to the page, published but it doesn’t show up.

Hey Yaney, Support for FluidApp is conducted through our support desk, please post your questions there and we’ll do what we can to help you out :)

Hi, 24 hours after purchasing the template, I still did not receive support. Ticket #:3057

Sorry for the wait, please keep in mind that theme support is complimentary and we do our best to handle the queue as efficiently as possible. Also make sure to read the included documentation and check our support desk knowledgebase for answers to many commonly asked questions and issues.


I am extremely frustrated. I am publishing my content on the home page to look like the demo; but my content doesn’t show up.

Any help?

No need to be frustrated, just hop over to our support desk so we can help you out.

How do I configure the email for the contact form? I have it set in the theme functions but my client isn’t getting any emails. Is there something else i need to do/do I need to add the email address somewhere else?

This is most likely a hosting/server issue, I’d recommend contacting your host first. If you are still having issues after that please visit our support desk.


Hi! I have purchased the fluidapp theme and love it. Quick question though: is it possible to edit the static left side? I want it to be a static image that takes up the whole left side, but still have the download buttons ?

Just reposting this as per your previous question: Yep, that’s definitely possible. The left side where the text is supports HTML and img tags – so you could simply add your image source right in the app description area in the FluidApp admin.


Hi! I have purchased the fluidapp theme and love it. Quick question though: is it possible to edit the static left side? I want it to be a static image that takes up the whole left side, but still have the download buttons ?

Yep, that’s definitely possible. The left side where the text is supports HTML and img tags – so you could simply add your image source right in the app description area in the FluidApp admin.


I uploaded an image in its place… however I am concerned that when the screen resizes, that it will not adjust automatically as well (it is currently spilling over into the right hand side)

I opened a support ticket with two2twelve themes 8 days ago, and they have stopped responding to the posts but the issue remains unresolved. The files we downloaded from ThemeForest do not have all of the code for features for WordPress to reorder screenshots or Features or to be able to list FAQ’s using the toggle. Our help ticket is 3075 and I just reopened a new one in the hope of getting someone to respond. Will someone please get back to us?

Hi there, going through the troubleshooting process can take some back and forth, and it seems your tickes was indeed answered 2 days ago (as was your other follow up ticket) but you have not yet responded to our solution.



I like the simplicity of your theme. Regarding the translation it would be nice to have the text from the contact formular template-contact.php in the default language file.

Best, Andreas


A client of mine has requested my help for a few customizations on this url Made a few tweaks in the Epanel and when I hit save it crashed, now when I try to log in I get Not Acceptable. Is this something you’ve heard before?

Sounds like a hosting/server issue. Best to contact the hosting company and let them know what happened, they should be able to help.


I have problems with the line break. If you have a look at this feature page you can see the problem:

These should be separate bulletpoints but whatever I do in the editor, every word will be in one line.

Any idea?

Thanks, Andreas

Hi…anybody here? I also sent a ticket to your helpdesk regarding my issue mentioned above.

Thanks, Andreas


Apologies for the delay in response! I’ve just replied to your ticket.

- Eric


It looks like that this delay is part of your usual support process. I was waiting 3 days for an answer to my initial issue. Now I am waiting another 2 days for an answer to your first reply.

Sorry, but this kind of support needs some speed-up.

Thanks, Andreas

I have a few questoins before I buy.

1) Can I easily get rid of some of the images on the slider on the home page and have 1 or 2 instead of 5?

2) Video can play on the screen, correct?

3) Is there a way to have the slider stop cycling through after a few times?

Will be using for a phone film fest.

Thanks. Patrice

Patrice! I’m so sorry we’ve overlooked your comment here. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, just upload images to the devices you want to feature. The rest will not appear.

2. Yes video is supported.

3. Not exactly. The slider can be set to auto advance or manual, the timing of between slides can also be set, but in auto mode it will continue to loop through.

Thanks :)

I already purchased another template. But thanks for grtting back.

Is it possible to add a form into the app area?

And a video in the app area?

Hi there, yes, you can add a form to the right side of the page (see contact page on demo) as well as add videos to the devices in the slider or embed them anywhere else on the page.


Your demo is offline. Get the error:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Really sorry about that, we are in the process of updating and moving our demo – please view it here –


Has anyone had issues with this theme and the nextgen plugin? If so, how did you fix it?

Great theme.

Can you please tell me where I would customize the iPhone, Android buttons and their text?

Currently it says: “Download now for …” I would like to change that. also icon android and apple Ticket #: 3366 Thanks

Hey there, if you haven’t opened a ticket in our support desk yet that would be the best way to get help with this.


The homepage doesn’t show. Others have mentioned this issue but I need to open a ticket? I have followed the instructions through and can set any other page to show on the home, except for home.

Is there a quick thing I am missing?

More specifically the slider works. So is it that I either use ‘home page template’ with the slider and no other content, or just default template and then show my content but not the slider?

Hmm I think I just answer my own question lol.

Yes. You’ve got it right :)