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Simply Looks Awesome,Nice theme! Well done. Wordpress Development Company

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment :) Cheers!

Hi, i have purchased your amazing template, but i have one problem, when i create a page for my products, i have in the left the same like others pages, but i would like to have just my logo and my products. How its possible ? Thanks a lot :)

ok thanks, i hope it will not cost so expansive :)

i have contacting your support contact, here, the answer… : Hi Bey,

Thanks for submitting a customization request. Just to clarify, WerkPress has simply partnered with Two2Twelve to provide theme customization work for customers after they have purchased a theme — we are a completely separate company, so we do not provide theme support for Two2Twelve.

Please let us know if you require theme customizations and we can quote out the cost for you for any requested items. Thanks

How i can get my personnalisation ? thanks a lot !

Hi there, you need to be clear with our customization shop about what you want them to do, rather than telling them you have a problem. I’ve sent you an email regarding this.


I thought I could create such an app home page for each app. Works this only with WordPress Multi-sites or do you have a good solution? I want have for any of my apps a home page like in the demo.

This theme is for a single app – you will have need separate WP installations if you need to use if for more than one app.


how can i simple sort the features?

is there a demo for black version?

Demo stopped working ?

Hi there! May have been a momentary glitch. Demo is working now. Here is an example of our dark demo


Hello, the theme is really great and I modified it great. BUT why do the Widgets not work and also the included theme widgets for twitter, reviews, etc. are not accessible? Can you help on that pls. Thanks!

Hi, but in the theme-widgets are some widgets twitter, reviews, flickr, etc. – why are they there if they can’t be used? :)

That is part of our developer toolkit, but they are not available on this theme. Sorry for the confusion.

what a pity :) would be really great!

when a visitor is not logged in, then he can comment on a blog post by typing in his name, email, website and text. if he does not complete anything and just clicks on send, then the error message is not displayed like in the contact form. a white page with “ERROR: please fill the required fields (name, email).” is showing up. any solution for solving this more user friendly? like for the contact form …

I have a question needed to be answered before I buy this.

Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce, so it wond break design/code when using WooCommerce.

Since you are the author, can you please test it quick? WooCommerce is a free plugin. Just to see that design etc does not break (compatible issue). If no problem, I will buy this item :).

Kindly regards, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

I’ve just installed and tested WooCommerce on FluidApp and everything seems to be working :)

- Eric

Hello, Thankyou for your quick response! I see you write “seems” to be working. If I find something that breaks the design when using WooCommerce, do you fix the design issue or refunding?

Just wanted to be clear on that before I buy. The best would be to put WooCommerce on the demo of this wordpress theme with at least 1 product so I can check that everything works out.

Hoping for fast reply so I can hit the buy-button =).

Kindly regards, Andreas

The short codes allow for one, two, ..., six column layouts, which is fantastic.

However, I’d like to do a two_thirds/one_third layout. Is this possible, and if so, what is the syntax?

Definitely possible. All you need to do is add a two_thirds shortcode followed by a one_third shortcode with the ‘last’ option (this can be selected by checking the box in the shortcode editor – or by adding the word last to the code) Here is the shortcode combination –


Thanks, Elizabeth. The code from the link does not work and becomes rendered on the page. For a half/half column layout, we need to use [one_half} and [one_half_last}, so shouldn’t we need similar code for a 2/3, 1/3 layout?

Make sure you are adding it to the ‘Text’ editor and not the ‘Visual’ editor. Select them from the shortcode manager. First – two_thirds Then – one_third with the last check box selected. If you are still having trouble please open a ticket at our support desk –


Hi, how do I change the app download button names please? Link to print screen:

Please visit our support desk –


I have no idea if this template is great, because it seems impossible to activate the theme in Wordpress.

It is missing a style.css file which cannot be find in the downloaded files from Themeforest. I read that this problem is common and tried many options without success: 1) manually via FTP and only the light folder. 2) zipped the light folder and uploaded this one via Wordpress. Than I discovered that the PSD’s are missing, so I manually put these files via FTP on the server. Still not working. 3) I deleted the other standard themes and I deleted the dark files of this theme. Zipped and uploaded the complete files without the darkpsd and other dark files. Manually and via Wordpress. And still the same result. Style.css is missing.

I cannot find this file in my downloaded files. I really hope there is someone who knows the answer to upload this complete theme so I can start building the site.

Hi there! Thank you for the nice words. We’re glad to hear the theme is working so well for you :) In regards to the slider, it looks like you may not have configured your ‘reading’ settings properly. Go to Settings > Reading > and make sure it – looks like this.

You need to select your homepage as the Frontpage in order for the slider to show up.


Thank you so much! It works now. One other question, is there a possibility to put an image in the slider. I would like to show an image which is not a screenshot.

Hi there,

Sorry for overlooking your comment here! I’m afraid the theme is designed for in device screenshots, if you’d like to replace the devices with screenshots you would need to contact our customization shop as it will require changes to the theme’s code –


Hi, I have installed the theme on my site with virtually no problems and am enjoying it greatly. There is only one small difficulty. On the contact page I want to add a few fields so I can know if someone is emailing about iOS support or android that way it saves valuable time on customer emails. Is there a way to edit the fields? I don’t see any way in the theme. Would like to use the original contact form instead of trying to install a contact plugin. Can you tell me what I need to do? If it’s not possible which contact form plugin would you recommend. Thank you in advance.

Hi there!

Sorry for the oversight on your comment here! Additions to the contact form would require making changes to the code. As such we recommend submitting a customization request to have this done for you –

Another alternative would be Contact Form 7 plugin – which is a very customizable option.


Thinking of buying this theme but have a few small questions prior to purchasing it:

Can social media buttons be implemented within the theme?

Does the theme come with sample content / Sample Data so that the same structure that exists within the demo page is set when the theme is uploaded and activated?

Will we get theme updates when they are released?

Hello there,

1. Yes, FluidApp includes support for social icons which can be configured in the admin panel.

2. Sample XML content is included and can be imported via your WordPress admin.

3. Yes, theme updates are included for life! You will receive an email notification from ThemeForest when updates are available.

Hope you decide to purchase FluidApp!

- Eric

I have trouble with the settings in WP. It simply freezes up very time I try to do anything in the settings menu in WP. Do you know how to fix that?

Hi there, sounds like it could be an issue with your WordPress install rather than a theme issue. But if you’d like us to look into this further please visit our support desk –


Hi, Is this Theme compatible with the WPML plugin? Thanks

Hi there, sorry for the delay in answering your question here. We’ve tested WPML plugin on the latest FluidApp site on WP 3.7 and it appears to be compatible.



I just purchased this theme last night and overall was very easy to install.. everything works great and look awesome!

One small question: Whenever I post a blog entry the text doesn’t seem to wrap, it just keeps going on the page so the user has to scroll forever (on 1 line).

Can you recommend something to fix this issue?

Otherwise everything else is perfect.

Thanks, Tiger

Hi Tiger,

Please visit our support desk and we’ll be glad to help you out –


Can the slides on the slider be changed to any image?

For example, instead of just changing the app that appears on the screen of the phone, can i change the phone compleately to something els, like a macbook or a logo.

Hi there, I’m afraid that is not an option

Hi There,

I just purchased your product and wanted to know how i can change the app download buttons and place my own buttons? Also I would like to know how do i change the alignment of the drop down menu. They are aligned in the center and I would like them to align on the left.

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support desk – customization requests should be directed to our customization shop –


Hi, Great theme. I have got one small problem but its really annoying me. In your demo when I click on Features on top menu, it shows an arrow which indicates its a active page, but when I click on any one of feature like “Measure Stuff” Blog link becomes active. Would please have a look at it. I have not launched site because of this.

Please visit our support desk –


Posted silly question and then figured out answer… but couldn’t delete post… only edit.

Responsive or not? I discovered that the left side of the website is responsive, but the right side is not! I hoped to have a fully responsive website theme. The text in pages and posts won’t fit to the screen. Did I miss something here? Do I need to put a code somewhere?

Furthermore, no problems with this theme. I do get a lot of compliments on the look & feel, and definitely when I tell them I build it myself in just one week, not more than 20 hours, as a non-professional. It says something about the usebility of this theme!

Looking forward to the answer.

That’s really awesome to hear! Thank you. As for the responsiveness, we’ve tested it fully and are not seeing any issues at all with it responding. You are not required to do anything to make this work, so it seems like we will have to take a closer look at your install over at our support desk – Please open up a ticket and we’ll be glad to get you sorted out.