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Hi two2twelve ,

This is an awesome theme …

I have almost finalized to get this theme for one of my app but i have a question that , does this contain a blog and i am an normal user and how do i make this site live …

Hi there, yes this theme contains a blog as seen here – Not sure what you mean about making the site live. Have you installed WordPress on your domain and uploaded your theme? – For more information about this article might be helpful –


Does this work with wordpress 3.8?

I went ahead and purchased this since no one responded, and it seems to work fine with 3.8 for anyone interested.

I’m sorry we didn’t see this sooner! But yes, as you’ve found, it is 3.8 compatible.

Thanks for posting!

Please can we add some RSS features to least “Updates Page” Apologies not sure how this will work technically but its a really good feature so customers can see when something has been updated without needing to goto the website.

Please can we add Mac Store Logo to link to the Mac Store applications site, the Android Amazon store would also be nice. OuYa would also be good. I don’t think this would be to much work, if you need specific links please let me know.

Or to make thinks easier a tutorial how to add custom, I really like the ease that they in the drop down menu etc.

These are the two features I would really like to make this a even more amazing theme.

Don’t wish to be a pain, but noticed some further small improvement suggestion, the image of the blackberry device is outdated, should have the new blackberry touch device. Again I’m happy to help send in images so you can add to the theme. I will even donate extra money to help get some of these features done. So the theme be more in 2014 as technology is moving fast.

Hi there, Hopefully you received our response to your ticket question and other comment here. But just to reiterate will are not planning a version release but will certainly take this under consideration when we do.


Hey two2twelve, I bought the HTML Version of this theme with which I am very happy – thanks! I just wondered the obvious difference in pricing. Is there sth. missing in the HTML version? Or is it the effort in designing such a wordpress theme? Or the demand?

Looking forward to your answer :)

I have to comment, that I am not an expert in wordpress

Hi there, to answer your question. WordPress is a full content management system and WordPress themes are built to be fully integrated with that. HTML templates are just static sites. They are two entirely different things. Building a WordPress theme is much more design and development intensive.


two2twelve, sine you not reply to my original posts, any chance of a small update, I submitted a ticket with my feature requests. It be nice to do a update for this theme? If there are not any plans for any updates then I have to hack the theme myself?

Hi there, I believe your ticket was responded to earlier today. We have no plans to do a major update anytime soon, but I have added your suggestions to our list and we will take them under consideration when we do release the next version.

Thanks for the standard corporate answer.!!

Does this theme include updated images for iPhone 5?

Hi there, Yes! The latest version of the theme included images for iPhone 5.

Dear Sir

I have got this theme and it is working fine i have hosted it on Now since the trend is changing , i need to change the model of the telephones also i tried doing that but not satisfied , is there any work around . Rakesh

Hi Rakesh, What version of FluidApp are you currently using?

It is 3.8 i guess.Just got it updated

Hi Rakesh, the latest version of the theme includes the most requested devices including iPhone 5 etc. If you would like to change the models of the phones this will require some customization, please contact our customization shop and they will be able to help you out.


Dear Sir,

I have got this theme and it is working fine, but when i scale down my website to mobile view, the image in the ipad is not scaling with the ipad.

Please help me.

here you can find my website and check it out.

Kinds regards,


Hi Gerard, support for our themes is conducted through the support desk, please visit us there –


Hi Two2twelve, Ik have a regulair license so i dont have an purchase code to register at your support site..

Please help me.


Hi Peter, ALL licenses come with a purchase code which you can find by looking here in your ThemeForest Dashboard

On wordpress, the shortcode for toggles are not appearing as I try to create an entry. The shortcodes for other stuffs are working fine.

Also, when i try to access the features panel to add a new feature, I am getting the 500- internal server error message. Others seem to be fine.

Could I get some help please? Thanks

Also, when i add a social link, or a html link in the footer, the links always begin with “<link>”

e.g.: link for twitter should be but its showing

i am a nub when it comes to coding so plz halp me.

Hi Chris, Support for all our themes is conducted through the support desk. Please visit us there so that one of our reps can help you –

is there an image file i can change to replace a social icon with an instagram icon instead?

can’t seem to find image file :’(

Hi there, please contact our customization shop –


I like your awesome and easy theme so that i buy it :)

i want to ask you about android download button in home can i change it to app store ?

because my app in app store only and i have free & paid version

also from where i found or add this seam you add in home page? “Just $2.99 for a limited time!”

thanks alot

Hey there, If you head over to our support desk we can help you out with that –

Thanks :)


Is this theme compatible with WPML plugin ?

Yes it is :)

Hi, I bought this Theme and jQuery Slider does not show up on home page. Other pages are instead shown on the right panel of home page (Blog etc). I am running WordPress 3.8.1 What am I missing ?

Have you set the homepage as the static page in your WordPress reading settings? You will then need to add the images to your devices from the Slider tab in the FluidApp settings. If you have any trouble please submit a ticket to our support desk –

Thanks :)

No, I had not done these things. I did as you suggested (and read the manual) and now its working great ! What a great Theme !

Let me ask you one question: how do I change the logo for the Android Download icon. My App is only for Android and I want to use Google Play store icon instead. Is this something your customization team can do (I am a programmer too !) ? Thank you.

Happy to hear it! Yes this is definitely something our customization shop can help you with, please submit a request here –


Accidently Slide is not working. Can it restore without delete posts.

Hello, support or our themes is conducted through the support desk, please signup and post your issue there –



I have tried to include the mail chimp widget code / page into the site using the code


The form inserts, but all the copy for the headings are being shown incorrectly on one line and onto of each other – see a screenshot here

Do you know how I can correct this?

Many thanks


Hi Marcus,

Sorry, the developers are meeting tomorrow and I’ll find out then if there is something we can do about this.

I think I replied to you in support, thanks for being patient while we sort out what’s going on.


Hello, Trying to upload a photo for the slider and am getting this error, looking forward to the solution! Im on 3.8 wordpress and uploaded sample data

function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/64/10521864/html/3dprintpreviewapp/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php on line 33

Fatal error : require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/content/64/10521864/html/3dprintpreviewapp/wp-admin/includes/ajax-actions.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_3/lib/php’) in /home/content/64/10521864/html/3dprintpreviewapp/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php on line 33

” alt=”” />

Hey there, support for our themes is conducted through the support desk, if you haven’t already please open a ticket there so one of our reps can help you out –


hi, is it possible to make the Background Device in slider hosrizontal iphone? not only standing up.

regards b

most of the videos show in an mobile phones are horizontal!

That is correct. But I agree that the horizontal device would be a nice addition. I will add this to our feature list for the next update. Not sure when this will be out butyou can check back on the item page for the changelog when it is released. I will also try to update this comment as well.

Thanks for the suggestion.

hi, is it any social settings for Youtube url?


i working on a customer that bought your theme yesterday and i can’t see the shortcodes in html editor? do you have a screenshoot or a page where i can see the shortcode?

Hmm, that’s strange there should be a green button in your editor tool bar that open the shortcode manager. If you do not see this we will need to help you over in support – Please open a ticket here – (You or your client will need the license code that came with the purchase of the theme).


thx i read support ticket and you say your developers is on it, any news when this will be ready as i have very short time on this project?

Hi there, we hope to have this fixed early next week. Thanks for your patience.

hi guys,

i have contacted your support Ticket# 5391 and ask how long this will take but no answer from you yet. i really need to know because the contact settings is not a available in admin so the form is sending these: FluidApp

and have just gone live with the site and need a fix quick please!

Hi, Any news on the problems? 1. contact page settings don’t exist 2. shortcode icon don’t exist on editor

i also sent you login details 24 hours ago did you have a look? regards B

Hi B,

Yes I’ve taken a look at your issue and we are working on a fix. The developer will be back after the weekend to get that out to you.


hi my friend i’ve a problem with the themes fluidapp when i use the part of slide and inster the picture, when i click on save all chenges chashed to error 403 i have this problem by 3 months, i’ve erased database and restarted the configaration of the site and server but i’ve not resolved the problem… i’m very tiredo to this… i don’t understand where is the problem, this problem creshed all otrel plugin or setings… the site now is very very minimal…

the site is

Please open a ticket at our support desk so that we can help you –