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byxai Purchased

I bought the theme ” Fluxus ” not long ago and I have a problem to add the page “portfolio”, taking into account the projects installed, which have not present in the installation How I may make king regards


I would like to help, but I did not really understand the question. Could you clarify a bit? Are you trying to import existing projects into Fluxus? If so I’m afraid it is not easily possible.

In case you have missed the documentation. Here’s a link to documentation on how to create projects.

Regards, Vilius

Hi, I bought the theme “Fluxus” today and I am having problems in changing the Titel of my website using the “customizer”. I am not able to save the changements. When I tried it with an other theme than it works. Can you please help me? thank you and king regards


if you go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity then you are modifying your page title. However it is not displayed in top right corner (where you see Fluxus written). That is the logo of your website.

To change it you should go to Appearance > Customize > Site Logos and upload custom version of your logo. This will change Fluxus title in the top left corner to whatever image you will upload.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Regards, Vilius


Thank you for the fast answer! I did as you told me and it works great.

I have one more question. Unfortunately I fail in changing the language of the website. I changed it, but it is still in english…

And by the way, I love your theme (it was totally worth it!).

Thank you and kind regards


thanks, that’s a pleasure to hear. Here’s a complete guide how to change language. It is a standard Wordpress procedure.

Can you confirm that you’re doing described steps and it does not work?

Changing language is two step process: 1. Change language. 2. Upload a translation file that contains translated strings. If Wordpress does not find translated string then it would use a default one, which is english. I guess this is what’s happening in your case.

Hope this helps, Vilius

hi we need grid portfolio with side bar please help me how to do…..

we need grid portfolio with sidebar how to do please reply ASAP

Hi, in the home can I place a video? or just an image? thx


you can place just an image using Page with Background template. Simply create a new page, set it’s template to Page with Background, upload your image and set that page as your homepage.

Videos in Full Page Slider are not currently supported. However they will be in Fluxus 1.5, which is going to be ready in few weeks.

Regards, Vilius

hi, i need sidebar in grid portfolio please help me how to possible


this is not supported by default. However I’m going to add this functionality in the next version Fluxus 1.5.

Meanwhile here’s a quick guideline how to implement that yourself:

In user.css add following changes:
.layout-portfolio-grid .site {
  margin: 0;

.layout-portfolio-grid .site-content {
  position: relative;

Update your template-grid-portfolio.php with following content. Which is basically adding a sidebar and wrapping existing grid.

Hope this helps, Vilius

This theme has worked well for us. But could you please tell us how we can add Headings to pages so that those headings improve our SEO ranking.

Also, is it possible to add text to pages that Google can ‘see’ and include for Search positioning.


great to hear. Fluxus is built with SEO in mind so most of the best practices are already there. Your page heading is your page’s / post’s or project’s title. Content you see on Google search results is taken from page content / excerpt or project description.

For more flexibility you should take a look at Yoast SEO. It allows you to fine tune various SEO settings of your website.

Regards, Vilius

Hi, I’ve just installed Fluxus but I think I may be missing some files. My front page shows latest posts but I can’t find where to adjust what my frontage looks like (style of slider, grid, etc) or how to style posts. So I think I may be missing something as these things are normally so intuitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Tamsin

Hi Tamsin,

make sure to check out documentation for details how to setup individual features.

Here are instructions how to setup homepage as seen on demo page: 1. Create a new page, set it’s template to “Full Page Slider”, save the page. 2. Click “Add Media” and upload some images. There you will see a “Slider” tab, which can be used to configure various settings of your Full Page Slider. Make the desired changes. 3. Go to Settings > Reading and set the page you have just created (one with Full Page Sider template) as your Front Page.

Now visiting your homepage should show Full Page Slider as seen on demo page.

Hope this helps, Vilius


bollzy Purchased

Hi !

Is there is a way to use the same Media file on different “Full Page Slider” pages ? I need to create multiple landing pages in multiple languages and I would prefer avoid having to upload dozens of identical background pictures for each landing page/langage.

BR, Gilles

Hi Gilles,

currently there is no such way. However I’m very close to releasing an updated Full Page Slider, where you can administrate your media files same way you currently do for portfolio. Plus a few other updates: video support, resizable content boxes, better support and updated visuals.

Hard to give an exact ETA, I believe it should come out within next 4 weeks.

Regards, Vilius

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will wait for the update then, hoping you will be able to deliver it on time (I know how difficult it is to provide an accurate ETA for this kind of work).

You really made a fantastic work with this template. I must say that the fact you are using so much of Wordpress’ original framework (in the back-end) makes it way more enjoyable to use than the rest of the template I have used. And your sens of design is really goo: Fluxus didn’t aged with the years !

Hello,does this theme allow captions with pictures?If yes how many words?


yes, text in captions is not limited. Here are examples how it looks like:

1. Images with captions in blog posts. See how one image has “Image taking full content width.” written next to it. That is the caption. 2. Project image with caption see text that says “Caption example – Buy Print”. Note that since this caption is shown on top of image I would not recommend putting a lot of content inside it.

Hope this helps, Vilius

Hello – we just purchased and downloaded the fluxus theme and are testing pages, but having trouble seeing the images when we try to preview. Some of the pages are working and some are not. We are beginners so any help or thoughts on what we’re missing / doing wrong??



it’s hard to tell without more details. Are you uploading images to projects and when you save the project some images appear and some don’t? Maybe you could share a link to a page which has broken images?

Regards, Vilius

Hi, I want to buy this them. Before I have two questions about it GRID PORTFOLIO.

In preview I can see two format for photos in grid presentation (square / horizontal rectangle). Can it possible to have other format ? (do you have an example ?).

In preview, when I click on a photo in a grid portfolio, i’m redirected to a project view. Is it possible to be redirect to photo enlarge only ?

Thanks in advance. Matthieu