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kaPuh Purchased

Hallo. I bought this theme and ich really like how simple everything works. But there is one issue about the vertical grid: the vertical grid doesn`t work on (android) tablets (I do not know how this issue is on an iPad). So I only have the view on the viewport, when opening the portfolio, but I can`t swipe to the right! I tried ist with my page and the fluxus demo page. Both do not work properly! What can I do? Thanx, ka


kaPuh Purchased

Sorry, I meant the horizontal portfolio!!!!


kaPuh Purchased

As I can see this is an issue for many people: the horizontal scrolling does not work on all android tablets. Has someone fixed that really shitty problem? It should be solved with the next update, because it is a really important thing!


DKraag Purchased

Does anyone know why although I have more projects on each menu it is only showing 10 of it?! How can I get all projects being showed under each menu?

Hi! I loved the theme demo and I’m really interested in buying it. Does the theme support child themes? I’m asking this because I could not find any documentation online. Thanks


ushriya Purchased

Hi i just updated to the newest them and the menu isn’t displaying properly on Safari on the cell phone. The web address is Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Larissa

Me too, fix it….

Hi, I know that my support has expired, however, I have a problem with the theme update. In the portfolio page (entering a project) horizontal scrolling does not work with Windows. It worked before these latest updates. It could be a bug?


vincecb Purchased

Dear intheme,

Do you know any reasons why the “Accordion” shortcode would stop working? I have entered the code exactly as shown in the documentation. By viewing the source I can see that the div class="accordion" tag has been successfully created. However the [panel title=""][/panel] tags remain visible in plain text on the webpage.


There are tables nested within each accordion panel. This setup worked perfectly when I created it, a little over a year ago.

Thank you for your help!

Dear friends, I am having a problem with the logo. I tried to change it, but now it only shows a broken link display and won’t change to my new logo. The size is right and the extension also. After I upload a new set of logos and hit save i try to leave the page. At this point a pop up appears which says if i am sure if i wanna leave, like the theme didn’t get the save call of my new logo. It’s very frustrating and I lnow my support time expired, but i would have expected to have an improvement with the latest updates, not a lot of bugs. Also, the scroll freezes after one movement.

My site is

Thank you and please try to do something about this.

I managed to change the name of the logo from cpanel, and the link to the image was made. I d k why it takes so long for the logo to change it’s pathway and also i don’t understand why the pop up shows up after i hit save in the customize area. waiting for the update and the bug fix. Thank you.

Hello! I have two questions:

One, sometimes the work page does not load correctly and the items do not rescale to fix the correct space.

Second, is there a way to drag and drop the portfolio items? Do you know of any plugins that work with the theme? Thank you!


manzione Purchased

How can I exclude a portfolio from my front page that is set to Grid Portfolio but keep it as a separate accessible page?

I really like this theme and want to use the horizontal portfolio for page not shown on the gird portfolio page I’m using as my home page.


the easiest way would be to add following code to your user.js file:
Where data-id=’X’ is the post id of your project page you wish to remove. You can find out post id under Portfolio > Projects

Hope this helps, Vilius

I try to edit my pages whit the visual composer but it does not work, how can i Fix it? thanks


this theme does not support Visual Composer. You should edit your pages using standard Wordpress admin UI.

Regards, Vilius

Hi Vilius.

For an iPhone 6 (or any device with similar resolution in portrait orientation) I’d like to be able to adjust the displaying/frame of an image in a slider on a main page so that there’s no cropping. Perhaps a better explanation is if you turn your iPhone, for example, into landscape orientation, and you’re looking at a full page slider that’s what I’d like to see in portrait orientation as far as the slider image goes.

Do you have a recommendation on how to achieve this? Perhaps by adjusting the CSS manually? I didn’t see an easy way but you’re the expert!

Thank you.


Hi Greg,

you could specify cropping point using following CSS:

/* iPhone 6 landscape */
@media only screen and (max-width: 667px) {
  #slide-5677 {
    background-position: left bottom;

/* iPhone 6 portrait */
@media only screen and (max-width: 375px) {
  #slide-5677 {
    background-position: right top;

Where #slide-5677 is the number of specific slide. You can figure it out by clicking “Set custom position” in Wordpress Full Page Slider admin dialog. In the newly opened window’s URL you should see ?set-infobox-position=1&slide=5677—the last part is slide’s ID number.

Using background-position you can specify exact point. If left or right coordinates are not enough you can also use percent. Eg.

@media only screen and (max-width: 375px) {
  #slide-5677 {
    background-position: 10% top;

This will crop 10% of the left side of the image.

Hope this helps, Vilius


mbinder Purchased

hello, the fullpage slider does not work anymore. the pictures do not appear in the slider area anymore. the picture size is big enough. do you know about this problem?

thx mat

Hi Mat,

could you share a link to your page, which is having issues?

Regards, Vilius

Pre-sale question / important ! I would like to know, before to buy your theme, if we can have the vertical scroll bar (scroll-container / scrollbar as i saw on your demo when I inspected it) on the content of the horizontal portfolio (and of course, keep the horizontal mode and scroll-bar too)? Because it’s important to let people navigate in all the content if we put more content than just the images inside. Can we do that? There is a simple way to have this on the template-portfolio for horizontal mode with sidebar? If you give me the little fix to “how to do it”, so then, I would be ok to buy your theme :) Thanks for your feedback! Regards

any news / feedback please ?


note that all the non-image content is placed in the left sidebar. If you place more content than fits in that area a scrollbar will allow users to navigate it. You can see it in action on this page: (make sure to resize the browser window if necessary to see it in effect).

There’s no way to have a vertical scrollbar on main content of the horizontal page.

Regards, Vilius

Hi there! Thank you for the lovely theme, just a quick question.

I’m looking to make my frontpage be a particular Portfolio post, ie this one

What would be the best way to go about this please?

Thanks again for this great theme!


due to a Wordpress limitation you can only set a page or a post as your homepage. However you could easily work this around using Redirection plugin. Simply create a redirection from your homepage to a specific portfolio project.

Regards, Vilius

Hi! I really like your Theme. im testing the preview and i love it. Im a young movie director. Do you think this template is good for video too? or its just for photography? Another question: in the portfolio info section of a project, is there a limit for words? can i write a big text?


wortel26 Purchased

Good day

There seems to be an issue with updating the homepage slider as no options appear for the template Full Page Slider, please advise.



wb4whd Purchased

I cannot figure out how to edit the default slider for my home page. It’s been so long since I set up my site I cannot remember.

Hi there, I’ve tried to add a flixel video embed code, but the video doesnt show. Whats the problem?

Code: <iframe class=’flx-embed’ style=”position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100%; height:100%;” src=”” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Also tried adding this without the divs, no change.

Thanks for your help!

Solved it myself already, thx!


Since mobile navigation menu has changed, I can’t find how to disable secondary-navigation from burger menu.

The file main.js is not the same, there’s nothing in line 140. So I tried everything, changing ’.site-navigation’ by ’.primary-navigation’ everywhere on this file, but nothing worked. When I do all the navigation disappear from the mobile menu, can you help me please? Tell me what I have to modify in order to disable secondary-navigation from mobile burger menu. Thanks

And by the way, how can we have a background image on the burger menu, some sites with fluxes themes have that. Thanks.

Hi there. Nice theme but the Child Theme CSS isn’t being recognized for some reason. Any ideas?