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I’m having some issues with my website, specially on the home page. It looks good on Chrome, but on Safari, several previews of the different pages don’t appear, neither does my logo.

Also, everything on my Menu works well except for one link, called “Info”. When I clic on it, the title changes from Info to #102 (pas de titre). Do you know how to make it work?

Thanks a lot!


blitz Purchased


I’m aware my support has expired, but an issue I commented on within the support period was about portrait images on the blog. These are very fuzzy – despite having very high quality uploads:

Is there a fix for this yet?

There’s no real way to search the comments here, so apologies if you’ve already commented elsewhere.

Absolutely loving the theme otherwise! :-)


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Hey there, have used your template for a number of years and I STILL think it’s the best wordpress one available. Recently having a problem though with this error: “Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/worldwon/public_html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 1051”

Please see in the side bar on this page. Can you help?

fred09 Purchased

Sorry fixed it myself by updating to the latest version – forgot I had to update this template manually!


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Hey there.

Sorry that I write you again, but more then 4 weeks passed by and I have no answer for my question, no solution for the bug in the fluxus-theme. It seems, that this problem is hard to solve, because a lot of your customers have written to you: The horizontal portfolio does not work on any android tablet or smartphone! Will there be soon an update with a solution for this problem?

I want to go online with my site, but with that bug i can´t.

AND: is fluxus ready for wordpress 4.5?

Thanx for helping me.



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sorry, i meant: is fluxus ready for wordpress 4.6

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing your Fluxus Portfolio Theme for Photographers. The horizontal scrolling features throughout the site are exactly what I’m looking for. However, I have a few technical question that need answers before I can be sure this is the theme that will promote my work best. First, does the theme allow for imbedded words to be placed within the home page so that my site is more likely to show up on an engine search? Also, how flexible is background customization? I would like to have background imagery/text in horizontal scrolling mode. Thank you for your time.


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Hello Vilius, Is there a chance of a soon update for the fluxus theme with a “show/don’t show” switch for portfolio items? I still have the problem that I don’t want to show a specific item on the portfolio grid view just as a direct link.

Kind regards, Matthias

Hi there,

Can you please explain how to get the menu-burger on ipad landscape ?

Tried everything.

Thank you!

Hans van Asch

Hi there!

I’m having an issue uploading more than one photo to the site. I thought for sure this was a general Wordpress/hosting issue but I tried everything else and then when I switched to a new theme, photos work fine. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have any recommendations?

Issue: When uploading more than one photo, some may get an HTTP error and quit, but others don’t. Works perfectly on other themes.

Please help!

Hi There,

It looks like since the 4.6 WP update I’m no longer seeing Page Attributes window, when trying to edit or make a new page or portfolio. So basically I cant’t do anything. Any ideas? Please help.


I’ve been using Fluxus for the past few years and I’m quite happy with it. In reviewing other folios and designs I’ve decided that I’d like to try to feature images on my homepage as full-page images (that is, with a transparent header/footer). here’s an example:

At present, I can only extend the image within the given area, which lies between the header and footer. Is there a way to change this for the homepage only? (ideally, the visitor would be able to scroll sideways through images as well).

My page at present:

Thanks in advance and please continue the great work!

Mouse scrolling does not work with 1.4.5.

Windows 10, 1920×1080 screen. This happened before and you helped me, hope you can fix this also.

When the website loads you can only do a move using the mouse wheel, after that it does not work anymore.

Website – www. danielcioc . ro

LE: Scrolling issue is not from windows 10, Chrome, Edge or Wordpress 4.6, it’s from the 1.4.5 update. Just uploaded the “beta” theme for 1.4.4 that you send me after New Year over the 1.4.5 theme and scrolling works.

For the moment I will use this and check here for when the updated version fixes the issue. Thanks again and take care!


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Hi, I’m having trouble using Fluxus theme. I have 3 problems : 1) I cannot save any ProjectInformation data. When I save the project, the Project Information fields are left blank ! 2) In ProjectType settings, if I go to Grid Options/Image Size/Customize, I cannot change the cropping mode (I can change it but when I click the Done button, my changes disappear) 3) I cannot find a way to have a Portfolio Homepage, as I saw in your demo. How can I do that ?

Thanks in advance for your help Eric


kricou Purchased

Hi, I finally found how to have my Portfolio homepage. Is there a way to restrict the projects displayed here to a specific ProjectType, instead of displaying all projects ?


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Hi, I’m setting up a website for an artist and she loves the Fluxus theme which would be perfect for showing her works, however I’m concerned you have not yet upgraded Fluxus for Wordpress 4.6. Is the theme going to live on and be supported? If yes, when will it be upgraded for WP 4.6.1?


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Hello Vilius,

I know my support just expired, but a problem that I asked about before and that got fixed reoccured. When I view a horizontal grid portfolio on my phone (iPhone 4) the footer appears over the images instead of underneath. This also happens when I view the horizontal grid portfolio in the demo theme. I’ve also tested it on other phones and the same problem occured.

Also my horizontal blog displays vertically on my phone. This doesn’t happen in the demo theme, so it looks like it’s a problem on my website ( I hope you can take a look at this.

I also want to add that I’m really happy with your theme! Keep up the good work :)


Alcin Purchased


Do you still plan the possibility of using Video on Hello Homepage instead of an image like you said in comments ?

Thanks !

Hi, your theme is awesome for display my portfolio! But, some projects of mine needs to be explained more than just a brief description. I’m asking if it’s possible insert text content between pictures, that scrolls horizontally like the images. If not, there is some plugins that do it? Thanks! kind regards