Discussion on Fluxus - Horizontal Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Fluxus - Horizontal Portfolio Theme

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Another issue that has not been resolved is related to video galleries when using the <video> tag.

I’m using the following code but when saving the page nothing shows up:

<video width="1920" height="1080" autoplay loop muted playsinline> <source src="https://***.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>

Thank you for the update!

I switched to a child theme to clean up my code and noticed that the Rank Math’s breadcrumbs are not showing up in my pages post type.

This is the code I’m using in page.php:

<?php if ( function_exists( 'rank_math_the_breadcrumbs' ) && !is_page( array (1027, 1134, 1043, 1138, 1082, 1129, 1093, 1194, 1109, 1195, 3, 1206, 1025, 1226, 1514, 1517, 1518, 1521, 28, 1565, 1580, 22, 1599, 29039) ) ) rank_math_the_breadcrumbs(); ?>

Please check this page: https://leandroperez.art/academia/tutoriales-gratuitos/

This is what I should see: https://i.ibb.co/P10QvSt/con-breadc.png

But this is what I get instead (no breadcrumb): https://i.ibb.co/khzTTJJ/sin-breadc.png

The main theme works fine, the issue appears when using the child theme.

Thanks for the update !

I’d like to know if the way to change Merriweather font and size of font has changed with the update. I previously changed in the header and css (following the documentation) the merriweather font for another font and changed the content size but it doesn’t work with the new update.

I’ve tried to add in the header.php this code for the font Nunito : <link href=”https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Nunito+Sans:wght@300&display=swap” rel=”stylesheet”>

And I’ve replace in style.css all Merriweather with : ‘Nunito’, sans-serif;

I’ve also replace : .entry-content { font: normal 14px/2em ‘Nunito’, sans-serif; (in order to have a smaller content font of 14px and not 16px)

But it doesn’t work… Do you know why ? Thanks for your help !


mimicessa Purchased

Hi, really happy to see the new update. I’ve installed it. I see that there is still a problem with vertical scrolling in my website (pages and vertical grid) using Safari 16.2 on Mac silicon. I don’t understand why. https://www.davidayoun.fr/portfolio/creations_select/ https://www.davidayoun.fr/aurore-despres-2019/ Vertical scroll works properly with chrome. Thank you.

Thank you for the latest update (v1.9). Can you assist with posting the full changelog for this version? Hoping it addresses the Safari horizontal portfolios issue. Still loving this theme.


glad to hear. The change log info has been added to the item description.

Regards, Vilius

Thanks, Vilius!

Changes look good. Noticed on macOS 13.1 (Safari) using a touchpad there’s a jittery experience when swiping on horizontal portfolios. Trying to do a slow right to left swipe with two fingers on the trackpad isn’t quite smooth… looks like the images are snapping back to the original position. However, the experience is what I would expect when you swipe with two fingers extremely quickly. Can this be adjusted via some setting? Thanks.


nekorez Purchased



nekorez Purchased

Your theme is in need up an update. There are many people suffering the same issue with the horizontal images not showing properly. Please address this. At the very least please communicate that you care and that you intend to address this, or that you don’t care and we should move on. I, like many others, have put a lot of work into this and it would be horrible if I had to start all over with a new theme because you chose to let this die.

For most it seems Safari is causing the issue. For me Safari is the only browser my site looks ok. All other browsers are squeezing my horizontal images to the same thin size.


Fluxus 1.9 has been released that addresses all issues mentioned in the comments.

Regards, Vilius

Hello, Is it possible to mix photo and video on the same page ? Is it possible to handle vertical video (9/16) and square (1/1) ? Does it support self hosted video ? Thank you for your answers !

hello, I would like to add a shop to my site. Is it possible with 3rd assets included? Otherwise, what do you advise me more compatible with your theme to sell my photographs online? Thanks


this is not supported out of the box. I would suggest looking into plugins like WooCommerce. This should be achievable with some customization.

Regards, Vilius

hi: the problem with the horizontal portfolio on safari in the most recent version has been reported many times in the comments over the past year, but is still present. check the themeforest.net demo in safari and chrome and you’ll see what is happening. I’ve been using 1.4 for years and would really like to upgrade, but if it doesn’t work on safari, there’s no point—any update on a fix? thanks


Fluxus 1.9 has been released that addresses all issues mentioned in the comments, including Safari.

Regards, Vilius


There seems to be a problem to run the Fluxus theme on a PHP 8 server. My provider switches soon and i can only run Fluxus on PHP 7.x.x.

Is a fix available so the theme can run on PHP 8.

Thank you in advance!



Fluxus 1.9 has been released that adds support for WP6 and PHP8.

Regards, Vilius

We are able to create categories in portfolio but can’t delete them, there is no option to delete the categories.


this has been fixed in Fluxus 1.9 which will now support WP6 allowing you to edit Project Types.

Regards, Vilius

Hi there,

There seems to be an issue with widgets in the theme. When editing the options through the ‘theme customise’ menu, you can’t edit individual widgets. And when you go to the widgets section in the main WP dashboard a load of errors come up (The “X” block was affected by errors and may not function properly. Check the developer tools for more details.)

Can you help?

Cheers, Enna

Hello, I bought the FLUXUS theme but it has several malfunctions…I’ve already contacted you but I never got any answers! Jeremie Blancfene

Hi Jeremie,

Fluxus 1.9 has been released which fixes issues on Safari (iPad and Mac). Please update the theme and you should be fine.

Regards, Vilius


I found the solution everyone has been requesting concerning Safari and Horizontal squeezing portfolios pages.

Here is the what everyone is experiencing .




To summaries , removing the forward stroke at the end of your web address seems to fix the apparent issue.

Can others please make new comments stating if this works for them ??

Cheers JP

Dear support, I’ve bought Fluxus some while ago and seem kind of stuck with the new versions of Wordpress, especially I can’t find any way to work with the full page slider anymore (website is www.littlepanda.org). Do I have to upgrade (is it even possible) the theme ? thank you


please update to Fluxus 1.9. Full Page Slider works fine with Fluxus 1.9 and WordPress 6.

Regards, Vilius


Babiloo Purchased


My guess is that intheme STOPPED UPDATING or GIVING SUPPORT.

My advice is to drop this theme and keep on with your life

Hi! Website is not working any more on safari. If you are still selling this theme, please update and help your customers. If you do not wish to continue let us know so we can move our website to a different theme. But this is not fair, my company now is not well presented and that is kind of your fault.

Hi, I bought the theme “Fluxus” but I can’t change the site name. Now it is set with the name “Fluxus” but when I go to settings to change it to “Andrea Petinari” it doesn’t change it, how do I fix this? Thank you.

Hi Andrea,

My apologies for the delayed response. I hope you solved this issue already. If not then the “Fluxus” can be changed by uploading a logo image by going to Appearance > Customize.

Regards, Vilius

I’ve recently noticed a problem in with overlapping images on the horizontal portfolio pages while viewing the site in Safari on a desktop Mac.

If I empty the browser cache, the issue temporarily goes away, but after refreshing a second time, the overlapping images come back and seem lower resolution too. This problem does not show up in Google Chrome.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

System Details: Wordpress Version 6.0.2 Fluxus 1.8.2 and Fluxus 1.8.3 MacOS 12.6 (21G115) Safari Version 16.0 (17614., 17614)


this has been fixed in Fluxus 1.9, please update.

Regards, Vilius


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