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Hi !! I’m having some problem with my site …in the portfolio section on my site ( ) when I go into the sections reportage and location , if I wanna go back to portfolio doesn’t work …Please could you help me!!?? Thanks a lot! Max


I’ve looked at the supporting documentation but it doesn’t help my current problem. I’ve never needed help before so, even though my support period has expired, I hope you will take pity on me!

I can’t make changes to my homepage slider.

I’ve tried to find the images and over-laying text for the existing images in the slider so I can change/add but I cannot find them anywhere on my dashboard – I’ve clicked on everything! Can you help?

There is a second question – some of my links make no sense. For example this one:

I have no idea why “pantomime” is in there! I can’t find that word used on any of my posts, pages or portfolios….

Hoping you or some other kind wise soul can help.

One prepurchase question: I see several times in update notes that was fixed horizontal scrolling, but when look at the demo I can’t scroll horizontally on google chrome and firefox /not trying with other browsers/. It’s not updated the demo or still have some issues with that scrolling?

Hi There I have been using Fluxus for a while and I really like it, recently though I have been having problems with the thumbnails on the portfolio home page. They almost all appear blurry and out of focus it doesn’t seam to matter what size I make the featured image. It happens on Chrome and Safari but not on Firefox. Please acvise what can I do to avoid this? Many thanks Fiona


garzi Purchased

Hello has you,

Have you a tutoriel in French?

Thank you in advance


I’m afraid documentation is only available in english.

Regards, Vilius


cesco81 Purchased

Is it possible to add custom sidebars?


I’m afraid this is not supported by default. Though it should not be difficult by following standard Wordpress documentation and fiddling with some CSS (if you wish to change the position).

Regards, Vilius


cesco81 Purchased

i don’t want to modify the existing sidebars, i want to add new ones

Hy there, i´ve bought your theme Fluxus and wonder, if and how i can get rid of this grid style:

I´ve tried but the “Horizontal Grid” in “Portfolio > Grid Portfolio “Horizontal Grid” is not available as Template in Backend. So how can i fix it?


Hi Thorste,

so I assume you want to choose between a horizontal grid and a vertical one. To do so you should go into Pages section and edit a page that has it’s Template set to “Grid Portfolio”. There you will find “Grid Options” section where you can change from horizontal to vertical.

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Hope this helps, Vilius

Hi Fluxus Theme, i am really happy with your product. BUT after upgrading my iPhone to software version 10.0.2. my website no longer shows the navigation menu when viewed mobile on the iPhone. Pleas update the theme to support the latest iOS. Thank you so much in advance! Regards Andreas from Germany


kkesner Purchased

Hi, Since I upgraded to the latest version of the theme the horizontal scroll stops on each photo before scrolling onto the next image. In the previous version, it was a fluid scroll throughout the entire portfolio. Can you please tell me how I can get it back to the way it was? Thanks.


note that fluid scrolling was never a default behaviour of Fluxus. In recent updates there were some changes to how scroll stickiness is implemented. This should have resulted in more consistent behaviour which apparently is not to your preference.

I have fiddled around to see if fluid scroll was achievable. I think you should be able to get a desired result by adding following code to your user.js:

jQuery(function () {
  var horizontalPage = jQuery('.horizontal-page').length > 0;

  if (horizontalPage) {
    var $body = jQuery('body');

    jQuery(window).on('mousewheel.navigation.fluxus', function (e, delta) {
      var normalizedEvent = normalizeWheel(e.originalEvent),
        absolutePixelY = Math.abs(normalizedEvent.pixelY),
        absolutePixelX = Math.abs(normalizedEvent.pixelX);

      // When scrolling verticaly, prevent over-scroll.
      if (absolutePixelY > absolutePixelX) {
        $body[0].scrollLeft += normalizedEvent.pixelY;

Regards, Vilius


kkesner Purchased

Seems to have worked. Thanks, Vilius!


Since mobile navigation menu has changed, I can’t find how to disable secondary-navigation from burger menu.

The file main.js is not the same, there’s nothing in line 140. So I tried everything, changing ’.site-navigation’ by ’.primary-navigation’ everywhere on this file, but nothing worked. When I do all the navigation disappear from the mobile menu, can you help me please? Tell me what I have to modify in order to disable secondary-navigation from mobile burger menu. Thanks

And by the way, how can we have a background image on the burger menu, some sites with fluxes themes have that. Thanks.


Is it possible to have share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) when viewing a gallery one photo at a time? (both on mobile and desktop)


When trying to upload an image I get this error: Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in class-wp-image-editor-imagick.php on line 360 I have tried changing the limit in htaccess, php.ini file etc., but nothing works. Also tried with php 5.4, 5.6, etc. File size is small (1-4 MB).

Hi There, Thanks for the great theme and for the constant support! I have alittle question hope you can help, is there any chance of disabling the hover effect in the portfolio page? I don’t want any effect in the image when I place my mouse in the pictures.

Thanks again!

hi there

my client uses your fluxus theme, it works great so far. but we have an kind of iOs issue. if you go to click on kontakt on your ipad or iphone, the page won’t load correctly, you have to turn the pad to landscape and back, then you see a scrollbar and the rest of the content.

any idea?


Hi, Optimized for the phone is not perfect, nor on a tablet ! The horizontal portoflio is not displayed for example !!! Can we fix it in the next update? because today 90% of people consult a siteweb on their phone or tablet

Thank you for your reply

PS : this theme is very amazing


mig25 Purchased

Hi, I can´t upload Full Page Slider. I read and follow all documentación step by step, always the same message: ‘No images were uploaded to current page. Please go to Insert Media tab and upload new images to create a Slider.’

I insert with media tab and upload images in the page but when i click in the slider tab, the same alert.

Hi again, in my previous post here is the link : , the page is “horizontal portfolio” and on iPhone 6 no picture appears, is there a solution?

Cheerz Barbara


blitz Purchased

Hi, I would still like to fix the blog. It looks terrible with the fuzzy images. I am trying to use the site get work. The blog has been the most popular part. I can code, but I’ve struggled to figure out your build method properly to allow the images to show correctly. I can’t actually figure to why it it is loading in low quality images and therefore can’t edit the code too improve it.

I did originally ask this before the support period was expired, but had no reply.

Could you please provide some kind of pointer, so I can fix this.

Looks terrible at present.

Hi again and congratulations for the wonderful theme. Is it possible to add a logo on top left corner instead of text ? Thanks for your answer Cheers Ron