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wow. love the white border.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it!

neat theme.

is demo data included in the d/load ?


No, the images as usual are not included. They are used with a permission from their authors. If you want to find out more, please check the footer link in demo version.

Really nice work, I will add it to my collection and purchase for upcoming project. Are you available for customizations?

Superb! I’m afraid I won’t be able to to do any freelancing in the near future.

Very nice theme. Here is my little review..

Very fast in Google PageSpeed Insights. However, I found one bug. When using Android 4.1 stock browser on a Samsung Galaxy S3 the images become stretched if user rotates the phone to horizontal view or to portrait view. This only occurs once images viewed by tapping on the image to see the images with the yellow controls on the bottom and black background. Also in desktop mode I couldn’t close an image, trying to press on the yellow controls on the bottom because the “Share this page” and other elements were overlapping the yellow control buttons.

Otherwise a very nice theme. Fix these issues I described and you will have a lot of sales because this theme beats many other photo themes here, like the Studiofolio, Hypershot and etc. I didn’t check this theme on iPad 3 with Retina screen so I am not sure if the images and logo actually do look Hi-res. The Hypershot claims that it is Retina friendly but does not deliver in reality.


What a professional feedback! I really appreciate that! I’ve got my hands and fixed the issues you’ve noticed.

Talking about Retina optimization, it was made with balance in mind. The user is allowed to upload a 2x version of the logo. Also every small image asset has a Retina device version. This makes it look good on high res devices without cluttering the implementation too much.

Thanks again!

Love the theme, but notice that when clicking on the full screen icon, the images get stuck and you can hardly scroll and the screen stutters. Also in the horizontal view or gallery view when clicking on an image the footer overlaps the control icons and you can’t enlarge, navigate or close the image screen…..

Hi Richard,

thanks for notifying, the overlapping issue is already fixed. I’m not sure about the full screen one. I would appreciate if you could elaborate a bit.

Thanks, Vilius

This is a really cool WordPress theme. I like it! But is there an option to show the blog vertically? If this possible, i am glad to buy this little masterpiece for a new project.

Thanks, the vertical blog was on the upcoming release list. Although, now when you have mentioned it, it will get on the next release list :-)

Cheers, Vilius

First of all this is a fantastic theme. Credit where credit’s due. No issue with the design whatsoever.

However, I do wish you’d held back on appropriating the name of a radical 20th century art movement…guess nothing evades the heavy hand of capital these days :(

Interesting point! The name was actually chosen without a deeper meaning. There was a place with a same name. I used to visit it occasionally, so I guess that was the initial reason. On the other hand, Fluxus as a style, supports simplicity and attitude. And I’ve tried to combine those into the theme.


Great work! Good luck :)


Does this site have an audio player? I need my projects to link to a page that can host pictures, audio and text. Also all my videos are self hosted.

As of first version the theme does not support audio files or self hosted video. This is probably going to change in the future.


Does this site have an audio player? I need my projects to link to a page that can host pictures, audio and text. Also all my videos are self hosted.

As of first version the theme does not support audio files or self hosted video. This is probably going to change in the future. Vilius

I’m glad you like it.

Very creative!


Hello, Nice theme!

I’ve found a bug in the demo: http://screencast.com/t/IMivLMFedd1s

Whenever I click on an image, it opens up in “full screen” but the buttons to close it or navigate to previous/next images are all messed up and un-clickable.

I actually don’t like this “full-screen” view at all… is it possible to change the theme’s behavior so that when the user click on the image – it will just go to the next one? (just like when using the mouse wheel, the “right” keyboard button, or when clicking on the “next” button in the bottom navigation bar)



thanks for purchasing. Could you contact me via ThemeForest message and I’ll explain you how to fix your issues. The first one is an easy one, and the second is possible as well.

Regards, Vilius

Very nice theme!! Good job! But a html version would be nice! Is this planned?

Thanks, unfortunately HTML version is not planned.


Clean, simple and perfect. Great job! Amazing theme. I wish you luck on sales.

Thanks : )

I noticed a small problem with my i pad, when I open a picture of the portfolio close the window opens and I can not get over socil more to close it and can fix it?

This issue is already fixed, to make things simple, here’s the fix – you have to add this line to the end of style.css file.

.fluxus-lightbox { z-index: 10000; }

One word. WOWZERS!

I’m buying this regardless but just had a quick question.

Is it relatively straight forward to change the yellow accent color to something else?

Guessing it’s just CSS, or is there an option in the theme options?



There is no option yet, but you are right. It is easy to change that in style.css, look for accent color which is #FFF200 and replace that with your preferred one.



Great work buddy :)

I had lot of purchases from theme forest and unused for ever! because of lack in customization.

Definitely i will use fluxus for sure! but please help me out with very tiny customization..

Hope to see you soon!


Warm Regards,


Thanks! Maybe you could start by putting your work into the theme and putting it online. And only then think about the customizations that you’d prefer : )

Cheers, Vilius