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The Full Page Slider isn’t displaying images in full width, images have been sized 1920×1280 and still will not.

Please assist!


For anyone who is interested, I fixed it via CSS:

.slider .image-fit { -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; -o-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; }


the CSS modification is not necessary. If you go to Add Media > Slider and then edit any image in your Full Page Slider then you could see a setting called “Image Scaling”. In your case it was set to “Fit Image”, thus you were seeing empty spaces to the left and right. If you’d changed it to “Crop Top and Bottom” you would have the same effect as with your CSS modification.

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Regards, Vilius

Is there a way to password protect all of my projects/portfolio ? Thanks

nevermind, found that as well :P

Great, thanks for letting me know ;-)

Hello. I seem to have a problem with the new version of the theme. At the end of a project, instead of the share text i gte {title}. Like this: Like this project? Appreciate0 or {title}0

See link:



it looks fine for me. Have you already solved this?

Regards, Vilius


On the portfolio grid page i would like to change the link when one of the thumbnails is clicked to a custom url, is this possible? what changes will i need to make changes to the template-portfolio-grid.php


here’s how you could do it without modifying any files:

1. Create a faux project, so that it’s featured image shows up in Grid Portfolio. 2. Use Redirection plugin ( to create a redirection of your faux project page into any other URL you prefer.

Regards, Vilius

Hi intheme,

Really cool and simple to use theme but I’m having 2 issues:

- My site seems to load pretty slowly.

- When I click ‘continue reading’ on my blog section it can’t find the page.

Hope you can help. Thanks

Hi, I have sorted the loading issue my hosting did something with ”.htaccess” file. Still have issues with my blog posts.


if your .htaccess rules are correct, then the blog posts should definitely work. Could you send me the logins to your website to so I could take a look.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi Vilius, you should receive the login shortly via wordpress. Let me know if you don’t receive them. Thanks, Steve

I have an issue with the home page slider and can’t seem to receive a response from the theme creator. I’m stuck and it would be crucial for me to sort it out as I’d need to submit my portfolio ASAP. The problem is that I can’t change or add items to the Home page slider.I can’t change the image in the slider (if I want to replace with another one), or add a new item. For example, I’ve added a new portfolio and would like to add an image to the slider, which will be linked to this new portfolo item (gallery). I don’t see the button/option to do so. Please help! Thank you!


sorry for the delay. I’ve received your logins and successfully logged in to your website. The slider worked just fine, I’ve created a new slide (11 in total) and it showed up. I’ve tried using Chrome and Firefox. Which browser are you using? I’ve also noticed that you have added content to the main text area of your homepage. On the Full Page Slider this has no effect. Just a reminder that to add a new slider you need to:

1. Click “Add Media” 2. Upload new image 3. Select “Slider” tab 4. Add any info to the uploaded image and check “Published” checkbox. 5. Click “Save” and that’s it. It should say “Saved” to confirm and after refreshing your homepage you should see your new slide.

Regards, Vilius


As per the documentation I’ve been using the featured image for the album cover on the project, but it isn’t coming instead it choses the 1st image of the album… Are there any other settings required to get the featured image as the album cover. Pls help! Thanks.


to set a featured image for projects you need to click “Edit” next to the image and check “Featured Image” checkbox. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Cheers, Vilius

Hey, Thanks for your response! I’ve another issue with the Google maps, have been trying to set it up as per the documentation but unfortunately it gives me an error whenever I visit the contact page. How do I rectify this? Want to go live with my web soon. Pls help!



First of all, I’d like to thank you for making this theme and sharing it with everyone. I’m using the theme not exactly as a portfolio, and I’d like to know if it’s possible to change the wording of certain elements. For example:
  • “Project types” in the left sidebar while I’m in the portfolio section (which I’ve already renamed something else, that was easy, just changed the page name)
  • At the end of a “project” (within the portfolio section), there is the navigation box (that you can remove) named “Other projects”, can I rename this too?
  • Underneath that box, the button that says “BACK TO PORTFOLIO” can I change the wording in it?
  • Thanks


    that’s a creative solution ;-) Note that if you will ever want to update Fluxus theme to a newer version, your changes to the php files will be lost, so you’ll need to redo them again.

    Regards, Vilius

    Hi Villius, that’s fine, as long as you let me do it in the future in the same way, that took me 10 min max! Is there another way to do it to make it durable even after an update?

    Yes, there is. It may take 20 minutes, but then you’ll be able to update the theme without any issues. Basically what you need to do is to translate your theme. That is you create a new language file, where you translate certain strings into the ones you prefer (eg. “Other Projects” into “More Projects”). When you’ll need to update the theme, keeping your the translation file will be enough to preserve changes.

    Here’s a link to FAQ section that describes translation process in details:

    Cheers, Vilius

    I am planning to get the latest version and update this theme on my website. I wonder if update will erase everything on my site and needed a restore?


    if you are updating an old Fluxus version to a newer, then your content won’t disappear. Here are the instruction on how to update Fluxus theme:

    Regards, Vilius

    Hello, how can we remove the trasparency on the contact page?


    this can be done by adding following code to your css/user.css file:

    .page-template-template-contacts-php #map-dim {
      display: none;

    Cheers, Vilius

    Pre purchase questions:
    1. the theme will be future updates or has come to an end?
    2. will integrate a panel of rapid change for the fonts, colors etc?
    3. is compatible with Disqus?
    4. What are the optimum size for images?
    5. I use SEO yoast, is compatible?
    6. support in case of problems, where I can do my questions?
    Sorry for my English, I do not speak very well.


    thanks for considering. Here are some answers for you:

    1. The further development will definitely continue. I’m about to release version 1.3 with support of vertical grid, customisation panel and WPML.

    2. In the 1.3 you’ll be able to change accent colour via the panel. More thought needs to be put into custom fonts, so they are postponed for further releases. There are instructions in the FAQ how to change fonts by editing CSS files.

    3. I didn’t do anything special to support it, but I’ve seen people using Fluxus with Disqus, so it must be working fine.

    4. The optimum size for images is 1920×1280

    5. Yes

    6. Feel free to post questions on TF or contact me by email

    Cheers, Vilius

    Live Preview for your Theme appears to have broken link it wont load? Themeforest aware of this, I tried all browsers, no luck?


    it loads for me fine. Here’s a direct link

    Does it work for you?

    Cheers, Vilius

    Hi, I just purchased the theme Fluxus – Portfolio Theme for Photographers, but I need the .xml data file to install. Could you please email it to me as soon as possible? Thank you!


    How can I to force a specific aspect ratio for the gallery grid? I would like any other aspect different that square.


    Please help ! Second post…

    Hello !

    I have a problem with the display of the futured images on the horizontal blog layout with the dark skin activated. It seems to work just fine on 1920×1080 resolution, but on my laptop which has 1366×768 it shows a white background in the pictures i choose. i tried resizing to the actual rezolution with a print screen capture which is 584×240 but it doesn’t seem to fit in the new layout. Please help, because it’ s quite a challenge to ignore this design flaw.

    Here u have the images to understand more clearly what i am trying to explain.

    Hello again, this time it seems i cannot handle it. I need a favor. How did you manage to separate the text in two inside contact > contact with maps ?

    I dont know how to do that. Can you paste the code for that ?

    So far i managed to do this

    meh nevermind again, found it. Lol excuse me about those false alarms

    No worries, thanks for letting me know that you’ve solved it! ;-)

    Hi I’d like to remove the <project_type_slug> from my permalinks. I’m comfortable going into the code to do this if you let me know the right page or file.

    The idea end result would be: or


    Okay I”ve figured out how to change the permalink structure… in portfolio.php by editing this:

    $portfolio_structure = '/' . $portfolio_base . '/ projecttype / fluxus_portfolio ';
    add_rewrite_tag( ' projecttype ', '([&/]+)', 'fluxus_project_type=' );
    add_rewrite_tag( ' fluxus_portfolio ', '([&/]+)', 'fluxus_portfolio=' );
    add_permastruct( 'fluxus_portfolio', $portfolio_structure, false );

    However now wordpress can’t retrieve the new permalink structure. Where do I edit the query to recognize a new structure?

    Love the theme but just ran across an issue with the contact form.

    If I have text on a page before the form it won’t let you click in it on some browsers and on iOS.

    If I take the text off the page then it works.

    I’ve tried this with a couple different contact form plug-ins.


    maybe you have a link where I could take a look?

    Thanks, Vilius

    Is it possible to use mouse drag to navigate image? Like this one Thanks.


    not at the moment, but it’s a nice addition that’s already on the todo list.

    Cheers, Vilius


    I’ve been having the same trouble as some others where panoramic images get reduced in height. I tried adding the following code to the user.js file (as previously suggested) but it doesn’t seem to have worked.

    window.allow_exceeding_width = true;

    My user.js file now looks like:

    /** * Add your modifications here. */
    window.allow_exceeding_width = true;

    What might I be doing wrong?

    On a related note, is there a way to reduce the height of ALL of the images/etc in the horizontal portfolio view? ie: so there is a bit of white space at the bottom of the screen.