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when visiting my blog page, the “more”-tag is not working. The blog page shows the whole article.

How can I fix this?


Is there already a release date for the next update?


Hello there -

I just purchased the Fluxus theme. However, when I try to install it on Wordpress 3.8.1, I get this message:

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

And when I try again it doesn’t work. Can you tell me what to do?

thanks, Brian

OK, cancel that – I just had to open the zip and extract the fluxus zip package inside there, then upload that. All is well!

Hello Vilius I contacted you rencently about my problems of compatibility between Fluxus and the multilingual Plugin WPML. It doesn’t work correctly with the portfolios (see the english portfolios of my website You intented to work with WPML on it (with the Go-global plateform of WPML -> Did you find any solution ?

Regards, Sylvie

Hello, i would like to use the big nav arrows on this page:

On this page:

Instead of the Use arrows at the bottom of the screen. Can this be done?

I really need some help guys!


I’m afraid I can’t help with this one at the moment. It’s not a quick modification. Though this is not a first time people ask for alternative navigation on portfolio project page, so I’ll put thin on the todo list and see what can be done in the future. I’m also working to launch a support forum, where you could possibly get community help on such modifications.

Regards, Vilius

Hello -

I’m sorry to bother, but I can’t seem to get dropdown menus to work. I create a page, chose a parent, and nothing happens. What I would like to do is to put a whole series of pages beneath any particular parent page. Please tell me what to do.

thanks! Brian

OK, no problem, I figured it out. You just reorder the items in the “menus” section of Appearances, and you chose to put a given item below another one. Classic wordpress function. Sorry for the dumb question! The theme is great. So thanks for that – Brian

I’m having issues with the vertical scroll not working on the Contacts template in Firefox. See this page:

I’ve seen in these comments that several people seems to have issues with scrolling on the ipad, but none specifically related to Firefox.

I’m using Fluxus version 1.2.4. Is there an updated version that fixes this issue? If so, how do I get that update or how can I go about fixing this?

Thanks -

This theme rules.

Is there a way to make the search recognize the information entered in the Project Information fields?

I’m trying to use the search to group certain portfolio projects together.

Hello, i have questions : First : how is it possible to display a portfolio category as home page. In navigation , I have : editorial / advertising / bio / contact i would like to be able to display : category editorial as home page, so visitors access it first. I am only able to display the portfolio page which is mixing editorial and advertising projects . 2nd question : when do you plan to launch an update for the theme with the grid portfolio scrolling form up to down instead of left to right ??

Thanx by advance for your reply!!


I published my site view days ago. When i appreciate ou other people appreciate a portfolio, the number change but after reload page, the counter set to “0”. example to this portfolio :

Hi there!

First of all, great job on creating such a great theme – I absolutely love it!

I have a quick question, how is it possible to remove the area on the left side of each project page, where the description of the gallery is located.


Hmm, I’m not sure if this is UserPro related or if I have a bodged install. Anyway, when a comment is made on a blog entry, there appears to be two icons, one normal (Fluxus-placed I assume) but there is a second, much larger and quite annoying. Here’s a screenshot:

Only thing I have installed I could imagine being the issue is UserPro. Any way to fix this? I’ve taken comments down for now, but can make a sample for you to look at. Else, disabling user icons in the comments works, but leaves a 100×100 (or so) gap where the icon would be.

Cheers if you know a solution. :)

Added to user.css but didn’t seem to do anything. Added custom CSS earlier that changes the button colours at the top (from one of your guides), thought that might be clashing but after deleting it, did nothing.

Left comments open, I believe the issue might be UserPro related because image info points to the plugin. Works fine with other themes, but may be clashing with something in Fluxus. Don’t want to remove Fluxus (I love it) so I may just end up disabling comments permanently and/or moving the blog (‘newsfeed’, as I call it) to a subdirectory on another theme. Here is a link, with a comment and reply. Very odd indeed, haha! If you can’t fix it, no biggie, thanks for the effort though! :D

It appears to be a UserPro problem, clashing with Fluxus. For now I’m just going to disable avatars and then move my Newsfeed/blog to a subdirectory on a different theme when I can, keeping Fluxus Theme on my main website of course (it’s glorious!)

Thank you anyway! -Julian

Hey Julian,

thanks for the good words and sorry for the delayed response. Let’s fix your issue as it looks that it shouldn’t be a biggie. If you could turn your comments back again and hide them via CSS by add following code:

#comments {
  display: none !important;

I then will be able to check out the code and hopefully provide you with a solution.

Cheers, Vilius

PS. Feel free to notify me at

Hi, Thanks for the great theme, i really enjoy it.

I have a slight problem- the mobile version stopped loading. Would you tell me how to fix it.

One more question- how can I create a bilingual version of the site.And is it possible at all.

Thanks In advance.


it appears that your website has some malicious software, which detects that a user is visiting your website via mobile device and redirects to some specific URL ( Now I can’t help you to clean this up here’s link that pretty much describes the situation you are having:

You should probably delete your .htaccess file and let Wordpress create a new one.

Regards, Vilius

I have installed a completely new wordpress install and set up the theme. The autoscrolling problem with the iPad and the blog still exists.


I’m still working on the next version of Fluxus, where this will be fixed. If you need to fix it yourself, then you need to modify js/main.js file and change following code:

IOS7PreventVerticalScroll = function () {
  if ($(window).scrollTop() > 0) {

into this:

IOS7PreventVerticalScroll = function () {
  if (($(window).scrollTop() > 0) && ($(window).width() > 768)) {

Regards, Vilius

where and how do you set the “hello homepage” ?


you need to create a new page with “Page With Background” template. When you’ll save the page scroll to the bottom to see various options. The page’s featured image will be displayed as a background of the page.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi I really love your theme, and every body visiting my website tell me how they love it … Clean and great impression.

I have 3 questions: On slider => how can i remove old pages (because i change it monthly with a new picture and the only things a can do is “unpublish” and not delete.)

Is it possible to create folders to for the média Library ?

And whem i’m writting an article in blog i put 1 sentence and 1 picture before the “more” to catch attention thought an image and it don’t works , do i make a mistake ?

Thanks for your reply.



I’m glad to hear that! Here are few points regarding your questions:

1. Currently to delete a slide in Full Page Slider you need to delete the image. On your Full Page Slider click “Add Media” and select “Uploaded to this page”. This will show all the images (sliders) that were uploaded to that particular page. Click on an image you wish to delete and click “Delete Permanently”.

2. Wordpress doesn’t support this natively. But as for most things, there should be plugins available.

3. If I understood you correctly you wish to insert an image in the blog post excerpt. This can be done if you are using manual excerpts. When editing your blog post click on “Screen Options” on the top right side of the screen. In the opened area check a checkbox that says “Excerpt”. This will introduce a new area, where you could manually specify your blog post excerpt. HTML tags are supported, thus you can put images. Here’s a screenshot of a Excerpt editor:

Cheers, Vilius

Hi thanks for your prompt remply… i Forgot to say … Perfect assistance, too !!

I have one more question. I want to create inside the site a entry in the menu for a particular project, with a dedicated blog and own portfolio , but when a create this “2ndproject” page, blog and portfolio i get : All the project in portfolio , and all the post in blog… is it possible to saparate it without anycode or do i need to create a separate page+blog+portfolio on an other adress.


I am having trouble with my permalinks. On my website, I have my portfolio permalinks are as follows I would like it to be:

or even


I’m afraid this is not possible. The URL structure has to be unambiguous.

If you’d use this to access your projects, the structure will be the same as the one that’s used for project types. Thus when you’d go to Wordpress would look for a project named “some-project-type-name” and it won’t find one (since it’s an existing project type, not a project) and throw a 404. In other words your project types won’t be accessible. Here’s a bit more regarding the URLs structure Fluxus uses:

Regards, Vilius

I actually found a wordpress plugin called ‘Custom Permalinks’ that allowed me to do this. Do you see any disadvantages/problems I might have using this plugin?

I am seriously considering purchasing this template….does it support .gif files and/or animation?

..Also does this theme support a shopping cart plugin or feature?


thanks for considering. GIF files are supported, but the shopping cart plugin integration is still under development and will come out with V2 of Fluxus.

Regards, Vilius

Hello Vilius, I managed to tweak the template to my liking for the most part but there is something I can’t figure out. On my blog I’d like to get rid of “Continue reading”. I only found an answer from you that exchanges that line with the content of the blogpost but I don’t want that. Basically on my blog I just want the featured image and the clickable title. Is that possible? If not, I could also live with a “Continue reading” that changes into my accent color when I hover over it. But I can’t find the info in the stylsheet.css to change that one.

I’d appreciate your help! Thanks, Anja

Hey Anja,

I can see that you’re not using excerpts. I suggest adding following CSS code to your css/user.css file:

.page-template-template-blog-vertical-php .wrap-excerpt-more {
  display: none;

.page-template-template-blog-vertical-php .post .entry-header {
  padding-bottom: 0;

This will hide the “Continue reading” button and will adjust the spacing, so it looks good ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

Perfect, thanks a lot!

Sorry, I have to bug you again. I uploaded a new logo and it looks awfully blurry. I tried saving it as png and jpg as well as different sizes (it’s now 190px wide). Whatever I do it looks like it’s being resized, which might be the reason for the blur. Any idea how to get it look crisp?

Thanks, Anja

Could someone remind me how to change the number of blog posts on a page in vertical view? Ive done it before and can’t remember how. Thanks!