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Just bought the theme and I love it. Is there any way to publish featured images on the blog list in their original 3:2 or 2:3 ratio (without them being cropped to a 16:9 ratio)?


hi there, :)

Issue: the theme option framework doesnt seem to appear…

Simulation: appearance/them options (wordpress dashboard) appliciction use : google chrome browser

Url Error: themes.php?page=options-framework

help plz :)

plz support !?

still waiting for a reply…Zzz


sorry for the delay. This has happened before for other people. It was caused by a conflict with other plugin / theme. I suggest you checking your plugins and if there is anything named “Options Framework”, please disable it. If there isn’t, then you could try disabling any plugins you are using and temporarily removing any other themes. If that solves the issue, I’d appreciate if you could let me know so I could prevent this in the future.

Cheers, Vilius

Hey, one of my customers is using your pretty nice theme, but I’ve got a question:

Is there any possibility to user shortcodes in the contact-details on the contact page? I’d like to include a newsletter-form into it.

Thanks in advantage

Hey Vilus,

I am really looking forward to 1.3 version release!

One fast question regarding this new release; Will there be a way to create a grid portfolio page (to set it as main index page) that does not include “ALL” projects, but only a subset of them (only a certain project type for example).

If not, how could I implement this?




Vilius, hi again.

I bet you’re way busy with the new update, but hopefully you’ll have time to answer this: on my front page, which is set for the full screen slide, the little circles on the bottom turn to yellow related to the photo/page that is currently shown.

I would like the little circles not to be yellow anymore, but grey. How can I change that, please?

Many thanks! Best, Maria

Sorry if this is a repeat question – I did look around some and could not find a clear answer.

Is it possible to add a grid type, and or have the grid default to take up whole page instead of just the amount of the chosen grid it fills? For example – having two 16×9 images one on top of each other taking up the whole page if you only had two projects. I only want two portfolios on home page, and right now their quite small leaving a lot of white space. I’d prefer the grid over the horizontal or full page portfolio.


Hey there, I just bought your theme and so far it’s wonderful! I am having one small issue:

Horizontal Portfolio – Upscale Images (checked) The landscape orientation images in my projects are being compressed width-wise. I can’t seem to track down what is skewing the proportions. See this image as an example.

Please disregard this! There was a code conflict. This theme is incredible! Thanks so much.

Hi there, I copied all my customized codes to the user.css as recommended. Pushed “update” and from then on the page went to a white blank website. And even my /wp-login.php site is blank white. I don´t know what to do and can´t redo as I can´t access my site details anymore!

Thank you for help!



first of all, thanx for this nice theme.

I have been working a little bit with it and I decided to choose the horizontal portfolio as my homepage. Now, I have two problems.

1. I’d like to show only a restricted number of portfolios (like 5 or 6).

2. And I don’t want to show all project types/ projects, just a few specific.

Is there any possibility to do that?

Thanks a lot for you help. Jana

I mean, how to remove the label completely but keeping the menu

maybe at the css¿


Before I purchase this theme I would like to know if I can my individual portfolio pages/posts can have a comment section?

Thanks Udon


Sub-menus arent working in the mobile part of the theme,


First, this is my favorite theme of themes. I love how I can use keyboard navigation right off the bat with the slider, without even having to click on the page first!

Now, a question….

Ok, this should be a simple question, but I can’t find a simple answer because I’m super confused!

I don’t want the things I add into the “Portfolio” section to say ”/portfolio/” in the URL.

What I’m doing is using the “Portfolio” function of the admin dashboard sidebar to create portfolio pages.


What do I need to do to get that to say something other than ”/portfolio/”?

I’d rather have it say ”/adventures/”

Thank you,


Somehow I figured it out by accident….... I created a page titled “Adventures” & then tried a few things….the key was changing the template of the new page to horizontal portfolio. Crazy, but it worked!

Actually it didn’t work like I hoped it would…... here is the look I want from the URL & then where the URL leads, I want it to show the projects -

NSFW example:

what my version looks like:

WEIRD…. I deleted the page to try something different.. then I made it again & now it’s working properly with what I did earlier. What else is new.


I’ve moved my web page different server, after than I’ve realized that project media order does not working accurately. I’m adding new images to my project but I can not change order, last added images always seem beginning of the project. Is it relevant with server change, how can I fix it ?

Could you please support me ?

I’m using 1.2.6 version of Fluxus Theme.

Thanks in advance

I’ve faced with this problem on my most crowded project. But when I try other projects (with less photos) media ordering is working. Is it related with number of photos (As far as I know there is no limitation on horizontal project) ?

I’m waiting your response.


A pre-order question. It is possible that this answered before but can not find it, sorry. What is the optimum size for images? In both formats: vertical and horizontal

Thank you!

One more question before preparing photographs. What would be the maximum weight to get an optimal fluidity? Thanks again

Hello again

I am waiting for a response for the purchase of a template.


Having issues with video posts coming in as square in format with black space on top and bottom for mobile devices (on list view page). See Screenshot

Then when title is clicked to go to the full post, video height gets even taller. See Screenshot

Hello! Excuse me, can I use animated gif picture for preview on portfolio grid page?

damnit! All I tried to do was change the accent color in user.css, and now I get this:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’/’ in /home/content/88/2453088/html/wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/user.php on line 2

Is user.php the same as user.css? Is that the problem? Thats the only place I could find. Awesome theme, but could really a bit of support. I’d pay hundreds! Anyone need a side job??

And I did purchase it… not sure why it isn’t showing up by my name. Should be under “Brian Powell”


I’ve just posted a response to this question to BrianPowellphoto, which I guess is your other user.

Regards, Vilius


sorry for the frustration. There are 3 files designed to contain any user modifications. They are the following:


For CSS changes you need to modify css/user.css. To do that you will need to connect to your website via FTP and navigate to wp-content/themes/fluxus/css/user.css. Download that file, add code that changes accent colour, save the file and upload it again.

Now to fix your website you can simply clear the contents for the file you’ve modified.

In the next version of Fluxus I’m adding a simple colour picker which will allow you to change the accent colour by using admin interface. It may be worth considering to wait a bit, since I’m doing the last changes and the update should be released on Sunday.

Cheers, Vilius

Thank you! I’ve been working on it every night and it’s coming along with less frustration :)) (I’m actually warming up to the yellow accent color too). Super excited to launch the new theme live.

How do I find out more about the update? Will I be able to update after I finish designing with the current theme?


I will be interested in buying Fluxus theme but I want to make sure I can insert a gif animated in the portfolio. I usually use : UnFREEz 2.1 to create them ( I insert various pictures to created the gif animated).

Thanks, Lily

Hey Lily,

thanks for considering and yes GIF files are supported.

Cheers, Vilius