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My full page slider is buggy. I have added slides but now I cant change the titels in the media controls. It seems to be stuck.

Any quick fix to the Slider page? It wont let me control order or details of the slide, seems like the page is frozen.

My Slider page is broken and frozen in the Admin section. How can I reset it without losing all my work and media on my site?

I even reinstalled the theme. And I cant control any of the slides.

Goodnight I hope you can help me because I have several questions:

1. In the demo of the template, in the part of CONTACTS WITH IMAGE is a button for VIEW MAP and SEND MESSAGE. How I can put on my website? 2. I’ve put a link in the menu that opens an external blog. Is there any way to open in a separate browser tab?

Thank you very much, Great job, a spectacular and functional template, I love it! regards

Please you must help me with this! I have no idea why is this happening!

I didn’t touch anything and it was all running well. But today when I tried entering my site and check the portfolio page, problems appeared.

The “photo” doesn’t fit to the window and when I clicked open one of the portfolio, it can’t show anything.

Please help me resolve this…thanks:( (“Work”Section)

This is an interesting design. What happens if the user has more categories or images than what can fit the gallery grid on-screen?

Okay, I can’t get this to work for the life of me.

I’ve been searching and searching. I followed the documentation on this link

I want to point my website url ( ) to ( ) – that website is a page that i created to show my projects.

I made all the changes in that said article but i keep getting error messages.

I looked up the redirection plugin that you mentioned. i set my source URL to and my target URL to

After doing that, I typed out my website inside the browser but I am still getting the same errors.

what am i doing wrong?

Hi there,

I am having two weird problems with Project Types, which I think are related. When I test the template at my local wordpress installation, everything works great, but when I upload it to my server, I experience the following two problems:

1) The project types do not appear on the left part of the Projects view.

2) When I click on one of the projects, the URL is Notice that projecttype is not replaced by the actual project type name, but inserted literally, which of course returns an error 400 when you click on it.

I have absolutely no idea what can be causing these two issues: I added the project types normally and then assigned them to the corresponding projects. I tried deleting them all and them re-adding them, to no effect. I haven’t touched the URL rewrite rules or anything of that sort.

Any help will be enormously appreciated.

Thank you!

Unfortunately I’ve come to realize the grid view is semi-worthless on tablets since you can’t hover and see the title information. Is there any good way to make this more practical?

I think I’d be just having the hover always show on mobile devices. How could I trigger this?

I really love this theme but there’s a little problem when you’re watching your website on an iPad in portrait mode. If you want to scroll down to see the other images of a galery and you take your finger off the screen, it will go back to the first picture. Don’t have this problem with the iPhone. Can you fix that ! Thanks !


(Re-post, There was no answer and I need to know before buying or not)

Some questions before buy. It is possible that this answered before but can not find it, sorry.

1. What is the optimum size for images? In both formats: vertical and horizontal. With that single upload size pictures are resized automatically?

2. What would be the maximum weight to get an optimal fluidity?

Thank you!


Yesterday I inserted inside the Theme Options my google analytics Tracking code including the <script></script> tags (yes, I was not supposed to included them). Since then, the ‘Social’ options inside the Wordpress Themeoptions backend has disapeared, and instead I am seeing an empty “pasteyourgoogleanalyticsoranyothertrackingcode.importantdonotincludeltscriptgtltscriptgttags” options page.

I’ve tried re-isntalling the theme, and even though it comes back well right after, and the social section reappears, soon after it gets back to the erroneous state even if I change the tracking code to black in the mean time.

Have you seen this before? Is there a way to correct this?

Please help.



Hello again— couple more questions for you :)

I’m uploading 1280×1920 size photos and although I’m not a thief-worrier, I would love to have the options to restrict right-clicking—or at least not let the mouse hover and show the entire URL to /wp-uploads/content where the entire folder is?

Other options not as critical: —search box for site, or just for blog? —ability to change ‘projects’ to ‘folios’ or anything else?

I’ll come back with a post when I go live; hopefully Thursday! :) Cheers

Another thing, is there any way to bypass the cropping feature on the full page slider? Not doing the “fit image” option but having it fill the page? Here’s an example:

and lastly, how do i get updates to the portfolio?


Hi there,

Thanks for such a great theme!

Would it be possible to please get the demo content as a starting point, I’m really struggling with setting up my site!



HI – great theme. Love it! I hate to add to your list of needed responses, but I, too, am having the iPad portrait scrolling issue. It does not affect the iPhone, but on the iPad 3, iOS 7, it scrolls back to the top when I take my finger off the screen. I’ve gone through the global.css and responsive.css to see if I could find the issue, but I’m just not sure what it is. Please help :)




I’ve been using the theme for a while now and my portfolio is getting pretty large. I don’t know if this is something I’ve removed, but my grid portfolio doesn’t have a list of project types on the left. This would be really useful. Is it possible to add this?


My portfolio pictures are not displaying when i view the project pages… need help

Hi, beautiful theme. I’m having problem with my social buttons. They don’t show and when I go to Appearance > Theme Options, I can’t select/click the “Social” tab because it is grey out. What can I do? Thanks.

When is the update with the possibility of two different portfolio page in the main menu will come out?? I would like to have two projects in the main menu (editorial and corporate) with different portfolio on each page for the moment all portfolio come in every page…

I am currently working on and I have tried to edit CSS both through the in theme css editor and the user.css file with no luck.. I am trying to implement this code I got from this forum to change the active menu item color:

.site-navigation .active > a, .site-navigation .current-menu-item > a, .site-navigation .current-menu-ancestor > a, .site-navigation .active .current-fluxus-project-type-ancestor > a, .nav-tip #key-right.flash, .nav-tip #key-left.flash, .navigation-paging .paging .current, .comment-actions a:hover, #wp-calendar tbody td a, .slide .style-default .button:hover, .slider-navigation li, .slider-navigation li a:hover, .project .hover-box .button, .page-contacts .entry-content .button, #close-map, .tooltip, .fluxus-lightbox .lightbox-prev, .fluxus-lightbox .lightbox-next, .fluxus-lightbox .lightbox-close, .fluxus-lightbox .lightbox-resize, .reveal-modal, .page-contacts .entry-content .button:hover, #close-map:hover { background-color: #FFFFFF; }

.navigation-paging .paging .current { border-color: #FFFFFF; }

.tooltip:after { border-top-color: #FFFFFF; }

.excerpt-more { border-bottom-color: #FFFFFF; }

I am working on my website and I am trying to mirror how they customized this theme for . On Nabil’s website they have the navigation menu in the footer centered and the logo and top menu centered. How can I go about accomplishing this?