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The “auto slidshow” option on the Full page Slider doesn’t work> I mean doesn’t the “auto” mean its meant to slide to the next project on its own? Plus what is the “slide change interval” measured in? Seconds or milliseconds. I need this fixed as soon as possible.

Please reply me, thank you

Although none of my questions have been answered yet, I have figured out some of my issues with this theme myself and there are quite a few.

I currently have ONE MAJOR ISSUE that I have not been able to tackle.

The images i have uploaded to my portfolios did not show at all so I ticked the “Upscale images …. to fit screen height” under theme options and that did the trick BUT the images are stretched out of their original dimension. This is very annoying and realizing that I may never get a reply is even more annoying.


help me figure this out Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP Thank you

Hey Vilus!

You posted this code which makes descriptions only appear when your mouse hovers:

.portfolio-single .project-image figcaption { opacity: 0; -moz-transition: .2s ease-in; -webkit-transition: .2s ease-in; -ms-transition: .2s ease-in; transition: .2s ease-in; }

.portfolio-single .project-image:hover figcaption { opacity: 1; }

is there any code which I can make this apply to every page BUT this one: (as the images are codes inserted into the descriptions so will disappear)

Also is there any way to change the descriptions too the right hand side of an image? I imagine it’s just a simple css tweak but I cant find any reference to it in the files…


We have an issue with iPhone – when browsing through different pages with iPhone, the images are distorted and not appearing properly.

Here’s an example -

Could you please assist in providing a solution for this problem?

The site in question is

The distorted images only happen in iPhone 3/4.

Is this theme still under support?

I read in the theme description: “a message through ThemeForest will always get answered” -> but truth is comments rarely gets answered.

On the comments section, I read about the next 1.3 release:
  • 3 months ago -> “next version of Fluxus, which is scheduled for the next week (...)”
  • 2 months ago-> “Fluxus 1.3 release is coming up.”
  • 2 months ago-> “Version 1.3 is about to be released.”
  • 1 month ago -> “I’m about to release version 1.3.”
  • 20 days ago -> “I am still working on it. The 1.3 version is going to be out this month.”

What’s wrong?

To me, all this is a bit painful having bought the theme.


I am considering purchasing this theme and I just have a quick question regarding the home page.

I would like to be able to set my home page to show my portfolio – in your theme demo it shows the grid style portfolio but what I really want to display is the horizontal styled portfolio on the home page instead.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hi. Give me please demo for import from this template. thanks

Hello, When i added images to portfolio section, it looks proper in inner pages but on front page, it creates thumbnail in its own size. Can i add my custom thumbnail size? Please provide me solution for this. I want to have proper thumbnail images for my portfolios.

I have used fluxus portfolio theme for photographer for my website.

Link for my portfolio page :

Can you please tell me the coding I need to make these images “contained” (like how they are normally, so they work on all screens without overlapping the menu bars). They are currently html coding in the comments on completely white images if that helps..

Here is the page:

Can I please have help restoring my slider back to default. It is completely broken, I cant upload photos or control the page at all.

Hi, is there a way of importing image description when adding Photos from Media Library to a Portfolio? I have many portfolios with lots of pictures and I have to manually copy the description for each picture. Is there a way to introduce the functionality from code behind? Also, when i select many pictures and Save them into the Portfolio, they are inserted in inverse alphabetical order, which is quite undesired when adding lots of pictures. Thanks in advance.


Is there any way to remove the url from projects so it does not contain either portfolio or category ? So instead of: Can be just:

I am trying to use your theme aside from my main blog theme and made another database and a directory called portfolio where I installed wordpress.

So now I have very long and strange url.

Also the option to remove category from url makes it much better for projects that have multiple categories.


Hi there,

Is this theme still under support? I’ve still not received any replies? If anyone can help me out with the XML of the demo content it would be greatly appreciated!


Love your theme but the pages are very slow to load, is there something I can do to speed up the load of the pages or a reason why they are so slow. The url is

the amount of comments that I have posted that have gone un responded is crazy… anyways…

On any of my pages for example: when you look at the title on the browser tabs it says DrawingJoelle… how do I get that space back???

Becareful, the theme is not fully working with latest WP Version 3.8.1. For example, the “full page slider” uses a feature of WP (Add media) which have changed in the WP update.

Impossible to setup/tune it anymore.


It’s a decent theme, but the features I have been waiting on, and have seen Vilius say on here many times would be ‘happening soon’, just don’t seem to be happening. v1.3 has been in the works for months, so talking about v2 seems laughable at this point.

It’s a theme that has a lot of promise, but when the creator vanishes for weeks, then pops in to answer a few questions (not all questions) and then disappears again for weeks, it’s not worth the headache if something breaks. You’ll be on your own to fix it.

I’m officially jumping ship.


I had an issue with my social media icons disappearing. They went away and a blank box was was left with the link still intact. This only happened in Safari, not firefox.

I saw someone else comment with the same issue after they had inserted their google analytics code. I realized I was having same issue – as I had done that hours before too (I did not include script tag). As soon as I deleted my google analytics code from theme options the icons were restored.

This must be a bug? I wanted to document that another person had this issue so it can be fixed. Would love to use the google analytics AND have my icons intact.

Thank you.

Hello, congratulations for the theme. My question is: ¿How can i put two buttons in different lines, one over another? (in the sample, here: there are all in the same line) Best regards Fran

Howdy! There is one problem in the site on mobile devices. All pages with the setting “full width with sidebar” on mobile devices (Ipad, iPhone ..) can not be read to the end, because the page after a small scroll down sharply back to the beginning. Please tell me how to fix this bug, or there is some setting? That’s one of the pages with the described problem:

Waiting for help.