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There was a post approximately 11 months ago concerning the issue of preloading images so there would be a better flow to the horizontal portfolio.

The post was by aurelm: Lazy loading should have a 3-4 images buffer that it loads ahead of the current one. As now there is always a “loading” image onscreen and loses flow. Also it should work for the main portfolio slider as the number of portfolios can be quite big.

Your response was: I agree! I’ve tested it with 1mb images (which basically is the same as slow connection) and the experience is better when several images are being preloaded. Will add this in the future versions!

Has there been a fix or upgrade for this? I would really like to implement this. I don’t want to use the “Lazy Load”, because it shows “Please Wait” on the screen and I would rather use that option. Thank you and LOVE the theme!!!

By the way, I notice depending on the internet speed some images will load that are not visible in the screen. However when you scroll they are randomly loading, so there are random blank spaces where the images are waiting to load. Can the images load in order?

The author of this theme has had so many lapses where he doesn’t visit the comments page. This time it’s been over 2 weeks since the theme author bothered to answer a question. I hope he is still with us.

I like this theme and have it in use on a site, and had plans to use it on other sites, but I have doubts about where it is headed given the lack of attention it receives from its author. What I have learned from my purchase of this theme is to NOT purchase themes from individual authors and ONLY purchase themes from authors consisting of a company or team that will provide timely updates and support.

Would be nice if this theme could be picked up by a team willing to provide updates and support. Shame to see such a nice theme going to waste.

My slider options page is frozen, I can’t change any of my media or publish new slides. I have reinstalled both wordpress and the theme itself. Please help, must I modify the .php file?

Are there any known popular plugins that may be conflicting? :stress: :stress: :stress:


Say, is it also possible to just use text instead of an image logo?


Ok, just noticed that support has been abandoned and that the long announced version 1.3 has never materialised. Too bad…

It´s very unfortunate and annoying that we don´t get answers anymore. :( Please enlighten us on what´s going on … Vilius please sign up and don´t leave us in the dark !!!

Hi Vilius,

I’m facing some problems with one of the pages. How to change this filthy font in my subtitles (overall web) and the text here:

I’ve set my navigation and side info to Roboto font, however I can’t find the part where I can change the current serif font within css sheet.

Btw, can I make the image in my ‘About’ page wider?

Thanks in advance! Need to deal with this web asap.

hi Vilius

How do I disable vertical scrolling on horizontal portfolio page? in safari the site starts wobbling up en down when scrolling.

this is my horizontal portfolio. the problem comes up when you scroll up and down or use scrolling on trackpad.

best regards,


Hi! This is awesome theme. but do we have the demo installation file(demo.xml)? It makes the process a lot quicker as I`m a beginner. Please send it to email ( )

Looking forward to hear from you


Congratulations for your work!

I need you to send me the file to email:

please send it to me as soon as I can start to work on the website. Thank you!

The file .xml (sorry)

I just purchase your Fluxus photograph wordpress, But I need the xml data file to install. Can you please email me ASAP. :).... ... Email me please xml file. Thanks


I installed 1.2.6 and I’m having problems viewing the site on mobile devices.

The portfolios dont advance they always go back to the top of the page.

Please advice

site is


Pls email me the xml file for demo content asap. Thanks!

Pls email me the xml file for demo content asap. Thanks!


just did.

Cheers, Vilius

Guys, I had an idea. We all realized we are not receiving support from the theme creator – we all hope he’s fine. However, some questions are mostly the same and I think we can exchange information and give support each others using a Facebook group. Some of us are pretty experienced with this theme and offer their help to newcomers.

This is the group Feel free to request to join (it’s a closed group). Of course, we can also display our websites prepared with Fluxus and get inspiration from others’ works.

What do you think? Is it a good or bad idea?


Hey Bernardo,

thanks for creating the group. It’s definitely a good idea and I’ll keep an eye on it to see how people are using Fluxus and what issues they are having.

Regarding the support, I will keep providing it on here on ThemeForest comments section. I apologise for the lack of response lately, will catch up this week.

Best regards, Vilius

Thanks Vilius. Your theme remains the best to me, and it would be great if you join the group. I think it can be a useful place where meeting and sharing our experiences with Fluxus, as well as a nice showcase for everyone.


I need your help with the text corruption in the comments area on the blog post pages.

Can you please let me know how to fix it?



try adding following rules to your css/user.css file:

#respond .comment-subscription-form {
  margin-top: 10px;

#respond .comment-subscription-form input {
  margin: 3px 0 0 0;

#respond .comment-subscription-form label {
  width: auto;
  padding: 0 0 0 4px;

#respond .comment-subscription-form:last-child {
  margin-bottom: 0;

The style issue is caused by JetPack plugin. Since it is quite popular, I’ll add those style fixes to the next release of Fluxus.

Cheers, V


Hey V,

great you are back in here – I wonder about a older request, of which you already said you might/will incorporate it:

displaying photo-descriptions for full-screen-view/slideshow of photos (– so not only with the photo in portfolio-view itself)

as I am currently thinking about hiring someone for a job, it would be good to know, whether it´s worth it/needed. – I guess the question comes down to: are you willing to share some ideas about Fluxus 1.3 + features?! :-) ... guess a lot of people would be happy about something similar for different (planning) reasons :-D

thx already + looking forward to development/s oliver

Hi, i just bought your beautiful theme. I have some questions:

1) is there a way of importing image description when adding Photos from Media Library to a Portfolio? I have many portfolios with lots of pictures and I have to manually copy the description for each picture. Is there a way to introduce the functionality from code behind?

2) when i select many pictures and Save them into the Portfolio, they are inserted in inverse alphabetical order, which is quite undesired when adding lots of pictures. Any solution? (other than reverse manually)

3) how can I remove images from a slider?

Thanks in advance for your support. Luca

If a visitor likes a content page on my blog… it DOES NOT take from the content as promised… why not? How can we fix this?

You promise: Image used on Facebook timeline when someone likes the website. If visitor likes a content page (blog post / gallery) then image will be taken automatically from content. Should be at least 200×200 in size (preferably 1500×1500).


I am having problems with iPad, it auto scrolls to the top on horizontal portfolio pages. Both Chrome and Safari, it does this even on your demo page… Can this be solved somehow?

Best regards, Ivan Majcen

I was about to buy this. Can someone let me know if the iPad problems are worth ignoring and i should still purchase?

Is there any other way of going to the next image on iPad?