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Hello. I am trying to separate my projects and have managed to use the multiple portfolios help to create seperate portfolios by creating project types its all working fine, except for when you click on my Portfolio page – ALL my projects show up, and i want only some of them to show up on this page, and then others to show up on another page. Can you please help?



Can I insert reCAPTCHA validation in the contact form? Tx

I found it via Contact Form / Generate Tag / CAPTCHA :)

Video support on front page slideshow? (Vimeo, YT)? Do you plan to add it?

Hi! First, congrats for the Theme! I’ve just purchased it and it’s great. Here is my question: how do I do to put a link to the caption on the images? I see in the example ( that it can be done. I want to do the exact same thing.

Could you help me please? Thanks!

Hi! First, congrats for the Theme! I’ve just purchased it and it’s great. Here is my question: how do I do to put a link to the caption on the images? I see in the example ( that it can be done. I want to do the exact same thing.

Could you help me please? Thanks!


sorry for the delayed response. You can put a caption by going to Portfolio > Projects then select a project you wish to edit. On the bottom of the page there is a “Project Media” section, click “Edit” next to the picture you wish to add a caption. Save and that’s it.

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Regards, Vilius

Hi, Thanks for the response, but I already know how to put a caption. What I want to do is put a LINK in the caption. Like you did in the first picture (Buy print) here (

Regards, Pablo

Because I’ve tried to put a link in that box, but then it doesn’t work..

Hi Villius! I’m reposting a question that you found the answer one year ago but not sure how I can comment on it. I’m having the same issue. How can i fix it? Thanks brother!

stijames PURCHASED 1 year ago Flag I miss the image thumbnails in my portfolio section, under project media – they appear as video-files, but with no thumbnail (only blanks) or filename. This makes it impossible to arrange the images in correct order. There also seems to be a bug, because when I move one item, other move as well(?!) Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

basically my problem is that after uploading some images to the project media part i dont see the thumbnail image, neither the name of the file and it says VIDEO instead of image.

I’m also having problems when i “remove” the images and update the page, they stay there when it loads back.

I can’t seem to find the ‘Project Options’ as it indicates on the documentation. I was hoping to make a horizontal portfolio like the one on the demo.

I also can’t get it to be exactly as it is, with the description on the image when you hover over it, as well as the images side by side horizontally as it should.



sorry for the delayed response. Let’s check if you are looking at the right place. So to set up a horizontal portfolio:

1. You need to create a page and set it’s template to “Horizontal Portfolio” via “Page Attributes” box on the right side. 2. Add the page you’ve just created to your menu. 3. Go to Portfolio > Projects and click “Add New” 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should see “Project Options” and “Project Media” boxes. 5. If you still don’t see them, then scroll back to the top and click “Screen Options” on the very top right corner of the screen (here’s a screen shot for reference: A panel will open and you will be able to activate those sections.

Please let me know how it went.

Best, Vilius

I’ve actually sent you an email via showing what my workspace looked like. I’ve tried looking at Screen Options and it seems that I have everything in place (Horizontal Portfolio page template as well). Here’s what they look like:

Please get back to me as soon as you can!


thanks for the screenshot. I can see that you have “Project Tags” menu, which is not default Fluxus functionality, so maybe something is conflicting. Could you send me the logins to your website to and I’ll take a look over the weekend.

Thanks, V

Hello Vilius! I searched the demo XML in the ZIP download, but I could not find it. Can you send me the demo XML import file in my email? Maybe can i download the XML file from some URL? Can you answer me in my email: ??? THANKS


just sent it via email.

Regards, Vilius

Hello Vilius! I tried to configure the FLEXIBLES GRID SIZES as i see in livedemo online, but this option does not appear in the options of the grid portfolio. How do I set that up? THANKS


which version of Fluxus are you using? Make sure you have the latest version of Fluxus as grid with flexible sizes is available as of Fluxus 1.3

Cheers, Vilius

I installed version 1.3.2 in localhost but I do not find in the options the FLEXIBLES GRID. Where do I go to set it up? How do I recreate the effect of this page:



you need to edit a page that has “Grid Portfolio” template set. On the bottom of that page you should see “Grid Options” that look like this:

From there you can customise your grid. If you don’t see the options panel then it may have been hidden via “Screen Options”.

Best, Vilius

Blogs displayed like portfolio grid? This has been asked but not answered. Is there an easy way to have all my blogs display as a grid?

Id rather not do blog posts as projects. Thanks!

404 Page generates a random uploaded image; Can I use custom css to place a background image of my choosing? tx.

Anyone here have any problems finding Project Options / Project Media? My Edit Project workspace doesn’t seem to have it; it’s not at the bottom of the page nor in screen options.

I’m also using Fluxus 1.3.2


A question about the captions – do I have to enter the photo description manually? Because in the MEDIA section I see the description of the photo, but in the PORTFOLIO page I have to manually enter it so it will appear on the site. Any solution…?



try editing single-fluxus_portfolio.php file. Find a line that says:

if ( $media_item->meta_description ) : ?>
    <figcaption><?php echo nl2br( $media_item->meta_description ); ?></figcaption><?php
and replace it with:
?><figcaption><?php echo nl2br( $media_item->get_alt() ); ?></figcaption><?php

This will show the photo title that you see in the Media section or if a photo description was entered, then it will show the description instead.

Regards, Vilius


On my site, the homepage slider doesn’t show and the contact page isnt responding. Can you help me out?




could you share a link to your website so I could take a look?

Thanks, Vilius

Hi, I want to make my Fluxustheme multilingual. How is the best way to do it? Is there any example or tutorial, information? How is it with the Portfolio ?


the easiest way is to use WPML language plugin. Fluxus supports it as of version 1.3

Regards, Vilius

Do you know a webside with Fluxus and WPLM?


I tried to create Menu with Portfolio index but in the menu panel there are no “Portfolio” acces…

here screen copy :

Can you help me ? Thanks.


try clicking “Options de l’écran” in the top right corner of the screen. A panel will show up where you will be able to activate “Projects” and “Project Types”.

Regards, Vilius

Full Screen Video on Home Page? Hello – is it possible to have an embedded video as one of the slider images on the homepage?


it’s not currently possible, but I’ve added this to the todo list. Will try to include into Fluxus 1.4

Best, Vilius

Multiple Locations on Contact Page Map Is it possible to add multiple locations to the background image/map on the contact page?


unfortunately it’s not supported by default. Although you could try looking into js/maps.js file. Around line 57 there is following code:

var markerPosition = new google.maps.LatLng(
  $ 'icon-latitude' ),
  $ 'icon-longitude' )

var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
  position: markerPosition,
  icon: $ 'icon-image' )

marker.setMap( map );

Duplicating this snippet and inserting your custom values should create you two markers.

Hope this helps, Vilius

Hello intheme…..btw GREAT Template!! Using template ‘page w/background’ & inserting accordion content; problem: accordion content table reduces to 365px width! I need it to stretch full width (why is it even reducing the width?) so basically I need a template full width content with full page background. site is 95% complete, this is the only glitch to date; tx, help is appreciated. :) divette

Works beautifully!! & I also need to fill transparent background table to #FFF so text is legible; which line code to add? many many thx Villius!!!


try using this one:

.accordion .panel-active .panel-content {
  background: #fff;

Cheers, Vilius

Works like a charm Vilius !!!!!

Hey There! AMAZING theme! I’ve bought many, and this is by far the best in terms of ease of use, and ease of installation.

I am running into two issues. I have set up the Google API properly, but I am still getting an error. Also, the icon font isn’t working in firefox.

Any ideas?


thanks for the good words. Maybe you have an URL so I could take a look at the error you are having?

Regards, Vilius

Hey. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. The URL is

And I fixed the icon font. It was loading 2 different versions.