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Hello Vilius, First, the Theme is beautiful, second, I’m a Newbe… Two questions: In the dark version, the contactform (7) is unreadable, black, in the light version it looks O.K. I want to use the dark version though… I would like the buttons in the contactpage (maps and contact) to be yellow, like they are in the light version. Is there a way to do that? I tried to use the shortcode for buttons, but that doesn’t work. Hope you find time to answer me… Thx!

Hello Vilius,

thx for all, when we can expect the big update? Take your time, best e

Hi Vllius,

So I have got the start of my site up and running and getting really good feedback – well done on making this theme.

1. I’m wondering when the next big update will be.

2. Will you provide documentation as to how to update it?

3. Will you outline the specific features you have improved and updated.

4. Lastly – most people looking at the site are finding that it is loading very slowly, I’m presuming the resizing feature is working ok and this is not something that needs to be updated. If so what can I do to make the loading faster apart from resizing all the photos to be smaller?

Many thanks

Is there anyway to make the slider random so the frontpage seems less static?


there’s a simple solution. You could try editing template-full-page-slider.php

Find a line that says $index = 0; Add this right after that line:

shuffle( $slides );

This should help ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

Your template is truly wonderful. Thank you so much. There is one pre purchase question for me: is there an option to use the “panning hand” in order to move horizontal? The indication to use arrow buttons an/ or the horizontal slider could be easily overseen. Still: love it.


thanks a lot :-) I’ve seen some websites using panning hand and I think it would work really well with Fluxus. There’s no such feature at the moment, but I will think of implementing one.

Cheers, Vilius

Uploading photos as smaller files to make loading faster… Sadly the order they are placed in the “add media > files uploaded to this post (drop down)” section does not correlate to the order they appear on the site.

This theme looks good… but man it is a pig to use and has more bugs than a mini-beast playground.

If anyone out there has good knowledge of how to use this theme let me know, it would be good to ping you an email with my questions.



I know how to use this theme. Please contact me over email and we’ll work it out.

Also the update 1.1 is done and is being tested by some folks. I’ve completely remade the admin UI for adding images / videos to projects. Now it should be much more clear.

Cheers, Vilius

Good afternoon. Maybe somehow removed from the URL uncategorised? For example, I created a GRID portfolio and albums in which photos in groups (wedding, studio, etc.) but when I go to the album, I can see this kind of - and I want to see so –


it’s possible to remove the category part from links, but then you won’t be able to use categories at all. So my suggestion would be to create some Project Types and assign them to your projects.

I would do it like this:

1. Create a Project Type and name it “Weddings” 2. Edit your Wedding project and assign the “Weddings” project type to it.

This will remove the “uncategorized” part and turn this link into this link

Hope this helps, Cheers, Vilius

Hi Vilius, I posted the questions below 5 days ago and still await your response. These last few items will help us finish up our site. Please share your insight!

We are getting close to having the site the way we want it! However, I have a couple of questions for which I have combed the entire comment section (all 15 pages so far!) in hopes of finding the answers through similar previously-posted questions, but have had no luck. Some of the question were asked, but no answers provided… Could you help me with the following – (and if the answers lie in altering css or other types of coding files, please be as explicit as you can because it’s all greek to me, so to speak!?): 1. RECENT COMMENTS / ARCHIVES / CATEGORIES / META data as seen on the left side of a “Default Template” page ( – is there a way to get rid of all of that? or in the very least, the META data? Similar comment posted by gohero, pg. 13 of comments, “Once I’ll manage to get rid of all the metadata piffle on the left side, we got ourselves a nice gallery!” 2. The “LIKE THIS PROJECT” box at the end of a portfolio project page – is there a way to get rid of this box? – or in the very least, change the word “appreciate” to “like”?? Similar comment posted by mackymcg, pg. 7 of comments, “Had one question/request, is it possible to make the “Like this project” box on the end of the portfolios optional” 3. DATES FOR BLOG POSTS – is there a way to input a specific date for a post? We would like to backdate a number of “news” posts so that we can showcase some things that have recently come up in the last few months. The closest similar comment I could find was from Glark, pg. 6 of comments, “I didn’t get an answer about the date format but I ended up finding it in inc/template-tags.php starting at line 320 in case anyone else is looking to edit the format (e.g. add the year). There’s two tags: fluxus_posted_on and fluxus_posted_on_full_date.” (original question, pg. 4 of comments, “Can you point me to where you are defining the DATE format for blog posts? I need the year to be displayed. Thanks!” THANKS, VILIUS!!


first of all thanks for all the effort while trying to find the answers yourself. Now let’s go to the answers:

1. You can edit the sidebar contents using WP standar widgets panel. Go to Appearance > Widgets. On the right side you will see all the sidebars that are used on your page in different situations. The one you are after is “Blog Post Sidebar”, expand it and remove those standard WP widgets you don’t want :-)

2. Currently there’s no way to disable Appreciate button, so for now let’s just hide it. Add this to your user.css file

.feedback-buttons .btn-appreciate,
.feedback-buttons .choice {
    display: none;

This will hide only the Appreciate box. If you want to hide the whole “Like this project?”, then add this to your user.css file

.portfolio-navigation .navigation {
    border-top: 0 none;
    bottom: auto;

.portfolio-navigation header {
    display: none;

3. Backdating posts are possible. Go to your post edit page. On the right side there is “Publish” box, find a line that says “Published On”. There you can modify the publishing date. Note that you set it to a future date, then the post won’t be visible until that date.

To use the full date format edit the inc/template-tags.php file. Find a line that says:

esc_html( get_the_date( 'M j' ) )
Change it to
esc_html( get_the_date( 'M j, Y' ) )

This will add a comma followed by year number expressed in four digits. Since it will make your date line longer it won’t longer fit in the design. To fix it add this to your user.css file:

.horizontal-posts .entry-title {
    padding-right: 125px;

.horizontal-posts .entry-date {
    max-width: 100px;

Hope that will solve your issues :-)

Cheers, Vilius


I should say that this theme is perfect for me, the nicest one I’ve seen.It’s almost perfect:) I have problem with alt and description of jpgs, which don’t show up in page code.

is there easy way to make alt’s visible in page source ?

thanks for answer it bothers me for one week..


@jodykingzett not really sure how this theme is a pig to use. If you read the documentation it is a very easy setup… Took me less than a few hours to get everything up an running properly on my site.. ( ) Also, @intheme is very helpful and quick with answering questions… You should probably ask questions first instead of being rude and insulting. Just my two cents.

Love the theme, getting on well with it. Couple of ideas (which I’m sure you’ve already thought about / had requests for).

Image captioning of some sort in the portfolios (I’m just adding my name to the list of those requesting)

A way to randomise the featured image in the grid layout (I appreciate this might be a WP thing)

A way to turn off the click-ability of the images in a portfolio, or at least change the way they enlarge (this might already be a feature, I just can’t figure it out)

Finally, would there be a way to have a regular page inside the grid layout (with a featured image of coarse) that way you could have a nice recursion of grids inside grids.

I didn’t mean for this to be so long – I love the theme and it’s well worth the money as it stands.


On mobile in portfolio view, there is white line in the middle of images – how can I disable it ?

I would be also glad if you let me any info about ‘alt’ and description of images which dont show up..

Hi when do you release the update 1.1, I desperly need add video with your theme.

it’s great by the way


Hi, I’m about to purchase your theme and have been reading some of the comments. Do you have a date when you will be releasing an updated version? Appreciate your response. Thanks

Hi intheme, congratulation for this templete ! I have a question before buy : For android mobile and tablet it’s ok ? Or it’s only for Iphone and Ipad . The slide it’s fonctionnal on android mobile ?

Thank you very much


Firstly thank for the great theme…it is working really well for me. I have a couple of things I need your help with.

I have recently done a modification to the theme so that the yellow colour on the buttons is changed to blue (to match my branding) – see website link -

Since this chance I now to no have the arrow buttons on the far left and right of each image on the full page slider. Do you know where i can find this and how i can set that back to how it was, but keep the other modifications to blue?

Also i have tried to set up the grid format for the photo page but I have not managed it. Are you able to help in assisting me on this as well?

Many thanks James

Hi Vilius,

I think V 1.1 is the latest, Can i see the list of updates! {It’s better to check the updates than bothering you with questions :)}.

Thank you, Kallis


Congratulations on the new version and thanks for the hard work. I had been expecting these release for a while to make use of the different portfolio feature.

Now that I have the files I can see you added the option in the code to grab a project type per page, but I can’t see the option in the site backend. I checked the documentation and the code myself before asking, but I’m lost right now, how can I create different portfolios based on project type?


Hi Vilius,

I’m glad the new update is there! Will you show the new video feature in your theme demo? I’d like to see it in action before purchasing. Can videos be part of a horizontal gallery? Is it possible to add multiple videos to a single project?

Looking forward to it!


Hi Vilius,

another question about the video feature: Is it possible to use a custom preview image in the gallery or will it automatically be fetched from the video? The reason I’m asking is: If custom preview images were possible I could use high-resolution images to make the site look more crisp, especially for Retina displays.

Cheers, Joshua