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Three months without support from you Thank you for your professionalism


first of all sorry for lack of support. Somehow I’ve missed your message. Just gave you an answer to your previous questions.

Regarding reimbursement you would need to contact ThemeForest and explain your case.

Sincerely, Vilius

Can you tell me the procedure for repayment of the support that you do not provide ?

Hi, I have the theme installed on The portfolio navigation arrows do not seem to be working on Google Chrome on a mac, they do work on Safari however. Also is it possible to have the arrows either side the screen instead of in the footer? I have spoken to some people at google who complained that they didn’t know how to navigate the site very quickly and it took a while for them to see the arrows.

Thanks, Ash

Hey Ash,

could you confirm your website URL. The one you’ve posted does not work. There’s also but it does not have Fluxus theme.

Thanks, Vilius

Hello i’ve seen a lot of people asking for help, but still noone answered, so im gonna join them, and please you for finnaly get help. Becouse thats not nice, theme is awesome, i love to use it, but this issue is really really bad.

The social media footer is still overlapping images on mobile viewing. How do you suggest to fix it ?


please make sure you are using the latest version of Fluxus. This issue has been partly fixed, but there’s one occasion when the footer sometimes still overlaps the content. It will get fixed in the next version of Fluxus. I hope to ship it later this month.

Regards, Vilius

Thank you for your reply, yup i’ve have latest version of theme. So ill be waiting for new one :) Thanks again

Hello, I have purchased and installed the perfect template and inserted the photographic works.

I have a problem, on the home page images in the slide are cut:

I would like to eliminate the scaling width. And keep resizing only for the height.

I look forward to!


in the slider options you can specify how the image is scaled. To eliminate scaling you should choose “Fit Image”, but then it will introduce some padding.

Ideally I would suggest you to choose cropping option. For example on my screen I can see that the boat in the first image of your slider gets some cropping on top of it. If you’d change scaling option to “Crop bottom” then whole boat will be visible and only non-important parts of the image will get cropped.

Regards, Vilius

perfect!!! thanks for everything!!!

Hello, wonderful theme with a great portfolio gallery. I would like to buy it But first I want to know if it’s possible to integrate the slider revolution. Escpecially tinto the homepage and/ore the portfolio page. Regards Treudis

I introduced a code for SEM my homepage well and I was only beginning

Still the best theme for photographers and artists on the market. It’s well programmed.

For me it runs smoothly and reliable for three years now. The support still answers and I don’t worry to use it another three years since it still looks modern and stylish and no other theme I bought offers me equivalent options and style of my portfolios.

(installed on PHP 7, NGINX with OPcache, WordPress 4.5)

Hi, mouse scroll wheel doesnt’t work in horizontal portfolio in this new version of Fluxus. In the previous version it worked fine


Thanks for this great theme.

I’m using the Clef plugin and in the page with the fullscreen slider, after it is published and with the slides activated, if i want to edit a slide by clicking on the edit slide link it doesnt expand. Also i can’t change the order.

On chrome console the next error appear:

Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined clef_heartbeat.min.js:4

If i deactivate clef plugin, it works correctly.

Is there a fix for this?

Hello again.

Just reporting that I can´t set the custom position for the infobox positon.

When i go to the page where it says that i need to drag the box in the custom position nothing happens.

In chrome’s console I see: JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0

ALso if i clic the save and close button i see the following code on chrome's console.

slider.js:26 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘left’ of undefined(anonymous function) slider.js:26n.event.dispatch jquery.js:3r.handle @ jquery.js:3

can you please add caption option for photos in blog posts

Hi Vilius,

I can’t get rid of an issue with my projects types page presented with a grid portfolio : I would like my featured images to keep the same size, without being top and bottom cropped while changing the window size. Could you give me a clue ? Thanks in advance ! Julien

Hi Vilius, hope you understood my issue. Could you help me to fix this problem ? Thank you in advance. Julien

Hi Vilius, I just succeeded in solving the problem : using the tab -> Project types and not from the Pages tab which I firstly used in vain. Thanks anyway. Julien

Hi, I found your comment a month ago with regard to the new version 1.5 with WooCommerce.

“1.5—Full Page Slider with video support and new admin UI. 2.0—WooCommerce support and a new slick skin Working hard to deliver these as soon as possible.”

So excited and looking forward to the WooCommerce function and since then I’ve been checking the threads if there’s any updates – but wondering if you or Themeforest will send us update notice via email to all those purchased this beautiful theme? So that I don’t need to check here often…

(I’m using another theme – called Hazel- for another site, and every time they have updates, I receive the notice from Themeforest to my email and it’s really helpful!)

Thank you,


Hi. I’ve made one simple index page called contact to redirect the people to my Facebook page while I built the webpage. this page is invisible on Firefox but visible on Safari. Why?

thank you, awaiting for your answer

Hello, i had some trouble trying to show the post title both in the blog page and in the single post page.

I have checked the standard post option “Display post title over featured image on single post page” but nothing changed.

Could you please tell me what it could be? Thanks

Hi Vilius, there is a small “usability bug” in Fluxus, at least I think it is. Please, could you provide a solution or a workaroud? When I assign a portfolioi page to more than one project type, I cannot set the project type to use for the permalink. e.g. I chose “people” and “creative” for my portrait photography portfolio, and Fluxus chooses “creative” as the project type to be used in the permalink URL, but I’d prefer “people” here. Or maybe omit the project type entirely in the URL, this would be even better. Is there a way to achieve that? Thank you!

Hi, first of all, thanks for a clean written minimum weight theme, it’s rare to see a theme these days that does not rely on Visual Composer and is relatively fast and lean. I am doing some heavy customisation on the theme and would like to overload a couple of the classes in portfolio (PortfolioMedia and PortfolioProjectAdmin) so I can add a coupe of meta data for the portfolio media to be displayed. It seems the classes are quite inter-tangled, I want to extend them in the minimum way, could you give me some hint on the best place to do this? I’m leaning towards extending the entire class then unhook the initialisation of the classes and replace them with my extended versions?


first of all sorry for delayed response. I glad that you’re trying to go the appropriate way of modifying OO code, but actually I would suggest to go dirty here.

Mainly because those classes were not coded with inheritance in mind and you will end up duplicating lots of code in your child classes just so you can modify a line or two.

The code in PortfolioMedia and PortfolioProjectAdmin is pretty stable and is not likely to change in future versions of Fluxus. Thus I would suggest to do your modifications inline and to keep a change log. Even better have them as a patch and simply apply it over every time you update the theme. It won’t cause any conflicts in most cases and if it does then it’s probably be a line or two and you can quickly solve it yourself.

Hope this helps, Vilius

Thank you for your message and support. I did manage to extend the meta data of the portfolios, cheers for your tips. I have ran into an issue of the horizontal style layout not switching to vertical scrollable layout (as per mobile)) on high res retina devices (a few Galaxy Tab and iPads), where should I look at to add retina detection so I can switch layouts for these devices? Thanks

Hi, just a quick update to say all is good, I hacked the jquery files and tweaked some settings to get what I wanted. I want to congratulate you on a well written theme once more.

Hi. I’ve made one simple index page called contact to redirect the people to my Facebook page while I built the webpage. this page is invisible on Firefox but visible on Safari. Why?

thank you, still awaiting for your answer


sorry for delayed response. Somehow you were able to create a slide without uploading an image (maybe you have deleted it afterwards?). In any case Firefox fails to load the image and thus does not display your content where Chrome / Safari surprisingly ignores this fact and things that the image is there.

To fix it you can simply upload a white (or transparent) image and then it will work in all browsers.

Regards, Vilius

Hello, its Marcos, i have problems to change the language of buttons in fluxus template, for example, i need to change the phrase “view work” to “ver” from English to Spanish. How can i proceed to change it?

Thanks for your help.

Hey Marcos,

sorry for delayed response, it was really busy recently. Here’s a link to documentation section describing how to translate your website to another language:

It follows a standard way of translating any Wordpress theme.

Regards, Vilius