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I have some issues with my theme, my social icons have disappeared and now all I can see is colored squares and weird squares. my web is and you can see the icons I mention in the left bottom corner.



it looks like your social icons are back. Can you confirm that you no longer have this issue?

Regards, Vilius

Hello, this is the worst support service I have seen ever. No answer. No answer.

Where can I find a complain form? really disappointing


first of all sorry for delayed response. I must note that your support has expired, but I do try to help all Fluxus customers whenever they find Fluxus misbehaving. That was your case as well and I’ve just responded to your previous comment on how to fix it.

Regards, Vilius

Hey, thanks for the great theme. I love it! i know you get a million questions but what i want to know is if its possible to add a second widget sidebar either on the left side or preferably the right side, thank you!

also i have another question if you wouldn’t mind answering, would it be possible to place social links in-line with the posts on the vertical blog. check out my blog at for reference for this question and the previous question. thanks!


adding a second sidebar and maintaining responsiveness is quite complicated. If you don’t mind to hide the second sidebar on mobile devices, then here’s a plan to add a second sidebar:

1. Register a new sidebar in inc/widgets.php file. 2. Output your second sidebar in template-blog-vertical.php file by adding:

get_sidebar( 'name-of-your-sidebar' );

3. Duplicate sidebar-blog.php file to sidebar-name-of-your-sidebar.php and modify it’s contents to fit your needs.

4. Use user.css file to add styles for your newly created sidebar so it appears on the right side of the page.

Regarding the social icons. I assume you are adding them manually to every post. If you’d wish them to appear automatically then modify content.php file and add your social icons code.

Regards, Vilius

Hi! Just bought the Fluxus Theme yesterday, and experimenting with all the great possibilities.

  • One thing: can I get a lighter gray overlay opacity/color on the grid portfolio? Now it’s almost blackens the underlaying picture out – I would like it to be, say, 50 percent grey instead.
  • Another thing: Can I assign a grid portfolio to only appear under one menu-option? As it is know, all the grid portfolios appears on each page with the ”Grid Portfolio”-stationary.
  • A third thing: How do I change language phrases? Now she are English, and I want them to be in Swedish.
The site I’m working on is …

Thank’s in advance! :-) /Johan Lindstén Stockholm, Sweden.

Hey Johan,

sorry for delayed response. Here are the answers:

- Add following code to your user.css file:

.project .hover-box {
  background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5);

- This can be done by using project types. You need to assign a specific Project Type only to those projects that you wish to appear in your grid. Then go to Portfolio > Project Types and edit your project type. You will be able to select a desired layout for displaying a project type, which in your case is Grid Portfolio. Lastly add this Project Type to your main menu. You can read more about this in Multiple Portfolios section of the documentation.

- Here’s a link to documentation section describing how to translate your theme to specific language:

Regards, Vilius

Lilius, thank You for answer!

About the first question: I’ve added the code You gave me, but it doesn’t affect the performance at all. In user.css the complete text and code code now is:

/** * All custom CSS modifications should be kept in this file. When updating move this file * from the old installation to the updated one. This will preserve all your CSS customisations. * * This file gets included last, so any CSS rule written below will override a previously declared one. * * Add your CSS modifications below: */ .project .hover-box { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8); }

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong here …

All the best! :-) /JohanL

Ok, found it: You gave me a piece of code (”.project .hover-box”) that didn’t affect the appearance in GRID PORTFOLIO when adding it to user.css. Instead I made changes in style.css and the ”.grid-project .hover-box”-code that helped me make the changes I needed.

I’m considering buying your Fluxus theme, but wanted to know before I do if it will work with the “UniteGallery” plugin. And specifically the “compact theme”.

I would like to use that unite gallery on some of my pages. Will the responsiveness or anything else major be affected?

Thank you so much for your time, Kristin

Hey Kristin,

it’s hard to say exactly as I’ve never used this plugin. But it’s a premium plugin and I can see that it’s responsive so you should not have any issues when using it in your content pages.

Regards, Vilius

Hello, I was wondering if you could help with the mobile version of the site. When I have the homepage set to full page slider, I get the logo, menu graphic and slider gallery showing on a mobile phone homepage. Which is great, but is there also a way of having a simple link to my contact page at the bottom of the homepage when in this mobile layout too? Just so it’s super obvious. Thanks so much.


I’m afraid this is not easily possible. Footer was not designed to show up on purpose, because the vertical space on mobile devices is already so limited.

If contact button is crucial to you, I would suggest adding it to the contents of your first (or any other) slide. It would make somewhat super obvious to the user.

Regards, Vilius

Hello, I have the following problem. After updating WordPress to 4.5.1 I get the following warning appears:

Warning: stripos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /www/……../wp-includes/formatting.php on line 3382


now all visual customization options (including changing logo) can be found in a standard WP place: Appearance > Customize

Regards, Vilius

There is no Upload option on Appearance > Customize, here my screenshot The HTML code on front-end looks like this (strange URL):

Hello, I need a feedback, I can’t change anything at Appearance > Customize, see the screenshots in previous comment

Is it possible to add a Call to Action button, I’m looking to link to the contact form directly at the end of the portfolio under the appreciate icon, thank you for an awesome theme.


this can be done by customizing single-fluxus_portfolio.php file. At the end of it you will find following code:

<div class="navigation">

This is where “Other Projects” show up. Adding a call to action button there would render it at the end of your projects.

Regards, Vilius

Dear Author of Fluxus, One month ago it was still really easy to embed Youtube videos in the portfolio projects, since yesterday it doesn’t pick it up anymore with the <iframe>...<iframe> code. I did update to the last version of Wordpress. Please help!


I’ve tested it with the latest version of Wordpress and it does work. My guess is that some the plugins that you are using may be incompatible with latest Wordpress theme, which also breaks Fluxus project management UI. Could you try disabling all your plugins and checking if the issue still exists?

Thanks, Vilius

Hi! Any possibility to display captions for images under the large image in light box?


not at the moment, but I’ve added this to a todo list so you’ll see it in future versions of Fluxus.

Regards, Vilius

Hi, still struggling with the weird slideshow. Have you had a chance to fix it yet? I am having to upload everything twice, ten find it in Add Media/Slider. It is completely non user friendly. Also, one cannot delete or remove items from the slider. This is creating enormous issues now.


thanks for feedback. I’m working on it at the moment and the admin UI update will be coming in the 1.5 version of Fluxus. The administration will be very similar to the one found in project images editing.

Regards, Vilius

This will be a HUGE improvement. Also, it would be great to be able to use image management

1) The slider – (as you’ve mentioned – unable to use at present)

2) Use of an image management plugin, such as NextGen – media library is getting a bit overwhelmed (partly due to the general success of the theme! :-)

3) Would LOVE to be able to use the portfolio format in blog posts :-)

Look forward to the next update.


My client want to have the aspect of a gallery in a portoflio, I mean, when you click a portfolio, view the images like this:

How can I do that?

This is the site: Portfolio:

Please, help! Thanks.


I’m afraid this is not currently supported by Fluxus out of the box and it wouldn’t be a straightforward modification.

To give you some guidenance, you would need:

1. Create a new template based on single-fluxus_portfolio.php for displaying projects. 2. Modify the template to use grid layout powered by Fluxus Grid JS plugin.

Hope this somewhat helps, Vilius

Ok, I just duplicate single-fluxus_portfolio.php and rename it GRID-fluxus_portfolio.php so, wich part I have to change to make it like grid?

Where I can find Fluxus Grid Js plugin? I found the .js file iin /wp-content/themes/fluxus/js but I can’t open it.

If its helps somehow I can sign in with my client account so you can see the purchased tag.


This is very important and very urgent, please!

Hi, since a few weeks my social media icons and buttons (previous / close / next / ...) disappeared:

do you know how I can bring them back?

Thanks, Urs

Please use Chrome for testing (IE and Firefox are looking good)

We seem to be having an issue with the quality of portrait images when they are resized for smaller screens. I have updated the theme, should I reupload the images or will this still happen? Is there another way to upload the image? I have screengrabs if you need them. Website: Many thanks

Hello this is a great theme, I am very interested in buying your theme however I have a couple of questions before I decide.

Q1. Can you place descriptions along side each photo in the horizontal gallery? Q2. Can you mix portrait and landscape photos in the gallery without leaving white space?

Many thanks!

hi, i know my support has expired but this seems to be a bug… when i upload a new logo (to fit the size), the page still show the old one (oversized), even if i deleted the old image from the library… ????!!!!!!!!!!!!?????

Hi Vilius, there is a problem with the portfolio pages. I have got several complaints from visitors of my website, that on the portfolio pages it is not obvious that there is more than one image in the portfolio. No hint about scrolling, just the little arrows at the bottom, which are easily overlooked. And in most cases (with normal browser window aspect ratio) the left edge of the next image is not visible, so it really looks as if there is only one image on that page. See for example and view it with a browser window aspect ration of roughly 3:2. However, when you click the image, view changes to a slider view with CLOSE and navigation buttons and the mouse cursor changes to arrows. However, it needs luck that the visitor has the idea to click into the image or that he begins to scroll. I don’t really know what would be the best solution for that issue. IMHO changing the mouse cursor to a hand (“click link”) when hovering the image is not enough. Otherwise I would not have got these complaints. Also, on devices where there is no mouse cursor (tablet, smartphone), this isn’t useful. How about always showing the edge of the next image? Or showing a little “film strip” with previews of the images in the portfolio at the bottom? For me, some solution like this will be necessary, I cannot use the portfolio pages as there are now, simply because some of my customers won’t see the images I want to show there (except the first one). Do you have an idea for a solution on my side? Or do you plan to develop a solution on your side?...

Thanks, Daniel

Once more…. After update to 1.4.5 I have the problem that there are no options on standard WP Appearance > Customize. No logo upload, no color changing, etc.. nothing. My client is geting nervous, I need a solution, please…... Screenshot:

Pre-Buy questions :) I really like your theme but I have some questions:

1- Is it possible to have in the mail the list of galleries? 2- Once one gallery is clicked, I’d like to see all the photos in that gallery and been able to share the single photo on the social networks.. is it possible?



I noticed that when you attempt to change the animation options on a full page slider (e.g. from Slide to Fade) the change doesn’t save. The only way to change the behavior of the slider animation is to create an entirely new page and a new slider. Is this a known issue? Be helpful if this can be fixed!

Thank you.