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Hi there,

i just buy your template. if you could help me to install your templete, in my website.

at , That would be great.

Regards, Athit P.

Hi! I buy today your template but i have problems. I can’t do that button Send email apears with the view map.

Could you teld me what to do?


I just purchased and installed your theme, and I’m having a problem with padding when I insert an image thumbnail with a caption into a page. If I add a caption, I get a lot of lateral whitespace; without a caption, a I get a normal amount of whitespace. This only seems to happen with Firefox. I took screenshots of the problem and posted them here: I wasn’t sure whether it was a WP or theme problem, but I though I’d start by asking you. Thanks! BTW, I really like the theme.


In the Portfolio Sidebar on the page of a Project Type, I would hide the section that displays the other Project Type but I need to keep the title and description of the Project Type in this sidebar. Through editing the sidebar, I saw that the two elements are in the same widget … so either I keep everything, or I keep nothing.

How to hide only other Project Type in the Portfolio Sidebar?

Thank you!

Hi! i’ve updated my local version to wp 4.5.2 and in the entries order from the projects page was inverted. How can i fix this?

By the way, in the online version, running wp 3.9.12 this works fine. but i have some issues with the blog section. In the first page it first shows like 40 posts (every blog post from the beggining) and in the end of the line it starts to work fine (last 5 posts i think).

This last thing may be solved with the last wp update, as i have in my offline version, but if you wish you can have a look here,

So, problems are crisscrossed between my offline-updated and online-outdated! My main concern is the projects section, i can’t understand if the order issue is a thems or wordpress thing!

I’d reaaly appreciate your help with this, Thanks a lot in advance!!

Hey, I am interested in buying the theme but support is a BIG thing to me when choosing themes for my clients. It looks like you do not have an actual support page but a rejust using comments and its been 21 days since anyone responded to people’s comments. I really like the theme but won’t buy it if there is no support. The theme has made $275,000 US in 3 years. I would presume that would make the dev want to support it.

I’m really on the fence and it sucks because its a cool theme.

Hello, I have the slider function active on my Fluxus theme website homepage. Is it possible to add text below this? My SEO officer wants to add copy to my homepage and Im not too sure if the template will allow this.

Hello, I just bought Fluxus, and i’m a beginner on WP, do you have any documentation to begin with Fluxus ? Thanks. Yann

Got it.

Hi !

I’m using Fluxus, bought last week, and I’ve a problem with a logo.

I want to use this one : (I use black skin) But the theme doesn’t recognize transparence, and when I change the Logo for this one ( ) the logo is still the first one with a white background. So I’ve tried to put a full black logo, for testing ( ), and I’ve still the original logo with ugly white background logo.

Could you help me (and fix this bug, which is I think linked with the black skin…) ?

Thank’s !

Best regards. R.Straightrope.

Fixed. If I change the logo it still seems non changed, but if I go to homepage, it’s OK. So just a bug (in fact, the logo displayed is the last on set before “save & publish”).

Hi Straightrope,

sorry for delayed response. Just went out to investigate your case and indeed you’ve spotted a bug with logo preview. This will be fixed in the next version of Fluxus.

Let me know if you need further help.

Regards, Vilius

Dear Vilius,

I couldn’t fond any answer on the forum regarding my issue : I would like to enlarge the WP classic gallery width, which appears pretty short compared to vertical portfolios width. Would you mind helping me on this issue ? Thank you in advance, Julien

Thanks for your answer Vilius, I changed indeed to Full width. Unfortunately, the gallery remains the same. I also changed to Full width with slide bar : the result is better but the gallery can’t be centered. Do you see an issue ? Thanks in advance ! julien

Hi Julien,

the side padding is added on purpose to make the content more readable. Since you content contains only images you could try adding following code to your user.css file:

.page-template-template-full-width #main {
  width: auto;
  margin: 0 3%;

This will make the gallery full width. If you wish even smaller padding then use the following code:

.page-template-template-full-width #main {
  width: auto;
  margin: 0 15px;

Regards, Vilius

Thanks Vilius, it fits perfectly !

Hi! I’m using the grid portfolio for my homepage. For two of the images I’m using animated gifs. I can’t seem to use more than around 500 px max for the gifs. Any other larger sizes I use won’t animate. If I want to use an X3 size for the gif on the grid portfolio page- is there a way to make a gif bigger size? Thank you.


first of all I’d like to apologise for late response. Have you solved your issue? My guess is that it’s not the GIF width that’s causing the issue, but rather the size of file. To test that I would suggest uploading a simple large resolution GIF file that has a small filesize.

If it works then you should look into ways of increasing your server’s max upload filesize and allocated memory.

Hope this helps, Vilius

Hi There,

I am not able to scroll horizontally in Fluxus version 1.4.5 within a horizontal layout portfolio using the mouse wheel on desktop, or by swiping on a tablet device.

Here is a link to my site

Is there something I can do to resolve this?

Many Thanks


I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. On Mac your website scrolled just fine with Mouse Wheel. On iPad there were some styling issues due to customisations, but despite that scrolling still worked. I must note that on devices with width of 768px or less horizontal scrolling becomes vertical.

Regards, Vilius

thanks for your help!

I can’t able to create & save menus. Getting this error on console

wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 500 (Internal Server Error) wp-admin/admin-ajax.php 404 (Not Found)

I have mailed 2 times already. Didn’t get any response :( This is really frustrating, its been nearly 2 days. Appreciate quick response from the author

Hi, I have version 1.2.3 How to update to the latest version? Is there a way to do automatically?

Thank you Georgios

Hi Georgios,

you will need to download latest version from ThemeForest and install the update. Here’s a link to documentation section describing the whole process of updating Fluxus theme.

Regards, Vilius

Seems like this author is not supporting the theme anymore?! Lot of support questions left unanswered!


sorry for lack of response recently. Did you manage to solve your issue regarding server error?

Regards, Vilius

Hello, First of all, I would like to thank you for your very good wordpress theme. I’m using it on my personnal website :

I just have 2 little problems with the fixed left sidebar on portfolio. 1- Can you help me to shift the sidebar on the left ? In order to don’t have a space.

2- On safari, google chrome, we have a bug on this sidebar. If there is too much content on the portfolio (for example :, the text appears hover the menu logo. Can you help me too ?

Thanks a lot for your help


first of all sorry for delayed response. I’ve checked this page on Safari and Chrome and the text looks to appear nicely. Have you reduced the text or solved this somehow yourself?

Could you give me more details on your first question? I don’t think I was able to understand it.

Regards, Vilius

Dear Sir or Madam,

I´m sorry to contact you with the same issue that were asked in the comments several times. Your theme is awesome, there is just one thing that is missing for my purpose. Do you plan to implement a self-hostet video functionality?

Yours faithfully, Kathrin Jörg

Hi Kathrin,

sorry for delayed response. Yes, I do plan to update Full Page Slider with YouTube / Vimeo and Self-Hosted video support. I am unable to give an ETA since there are few other features pending before that.

Regards, Vilius

Thank you very much!!

Hi there,

Ever since I’ve installed your latest update, my logo doesn’t show properly in the top left corner. In seems fine in the old versions, just not in the new ones. I’ve tried uploading a new file, but whatever I try it just keeps showing it as a broken link:

Any ideas as to what seem to be the issue or how to solve it?

Best, Irina

Hi Irina,

sorry for delayed response. I’ve visited your website and your logo showed up nicely. I guess you’ve solved the issue, if not please let me know.

Regards, Vilius

since the last update, i’ve had issues with using chrome browser, it takes 2 or 3 refreshes before the site can be viewed.

OK, just disabled.

Looks like it fixed the issue. Tried loading your website and it went fine from the very first time.

Best, Vilius

Thank you!

HI! t day I bought your theme. I really like it. Good Job! But I stil have some question and issues that I hope you can help me with. - There is faster and more appropriate way to change the order of the image inside a portfolio? - It is possible to choose a specific image of the portfolios icons on the project types page, like : - It is possible to choose the size of the sidebar on the left, so the text can fit better? like in - It is possible to change the size of the box with the text in it, like in this page - I would like to have another design of social icons like the one you show on your demo, the black and white, but I do not find that. - I am having some issue with the contact page! i have some problems with the API. I already try to put the api number inside but does not work. It is possibile to have a google map plugin instead?

I hope you can help me with that. Thank your for your time. Best regards,