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Hi, i already install the new upgrade it’s great, thanks. I have one question , how can i use a specific featured image, because before i used the featured image option in the portfolio area provided from wp, but now this dosen’t work, and i don’t want to use as featured image any of the image that are in the project, is a different one, so is any option for this?

To be more specific i want to use as my “featured image” a new image which is not shown when you enter to each project.

Oh no! I fully understand your issue and I’ll make an improvement in future version so you could use a featured image that’s not among your project images.

Btw, Your workaround is very wise! :-)

Cheers, Vilius

Thanks for the help, do you think it’s other workaround for this? or the possibility that i add the button “Change Screenshot” that the Media Video has or something like that

Hello !

Wher is changelog for 1.1 version ? /


just added :-)


I am interested to buy this theme. I would like to know if at portfolio homepage can put not only photos but also videos. Also if this is done, it will open the video? It opens in the same page (homepage) or it will lead to an internal page?

I would appreciate if you answer me directly because should I pick up one tomorrow.

Many thanks, Christina

Hey Christina,

I’ve updated the demo version to include a project with video support. Take a look here – – the project called “Press Pause Play” features Vimeo video.

So this is how it works:
  • Vimeo and YouTube videos are supported (although it should work with any other video service which uses iframe to share their videos)
  • You can add any amount of videos to projects
  • On portfolio you see a manually uploaded screenshot of the video, once you click on it, you see the video itself.
  • You can rearrange the order of project images and videos. For example if you made a shoot, you might want to show pictures first and then the behind-the-scenes video.

That’s the functionality I guess ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

Thank you very much for the prompt response! I would like to do one more question please. Is there a possibility that the video opens in the same page without having to lead to internal page?

Thanks again! :)

Hey mate, thanks again for this wonderful theme. I’ve already installed the last upgrade (1.1), but I see that unfortunately the video part doesn’t work with mobile phones (for example my iPhone 5). Do you have any suggestion? I’ve tested it trying to see a Vimeo video.

Cheers, Matteo


thanks for noting. I’ve confirmed that there’s a problem. Will fix with the next release.

Cheers, Vilius

Ok, is there any way to deactivate the responsive design? Thank you for the work that you’re doing.


I have downloaded the updated v1.1 pack and have notice that two bugs are not fixed, they were raised some time ago.

Bug#1 Clicking on the portfolio page does not respect the Wordpress Reading settings. Mine is set at 5 posts, the portfolio just shows them all – this causes large load times which Google has a problem with (and end viewer complaints) – can this be fixed please.

Problem URL

Bug #2 Even worse my friend, the portfolio project types respect the Wordpress Reading settings but give the end user no way of seeing any more than the last 5 – this means that portfolios will not be displayed or found

Problem URL (I have over eight and will increase to over 15)

Bug #3 Social sharing at the bottom left does not work – try sharing with Google +, the share screen just disappears without being able to share it.

The expected behaviour of bugs 1 & 2 is demonstrated in the link below. The Wordpress Reader settings should be respected with the addition of the right hand pane which skips to the next x portfolios as specified in Wordpress Reader settings

Expected Behaviour URL

I’ve just backed the v1.1 download out and gone back to 1.0.6 – v1.1 must be an early unintended release or similar, I do not think its production release, far too many bugs…

is there any way to present different project types each on different page (grid or full width) ? it would be perfect if I could choose the portfolio type that I want in page options. in this possible ?

Question: I have downloaded version 1.1. If I update it through wordpress, I’m assuming all my content will stay as is correct? It won’t wipe anything?

Hi~ I have downloaded version 1.1 and update my homepage with it.(Before I used version 1.06). But there are some critical problems in version 1.1

Refer to images below.

I tested your demo site that is upgraded to version 1.1 on 1280×1024 display with full screen mode.(IE, Firefox, Chrome)

Images and “Like this project?” side bar overlapped. There are no seperated space. This problem is same status in resized windows(IE,Chrom, Firefox etc) with big display. Check it in red box.

Thank you.


This is the third time I ask the same question and find no answer. I’d like to create different portfolio grid pages based on project types.

Is this possible from within the theme? If it isn’t, where can I change the default portfolio layout in the code?

I would really appreciate an answer at some point to be able to move on.

Great stuff on the Video update!! THANKS!

Hey man! something that I noticed the site pages with video and pictures together aren’t responding correctly on iPhone. I used 2 different web browsers (Chrome and Safari) it stops responding to the page as soon as you scroll down to the first video. I tested it out on an iPad it works fine.

Pages with Video and Photos Page with just photography

also whats a good trick to make the site load faster? I’ve made the pictures as small as possible without sacrificing the quality.

Thanks hope to hear from you soon!

PS LOVE the upgrade tho, much simpler and user friendly =)

Hi , i have a major issue with the uploading of pictures to the main page in a full page slider- i upload pictures going by the instructions , but in this version i press the publish pictures and save changes, and then the screen jumps to the top and doesn’t save or publish. meaning i cant upload any pictures to my home page. help!

I found the solution – but it’s really something you should look into – all my work was done from MAC with latest ver. OS. i switched to a windows OS and succeeded in uploading the pictures! so there’s a problem with the theme and uploading pic using MAC, FYI.

Hi again

Just wondering if you are planning to make vertical blog? would be great!

Congratulation with the Template, for sure one of the best ever here on ThemeForest for Photography (and I know almost everyone, beeing in this community for years). Some question bug I’ve noticed: 1) I have the same bug as “leehj23” (see up screenshot) but only sometimes! It was doing the same problem this morning, this evening instead after reloading it was working correctly. UPDATE: I’ve notice the problem is showing when you RESIZE the window from little to bigger. In version before 1.1 was working good, now there’s some problem.. 2) Text in the new “Image Description” area in the portfolio for each image is not working: i write something, I click save, I update the page and then the fields returns blank…

QUESTION! I’ve noticed the portfolio gallery loads BEFORE last images than the first. For me it’s a sort of strange setting ‘cause I would like to start to see the first images and then wait for the last that are going on to load…

Kind Regards,



I have a problem, when i launch the portfolio and in a gallery, the space between the pictures is big. When i resize my window, it’s good , the space between the pictures has normal space. (Only on Google Chrome :( )

Another problem on IE , in a gallery , if i clic on a picture, the picture is not centered, she’s on the left of the screen . :(

What to do ?

thank you very much.

Thanks for taking care of make titles visible as alt’s, it works fine in portfolios, but not in full-width-slider site which I use to present my works as portfolio. I wish to white down ‘alt’ text in any of description filds of the image. thank you

Hello Vilius,

great video integration, thx! I also have the problem with the overlapping images in the portfolios. I resized the images to 1500×1000 px maximum (your recommendation) and on iPad or different screens there is no space between the images (overlapping), also there are not displayed in the center and the final image is overlapping with the frame “Like the projects”.

p.s. my clients love the theme

Hi, i need to make 2 different portifolios with different projects on each other. How can i do that? I’ve been searching on documentation but not found it. It’s important. Thanks. Jan