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Hello. Just finished updating my site with your template and love it. Pretty much have it working the way I want. You can see it here The only problem I am currently having is that images are not rendering properly in horizontal portfolio view. My project thumbnail/preview images are being squeezed/distorted when you first view them on the site.


This is really the only issue I’ve experienced that is making the site not usable for presentation purposes. Unfortunately it’s a big problem. Please let me know if this can be resolved. It’s happening on desktop as well as ipad, across all browsers.

Thank You!!!


Hi, thanks for this awesome template.

I would like to add shorcodes in the Portfolio pages ‘add project information’ and in Contact page ‘add contact information’. Is it possible to enable it with some code in funcion.php? Thanks for your support.

Is it possible – on the contacts-pages to add short code- button that will work as an mailto:email-link? I don’t like contact sheets

Hi Vilius,

I am experiencing some weird new issues with this newest update … perhaps other people have the same problems? The spacing in between images is often inconsistent – some images have a lot of space between them, some images have no space in between them, other images overlap one another. Weirdly, when I reload the page, the spacing is fixed in some places but worse in others. Then I reload the page AGAIN and the spacing is completely different again! This happens in both Firefox and Chrome and on iPad and iPhone (but on the iDevices it only seems to happen in landscape mode) and on both my 13” Macbook and on my 22” monitor.

It’s really puzzling and causes me to be unable to use the theme in the condition that it is in.

I’m also experiencing the same as Smedway.

Also, there is some bug with the blog – when I post images by add media>create gallery they don’t appear at all like here

When I click the thumbs in the columns – the images open in a blank page – not with black background as here. This is the gallery.

When I use “add media”>”insert media” and click the images in the post, I get a gallery that I can click trough all the images in the post – but its another kind of gallery than the one in your post. It has gray arrows instead of the yellow buttons on your page. When I “x”-out this gallery – I get to the one with “yellow buttons”.

I am looking to purchase this theme ASAP. I noticed reading through the comments that there was to be an update yesterday. Did this happen? Thanks..


yes it did, version 1.1.1 is already live.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi! Great theme, i was wondering tho, is there a way to change the order of the galleries in grid view?

Like the gallery with the feet would be in the first gallery square on the page?

Thanx!!!!! Great work! No display bugs anymore!

best eduardo

Wonderful theme. Easy to install and no problems so far.

A small improvement: It would be nice to unify the texts for translations.

i have one problem, if i don’t use categories the projectos on the portfolio don’t show the images.

It’s any way to change the tittle “Project Type” and also remove the # in the beginning of each category. Thnaks

Also i can’t see any images inside the projects on ipad or iphone, any idea why?

Hi Vilius,

we are an architecture and interior design company uploading our works on the fluxus. We need to add captions for every single photo in the portfolio. Could be possible a second effect option in the next fluxus feature you are working on?

We like the idea of having the caption with the same effeft of tonal fade transition you have created yet for the photo preview of the portfolio. The effect i am talking about is the one you used yet for the view work prewiew.

The same effect will it be possible in the next feature for every single photo?

Thanks in advance Robert

Hello Vilius,

I downloaded the 1.1.1 update and it seems like the spacing bugs have been corrected. Thank you!

Hi Vilius,

I think I spoke too soon as when I updated to the 1.1.1 theme, as it now seems I cannot create viewable portfolios. I’m not sure if anyone else is having these problems:

When I try to add a new portfolio, the “Add Media” button does not work, and if I add images manually then they do not show up on the portfolio page. What is more, the new portfolios don’t show up on the project type grid view even though the portfolio is associated with that project type.

On top of that, I cannot seem to add images to existing portfolios, I can only delete images from portfolios. The added images show up in the Media Library but not in the portfolio itself.

I have since downgraded back to 1.0.6 for now, which lets me create portfolios just fine. Help!!

Hey! Bought today, very nice! But problem with scrolling on google chrome:

Thx 4 help!

HI Vilius,

I updated to 1.1.1 and now I can see the thumbnails under each portfolio project, but it won’t let me reorder them or set a feature image. How can I fix this? Thanks

I just wanted to comment and thank Vilius for this great theme. I’ve had it for almost a month now and have been working on it here and there and am really enjoying it. Also, I pop into the comments every few days or so and am very impressed by your great customer service. I might have questions in the future, but for now I just thought you deserved a few more comments of praise. Thank you for all of your hard work!!!!!!

Your fix on Social Sharing maintaing focus until click is great, thank for fixing this! Big win…

Wondering on the most recent release, 1.1.1, if anyone else is running into issues with the ‘Featured Images’ on the portfolio page sometimes not appearing, sometimes appearing at random?

@escapewithme I’m having the same issue after updating to 1.1.1 Just weird randomness with the “featured images” on the portfolio pages. Especially in my stories section. Sometimes the feature images/projects appear, other times some appear while others are squeezed horizontally, and still other times no feature images appear at all.

Usually if I click through to a story and then go back to the “stories” page, it has some sort of issue, such as no feature images showing up at all. I hope this display issue can be addressed by the developer. The updated fixed the initial display issue, but now caused greater problems when returning to those same featured project pages.




So glad to see you staying on top of this theme with updates, keep up the great work. I’m so glad I bought this theme!!!

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