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I’m using a FullPageSlider as mainpage. With 1.1.2 the first image appeared very quickly / instantly. With the update to 1.2 it needs now 15-20 seconds. What can I do?

Thanks eduardo


Could you please help me with my question related to this theme? I had asked it a few days ago:

I have also created two project types – A and B. I’ve added both project types as menu navigation like the documentation suggests.

Now, I have my home page setup as a grid portfolio. This homepage still shows all my projects (type A and B ). Is there anyway to make the homepage only show project type A when users arrive to the site? How do I filter the project types on my homepage?

Hope you can help.

Hi Vilius,

I was searching through previous comments concerning this type of warning:

Warning: include_once(/home/thebfa5/public_html/ [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/thebfa5/public_html/ on line 365

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/thebfa5/public_html/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/thebfa5/public_html/ on line 365

I only found 3 entries with 1 response:

add a file: user.php through FTP with: <?php with path: wp-content/fluxus/inc

i don’t know if this was also applicable for my situation, but after trying it, nothing changed. I don’t know if there is something else wrong or…i just don’t know. i also don’t know if you already answered the question elsewhere and i just can’t find it. if so, please let me know?

thanks! audrey

oh goodness, finally got it—now i can sleep (3am here) and start filling it up tomorrow

pls disregard my comment-thxxx

Hi Vilius, I am having a problem where the entire sidebar on my blog seems to have disappeared. The sidebar content to view categories, recent posts, search box, etc is not there, it is just blank. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi Vilius,

I’m sure you are extremely busy… but I hope you have time to resolve an issue with the Featured Image when it is used in the following PAGE TEMPLATES:

(1) Default Template
(2) Full Width
(3) Full Width with Sidebar

When a Featured Image is used with any of those 3 Page Templates, the Black Transparent Bar and Text going across the middle of the image is off center. ie The black bar/text runs off to the right of the image.

I’ve upgraded the Theme to the most recent Version 1.2.1, and this issue appears only in Firefox and Google Chrome.. I’ve cleared the cache and I am using the most up-to-date Version for both of those browsers.

...the Black Transparent Bar/Text appears normal in a Post. This issue/bug affects those 3 Page Templates only.

I would appreciate it if you could look into this.. Thank you!!


thanks for reporting! Fixed already, will be available in the next version ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

Sorry, vilius, I figured out my issue, I had not added any widgets to the sidebar.

Hello. Just a couple of questions or issues

-Adding a lot of portfolios or many images inside one makes the site almost unusable or take a long time loading without viewing any images therefore making visitors close the window. Is there any plans for adding support of an infinte scroll/load more button ?

-How can I make the images in the lightbox/portfolio have full height ? I searched through the css file but could not figure out what the right cobination is.

-The order of the portfolios is discarded if I click on a category and they become based on creation date. I think this is a bug.

Thanks in advance.

Please forget my latest comment. I just updated to latest version (I see now I no longer get warnings) and lazy loading was added. Great job on that, I can add as many images as I want.

However some more customization would be lovely. For example the image description to be visible even in the lightbox, or to have the option of setting the images in fullscreen (Some devices just have huge screen resolution and to have them small is a pity).


thanks for notifying! So these two features you’ve mentioned are coming in the future releases:

1. In the next release I’m planning to add an option wich will make images upscale up to the full height of the monitor.

2. Caption for the lightbox are in the plans. Although I’m not sure if they’ll make it into the next version.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi Villius,

I had to make many changes in the verion 1.1 of Fluxus for do it multi language and IE8 compatible.

Did you get an change log versions 1.1 to 1.2.1?

Thank you.


do you need a feature change log or actual source code change log? Feature log is available on TF Fluxus page and if you need source code change log then I could send it to you. It will be available in the diff format, so not very eye candy if you’re not used to it.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi Cheers, I need source code change log. Can you send it to me please? It would be helpful for the update. Thank you.

Hi Villius.

One other suggestion. Lazy loading should have a 3-4 images buffer that it loads ahead of the current one. As now there is always a “loading” image onscreen and loses flow. Also it should work for the main portfolio slider as the number of portfolios can be quite big.



I agree! I’ve tested it with 1mb images (which basically is the same as slow connection) and the experience is better when several images are being preloaded. Will add this in the future versions!

Thanks, Vilius

Sorry for the dumb questions. How I can update theme to the latest developments?


we all no that there’s no such thing as dumb questions, there could only be dumb answers ;-)

You can update your theme using the instructions in the documentation:

Cheers, Vilius

I’ve gotten rid of the yellow accent; UNLESS I’m actually in an album within a portfolio… I’ve searched through all the .css files and can’t find a #’yellow type colour’ tag anywhere to change.

I’m also trying to change the top border colour of ‘send message’ box when it drops down. Currently yellow and I want it grey.


thanks for notifying! I’ve updated the documentation with correct code. (also included a rule for contact box top border).

Working on the color picker atm, so changing accent color should soon become much easier ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

The latest update (1.2.1) attempts to include a file (functions.php:365) that does not exist:

include_once FLUXUS_INC_DIR . '/user.php'; // User modifications.

This is causing issues when saving data in the dashboard.


thanks for notifying! My mistake. The user.php file should contain PHP customizations. I did not include it in the theme update zip package, so that it would not overwrite existing customizations. It is although included in the main zip package. Anyways, it’s wrong, will fix that asap.

Thanks, Vilius

I Vilius,

one questions I had six days ago was not answered.

There is one new feature that is more of a bug to me:

Fixed: Images no longer upscale when sceen size is bigger than the image.

I liked it that all the shots were fitting the screen. Any CSS tag I can add to my custom css file to have this “feature” back? Thanks! Martin

Thank you Vilius, that would be great. Any timeframe you can give us for the next release?

Hopefully on Monday ;-)

Thank you Vilius, while you are working on this, I have the same issue for portrait oriented pictures when I am holding the ipad portrait oriented. If an image is too small, it does not fit full screen on the ipad. It would be nice to have this feature too.

Best regard, Martin

Hi there, Just bought the theme. works just great but here are few things / questions / help request:

1. Bug: impossible to upload a favicon. nothing happens.

2. I can’t set a custom position to the info box ( Full Page Slider ) when I click on “Set custom position”: the page is opening, and that’s it, impossible to drag the info box anywhere on the page. (Tried on Safari / Chrome )

3. About the F.A.Q section “How to change accent color?”. it works fine, but you writen: “Also if you use dark color as a background, then the black text on top of it will get barely visible. In that case you might want to change text color as well.”

Could you please tell me how can change the text color please ?

Thanks a lot


I guess issues #1 and #2 are caused by JS error. Which is most likely caused by some plugin you are using. There were some cases previously when “image protection” plugins were causing issue #2.

Could you try disabling the plugins you’re using and see if the issues persist? If so, then please send your WP login details to and I will take a look at it.

As of your question regarding text color. You can change the text color by adding this: color: red; So in the case of the code supplied in the documentation, please add this:

background-color: #D8D8D8; /** Your color here */
color: #f00; /* text color */

Cheers, Vilius

thanks a lot, I don’t have such plugin, and i just tried with all disabling, the problem persist, so I just sent you an email right now, could you please have a look ?

thanks for the last quesiton, great.

Hi Vilius,

it’s me again. I tried to reorder the projects in the portfolio using Quick edit but nothing happens. Any idea how to solve this? I once installed a plugin to reorder pages and portfolio items by drag and drop, this messed up all the ordering so I uninstalled the plugin. I have no idea if this has any effect now on the ordering…

Thanks for your help!


could you please try this: quick edit the project that is being shown the first. Change it’s Order value to 1000, save it, make sure the value is saved. Check if the project is still being shown in the first place (it should not).

If that doesn’t help, let me know. I might need to get access to your website.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi Vilius, tried it but the project is still on the first place. How can I send you the admin login?

You are right, I’ve just found a bug. The ordering is working as described on portfolio index page, but on the project type page (when projects are filtered) the ordering is broken. Sorry for that. I’ve already fixed that and it will come out with the next release.

Regards, Vilius

Hi. In the new version — how do I get the featured Videos in ‘Video’ posts to act like they used to in version 1.15? Meaning to make them fit post width according to window width, and in horizontal Blog view to have the videos fit the standard size like the images.


I’ll bring this back in the next version. That is the videos in blog post detail page will be again shown full width.

I’m not sure about the horizontal blog issue. Could you give me a screenshot where the videos are not fitting just like the images?

Thanks, Vilius

Easy question that I can’t figure out. How can I control table style? I’d just like to remove the borders altogether.



try adding this to your css/user.css file:

.entry-content table td, .entry-content table th {
    border: 0 none;
    padding: 6px 30px 6px 0;

This should remove borders and adjust padding so it looks nice ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

Is there any way to set a specific project as the homepage? When I go to Settings>Reading>Front Page Displays, I can only set pages as my home page. I would like to set a specific project as the homepage.


the instructions posted to you by liamyoung work for setting Project Type as a homepage. Although you want to set a single project as your homepage. The simplest way to do that would be to install this plugin and create a redirection from your homepage to your project page.

Cheers, Vilius