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@derekl123 – I have been trying to do the same thing… Villus gave me a work around and I can just about get it to work – the ONLY snag that i’m waiting a solution on is how to arrange the projects. I have ‘colleciton one’ (project) arranged in a 3×2 grid – with this work around when this project is assigned as a home page the aspect changes and the project is arranged inversely… 2×3 – apart from that its sooooooooo close!!...

The only tip i’d give you is step 8 below. I couldn’t find the file he was talking about although I found the line in ‘portfolio.php’ and changed that with a positive result.

here is what I was advised:

1. Create a page, publish it. 2. Go to Settings > Reading and choose the page you’ve just created as your front page.

Now that page is your homepage and we need to change it a bit so it displays your portfolio.

3. Create a file inside your Fluxus theme directory (wp-content/themes/fluxus) and name it like this page-<page_id>.php – replace <page_id> with your page id that you’ve created in step #1. You can find out what is your page ID by looking at the URL. Your filename should look like this page-123.php

4. Go to your homepage and verify that you see an empty page.

5. Paste the following contents into the file that you’ve just created:


global $project_type_slug;

$project_type_slug = ‘personal’; $project_type_id = 7;

$template = fluxus_project_type_layout( $project_type_id );

function show_only_specific_project_type( $args ) { global $project_type_slug; $args[‘fluxus-project-type’] = $project_type_slug; return $args; }

add_filter( ‘fluxus_query_portfolio_args’, ‘show_only_specific_project_type’ );

global $wp_query;

$wp_query->set( ‘fluxus-project-type’, $project_type_slug );

require_once dirname( FILE ) . ’/’ . $template;

6. Note it says ‘personal’ and number 7. Replace ‘personal’ with your project type slug. Replace 7 with your project type ID. You can find out both in Portfolio > Project Types

7. Almost done :-)

8. Edit file a file located in inc/portfolio/fluxus_query_portfolio.php

Find a line that says:

/* * Query portfolio items. */ function fluxus_query_portfolio( $args = array() ) {

add_filter( 'posts_orderby_request', 'fluxus_portfolio_orderby_filter' );
$defaults = array(
        'post_type'          => 'fluxus_portfolio',
        'posts_per_page'     => -1,
        'orderby'            => 'menu_order ID',
        'post_status'        => 'publish',
        'order'              => 'ASC DESC'
$result = query_posts( array_merge( $defaults, $args ) );
remove_filter( 'posts_orderby_request', 'fluxus_portfolio_orderby_filter' );
return $result;


and replace it with this:

/* * Query portfolio items. */ function fluxus_query_portfolio( $args = array() ) {

add_filter( 'posts_orderby_request', 'fluxus_portfolio_orderby_filter' );
$defaults = array(
        'post_type'          => 'fluxus_portfolio',
        'posts_per_page'     => -1,
        'orderby'            => 'menu_order ID',
        'post_status'        => 'publish',
        'order'              => 'ASC DESC'
$args = array_merge( $defaults, $args );
$args = apply_filters( 'fluxus_query_portfolio_args', $args );
$result = query_posts( $args );
remove_filter( 'posts_orderby_request', 'fluxus_portfolio_orderby_filter' );
return $result;


9. That’s it. I hope it will work. It worked for me ;-)

Sorry – I realise this takes up a whole comment page!! I’ll delete the content if this is an issue for people.. just say :)

No, it was that when my ‘collection one’ portfolio is set as my home page the grid arrangement inverts itself. When my site lands on the home page i’m presented with two across and three down when the native portfolio is arranged three across and two down. I think I emailed about it. I’ve re-set my home page to a ‘under construction’ holding page for now.

Just used the redirection plug in – perfect! :)

Oh right, so using redirection plugin fixed the grid size issue?

Hi There,

First off, I’m a photographer with minimal css / php knowledge – not a developer so I’m looking for simple work-arounds. Got the theme a day or so ago, looks really nice – but I am having some issues – This may have been covered before but… I see the dark.css style lines everything in the side bar to the left, but for some reason the white background version of the theme which I am using – that is not the case. Do you have a workaround / code you can give to make the white background theme look like the same layout as the dark theme?

And second thing – I just don’t seem to be abel to close the comments in the blog…


Hello! Today I find one bug: there is a problem with hyphenation of long russian words. Can You help with fix it? (screen in attach)

Hey, sorry I’ve missed that. Will include a fix asap. Cheers, Vilius

Thank You!!!!

Thanks for “Fixed: iPad sidebar text is no longer cut off”!!! Now it’s ok on the left side, but cut off long words on the right side(((

Where in the CSS is the padding between the images in the horizontal scroller galleries. They appear to be spaced by about 40px now and I’d love them to be closer.



the following code would reduce the spacing to 15px:

.horizontal-page .horizontal-content .horizontal-item {
    margin-right: 15px;

Cheers, Vilius

Thanks so much! Love your theme, and that totally worked.

I’m happy to hear that! ;-)

Hi there!

I have a CSS question! on the blog post entry page

For example:

Is it possible to define the size of the image to particular pixel size?

I find that on a big monitor, unless I upload a really high-resolution image for the ‘featured image’ it scales up and becomes pixelated.

For example I would to specifiy it at 600 pixels wide for the full screen version / desktop breakpoint.

Thanks again.


that’s a very good point. In fact the image should not upscale and this will be fixed in the next version. It’s an easy fix, so if you want to fix it right now, you could add this to your css/user.css file:

.single .post-with-featured-image .post-image {
    float: left;

Cheers, Vilius

Anyone know how to fix photo captions so they can be bottom left of each picture and not move around depending on browser window size?

Hi Vilius,

I guess like this test page:

Where you see the titles of the portfolios below left – and they stay there no mater how you move the browser window (which is great btw!)

So yes something like that but for captions in smaller lowercase font in the portfolio projects – that would definitely make documentary photographers like myself very happy…! Thanks

Oh, right, I’m afraid I won’t be able to assist you with this one. It’s not a straightforward customization. The way I view is is that adding captions under the images will ruin the alignment of images (because some images might have captions, others might not, others might have captions taking up multiple lines). To prevent that I choose to overlay the captions on top of the images.

Cheers, Vilius

That’s quite problematic for me – but I’ll try and see how to work with it though…

Now about this, I’d be grateful if you could answer….

Hi can you pls provide code to make the light.css have the same layout as dark.css

I would like the sidebar items on the light.css to line up to the left like in the dark.css – Thanks very much


Hi Vilius

Like aurelm and martin_bissig I also have an issue with project reordering. Altering the order number has no effect to which displays first, the creation date always takes precedence. I’ve tried all number combinations.

I have another issue with image heights. Although I’ve resized the majority of my images to 1000px high there are some (with great widths) that don’t display at that height. Could you please tell me where in the css I can make a tweak or have they been resized following uploading?

Eg. was an image uploaded as 2192×1000px

This is the project that image sits in:

Many thanks in advance J


regarding the ordering issue I’ve found a bug. Ordering does work on portfolio index page (when all projects are shown), but it doesn’t work on project type page (when only filtered projects are shown). This will be fixed in the next version.

Now the issue on image size is caused by Fluxus theme maximum image size, which is 1920×1280. This means that when you upload image 2192×1000 it gets resized to 1920×875. In the next version I am planning to add a setting which would enable image upscaling. I guess this would solve your issue.

Cheers, Vilius

Thanks Vilius. I look forward to the update.

hi, i just bought the theme and added some content. the only problem is nothing shows up on my homepage (startpage). i have set it to static page and i have also selected the the layout (grd style) i want. can anyone help pls. what am i missing?

thanks sash

Hey Sash,

If you create a page and assign a grid portfolio template, then that page will show all your projects. Try creating a project by going to Portfolio > Add New, if you do that it will show up on your grid page.

You might find the documentation helpful:

Cheers, Vilius

thanks for the reply…thats exactly what i did! anyway it works now:-))))


sorry, if this has already been asked, but it´s not easy to check here… :-}

I wonder: what would be the way to make any projects “external link” really “external”?! – i.e. give a »target:”_blank”«-kind of link…

... it´s what you sometimes want with external links :-D

thanks for any help + best! oliver

Haha, yes, that perfectly makes sense. I’ll include it in the next version, meanwhile if you’re fancy to edit it yourself try looking at sidebar-portfolio-single.php

Cheers, Vilius

Hi can you pls provide code to make the light.css have the same layout as dark.css

I would like the sidebar items on the light.css to line up to the left like in the dark.css – Thanks very much


Even with the !important atribute – only the logo and tag line are alined… Anyway – here’s the link to my test site:

I love the overall look of the theme – it’s very cool – but with so many lines of code and very little knowledge of css – this photographer is really struggling to customize!

thanks again for your help


Ps – I have managed to alight captions to left edge of pictures now

Oh, I might have underestimated it. This is how full solution should look like:

Note: don’t add !important

Let me know if that finally worked ;-)

That worked perfect – thanks a lot!

Hi, I am having trouble when installing this theme. I am getting an error message in the header.

This says: Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/milktoas/public_html/wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/user.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/milktoas/public_html/wp-content/themes/fluxus/functions.php on line 365

is anyone else receiving this issue? I have re-downloaded and installed multiple times with both ftp and through WP.

Can anyone please help me out.


sorry for that. It must be very annoying. You are installing a theme which is meant to be installed only as an update. Try doing the following:

1. Download the main zip archive from ThemeForest (it should be around 30mb) 2. Extract it and you should find a file 3. Use WP interface to upload (Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload)

Let me know if that solves the issue.

Cheers, Vilius

PS. Make sure you delete the already installed theme before reinstalling.

@simpleclever you have to unzip the folder und upload the actual theme…you are trying to upload the theme forrest zip.


Signed up one portfolio and realized that one of the images was inserted for the thumbnail registered design that appears on the grid. How do I register with thumbnails independent of images inserted in the portfolio?


sorry I didn’t get this. Could you explain a bit more about what is you trying to achieve, how you do it and what you get?

Thanks, V

Hey, Come on. I will do a simulation for you to understand. I created a portfolio and signed up 5 images in it. The featured image, which appears in the thumbnail, I wish it was different from the pictures that I signed up in the portfolio. I want to create an image for the highlighted thumbnail images of the independent registered in the portfolio.


Please can you tell me how to/if this is possible:

-remove “Project type” info from the sidebar (including the words “project type”)?

-remove the option to view the image at it’s original size when using the lightbox?

-make the blog page display an image used in a blog post as a featured image in the blog page/feed without this image being displayed twice in the blog post?

Thanks for all your help.

Regards, Kieran

hi again, is there anyway to have a 2×2 grid portfolio instead of 3×2?

please let me know.

thanks sash

Yes, but you’ll have to edit core files. It’s possible by editing inc/portfolio/class-grid-portfolio-admin.php

Update the beginning of the file with this one:

$size_options = array(
    '5 4' => __( '5 columns, 4 rows', 'fluxus' ),
    '5 3' => __( '5 columns, 3 rows', 'fluxus' ),
    '4 3' => __( '4 columns, 3 rows', 'fluxus' ),
    '3 3' => __( '3 columns, 3 rows', 'fluxus' ),
    '3 2' => __( '3 columns, 2 rows', 'fluxus' ),
    '2 2' => __( '3 columns, 2 rows', 'fluxus' )

Cheers, Vilius

sorry another question:-) is it possible to have a ’’portfolio’’ not show up on the front page ( grid style).

thanks sash

i’m having the same problem as this:

I have created two project types – A and B. I’ve added both project types as menu navigation like the documentation suggests.

Now, I have my home page setup as a grid portfolio. This homepage still shows all my projects (type A and B ). Is there anyway to make the homepage only show project type A when users arrive to the site? How do I filter the project types on my homepage?

Please let us know.


I’m afraid currently it is not possible. There’s no easy workaround because of some Wordpress limitations, but I’ll try to make it possible as a few people already found that missing.

Meanwhile people were able to solve this by using redirection plugin ( ) which would redirect the homepage to the specific project type.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi, ¿it is possible to show any image when you insert a vimeo vídeo on portfolio? Because i added some vídeos and it just show a blank thumbnail. If its possible how can i do it?

Thanks a lot in advance.


yes, it’s possible. In the Project Media box (on the project edit page) do the following:

1. Click Add Image, choose an image. 2. Next to the image click Edit 3. Check “Featured” and uncheck “Published” 4. Save the image

Now that image should be used as featured image in your portfolio. But it should not be visible on your project page, thus there should be only your vimeo video.

Hope this helps, Cheers, Vilius

Hi Again,

Is there any way to make the blog show full posts – seems soem code is overriding the standard WP option to do that.




do you mean full blog posts on blog index pages? I’m afraid this is not possible, because the layouts used for single blog posts and blog post lists (horizontal and vertical) are significantly different.

Fluxus theme shows excerpt, which is your blog content without formatting.

If you really want to do this, then you could edit content.php file and change the_excerpt(); into the_content(); but I guess it will cause some issues with the style.

Just out of curiosity, where do you find a WP options which allows to choose whether excerpt of full content should be shown in blog index pages?

Cheers, Vilius

Ahh – well my lack of experience with WP I guess i thought the settings > Reading > For each article in a feed, show For each article in a feed, show Full text Summary

It would seem not.

My blog (quite an old theme admittedly) on my other site shows all text / pictures for all posts. And this is what I want on my new site.

As i said before I love this theme, the portfolio interface and layouts are amazing and am also impressed that you answer most of us pretty fast with our sometimes rather basic questions…

But the Blog is really bugging me, and it looks like I will have to make my blog link in the header point to another directory with another theme installed, which is not ideal as I was really looking forward to finally having a blog that stays in the same main directory and within the same site / look & design with the same navigation as the main site!.

3 things:

1 – Featured images for blog posts, click on them in the summary and then you get this massive image, with a big title across it and then the same image just below in the post, not sure that’s necessary. anyway to get rid of that all together and when you click on the featured image for the summary – you just land on the full post?

2 – I have tried time and time again and can’t get rid of the comments box / a lot of photographers and myself included choose to turn off comments – but can’t seem to make it happen here…

3 – well same problem as previous post I made – the summary vs the full post.

Big shame as I was just starting to play around with tests using shortcodes for notes – quotes etc… which is very cool, and enables you to really make your posts look like a cool magazine layout…

1&2 are the biggest issues – 3, I could deal with if 1&2 could be somehow solved.

All the best and again thanks for your help.