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My Slider tab just vanished and I can’t find it. Would you help me please?


Actually I added some photos to homepage for fullpage slider, but I couldn’t find how to change those images. My site address is



so the slider uses all images uploaded to that specific page. If you want to replace an image, then you have delete it and upload a new one. Here are the steps on how to delete an image:

1. Click “Add Media” 2. Select “Uploaded to this post”, this will show all your slider images. 3. Select an image to delete 4. Click “Delete Permanently”

Hope this helps, Cheers, Vilius


I deleted old full page slider page then I added a new page with full page slider template. Then I uploaded some images and insert into post and published that page. After that, I changed the front page to this page. I doesn’t show any images now.

Would you help me if I can send my login information to you?

Hello, I’m getting this message: Warning: include_once(/home/content/i/m/d/imdesignworks/html/ireneliebler/wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/user.php) [function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/i/m/d/imdesignworks/html/ireneliebler/wp-content/themes/fluxus/functions.php on line 365

Warning: include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening ’/home/content/i/m/d/imdesignworks/html/ireneliebler/wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/user.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php’) in /home/content/i/m/d/imdesignworks/html/ireneliebler/wp-content/themes/fluxus/functions.php on line 365

Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Here’s the site:


it appears that you’ve installed a Fluxus theme copy that meant to be installed only when updating the website. Two quick ways to fix it:

1. Connect to your website using FTP and upload the missing file. That is upload a file user.php to wp-content/themes/fluxus/inc/user.php – an empty file will do just fine.

2. Reinstall the theme. On ThemeForest you are allowed to download two files: one is main archive and the other is just the theme meant for updating. Download the main zip archive (around 32mb), unzip it locally and there you will find, use it to install the theme and it should work fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you managed to solve it.

Thanks, Vilius

Thank you Vilius, that seemed to work! I had to delete the original install and re-upload the Thanks for your quick reply!

Hey, Come on. I will do a simulation for you to understand. I created a portfolio and signed up 5 images in it. The featured image, which appears in the thumbnail, I wish it was different from the pictures that I signed up in the portfolio. I want to create an image for the highlighted thumbnail images of the independent registered in the portfolio.


so if I understood you correctly you want to have a different featured image? You can do this by clicking Edit next to an image in the Project Media section. There you will find Featured checkbox, checking it will use that image as featured in portfolio list.

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Also if you want to have an exclusive featured image (which would only appear in portfolio list), then you should check “Featured” and uncheck “Published”. This will hide the image from your project images, but it will still show it in the project list.

Hope this helps, Vilius

@BKK_Cedric How did you manage to add text bolow the images in your Portraits-Portfolio? I have been trying to do a similar thing but could not figure it out yet…


I figured it out now… Did it by changing the caption’s position in the style css.

1. When I check “Hide password protected projects” the link to the project no longer works and I just get an “Oops”

2. The CSS for changing all the yellow to a different color didn’t work for me.

3. Are discussions on here searchable? I feel like half my problems have been answered before.

4. for the blog template links, there is no yellow around the menu item when selected.

Still love the theme! The best yet, thanks again.

Scratch #2, I figured it out!

Hey Vilius,

Do you know of a way to change the thumbnail size in the Project Type view?

For instance I have a Project Type called A, with portfolios B, C and D portfolios categorized under it. I set a menu item to link to “A”. When I click on the link, it takes me to a page populated by thumbnails of each portfolio B, C and D under Project Type A. But the thumbnail images that link to each portfolio are currently quite small on every resolution—about 300px long. I’d like to see if it’s possible to make them bigger without messing with how they respond to the mobile resolutions.


Hi Vilius, Nevermind, I think I found a workaround.

Wheres the directions for this? I don’t know what I’m doing. I downloaded the zip file, but it doesn’t look anything like the demo and when I click theme options it says “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_enqueue_media() in /home/content/74/9038974/html/wp-content/themes/fluxus/options-framework/options-framework.php on line 193”

Yes, I updated it yesterday. I also figured out the FTP stuff by using filezilla. But I’m not sure i’m dragging the right folder over. Everything is giving me errors. are there no directions for this?

okay now it seems to be working a little better, but how do you get your pages to look like the demos for this theme? I have full with with sidebar for my template on the page but it just looks like a normal page. Also I want pages aces sable on the top of the page but nothings there. How do I do that? I’ve been to all the theme options, menu, widgets and customize options and don’t understand this

Within the 4 hours I slowly figured out by trial and error, and finally found some direction with this website Which would be really helpful for people in the future. But now I was hoping to have my blog posts in grid form, so I’m guessing thats not possible is it :/ Please tell me it is!

Okay, now I figured out how to do the FTP stuff, but what file needs to be added to my themes folder?

I added the fluxes folder and its sort of on my site but it has errors every time I save something


First of all, thank you for a very nice theme!

I needed a new website to show pictures I take during my travels and love the fact that you can have big images and the site both look good on my computer but also really nice on a big screen and my iPad.

I will update with new pictures as soon as I travel so there is a motivation for me to travel more now that I have such a great site! :)

Here is my Fluxus site:


I guess in the end I managed to set up a decent site, thanks for the replies, Villus. Looking forward for the new features (an eta btw ? )

Here is my site, hope it is ok:

Hi! Is it somehow possible to make the adminbar visible in this theme? It looks like the bar is not visible when I’m logged in…


since some pages have fixed height, I’ve disabled the admin bar to save horizontal space.

You can try adding this to your inc/user.php file:

function fluxus_custom_init() {
    remove_filter( 'show_admin_bar' , '__return_false' );

add_action( 'init', 'fluxus_custom_init', 1 );

But it might overlap some elements.

Cheers, Vilius


I’m working on a customer’s website that is using this theme and they are looking to have the blogroll go up and down rather than from side to side. Could you point me in the direction of how I would go about switching that? I’ve looked everywhere on the theme’s settings but I can’t seem to find it.


Vilius, Following up on a bug in the current theme build:

The navigation menu’s aren’t working properly for responsive sites.

None of the level-2 or level-3 elements are there on the home page only on the sub pages. Even on subpages, level-2 is only displayed for current page you are on, if I’m looking at this right? Maybe some onclick attribute isn’t functioning properly in Js or something? This really isn’t my expertise, but what it means is that the nav is broken on smaller displays (iPad, iPhone, etc) and won’t display dropdown nav elements (level-2/3 etc).


Can you share the code you used and where to reposition the caption text text below the images? I’d like to implement that as well. 8-)

Thank You


What would be the code to make these posts fixed width instead of relative:

And how do you remove the featured image on the posts one you click them? I’ve found the page but haven’t figured out which code to remove without getting an error.


CSS Request

Vilius, or any css guru’s.

I want to apply the same style that’s in the primary navigation (yellow highlighted text) to the Project titles in the Portfolio horizontal layout.

I’ve discovered that while using the site on a tablet (iPad) that it’s not intuitive how to enable viewing the project, unless you know to touch the Project title text. Especially since the over state which shows the Title, Sub Title, Description, and view work button don’t render on an iPad. (at least not mine anyway)

That said, hopefully it’s possible to apply the same yellow box style to the project titles in the horizontal layout. ....and someone could supply the code ;)