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hi again:-) how do i add a link to the ’’more’’ button on the ’’services shortcode’’?

thanks a lot.


Hey Sash,

more button is a shortcode within services shortcode. Use it like this:

[service title="We Write" icon="pencil" image="./write.jpg"]
[button url="#" style="yellow"]More[/button]

Cheers, Vilius

Hey Vilius,

Just wanted to let you know the I downgraded to the last theme, so the link I provided won’t be helpful at all. When I looked at my site this morning, nothing but the nav was loading so down I went. I guess that’s an additional issue I’m having with the upgrade, no images would load unless I chose “lazy loading”.

I’m on Mac Mountain Lion using the latest version of Chrome.


sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve tackled this issue and will release an update later today. It will solve this issue and give you some other improvements.

Cheers, Vilius

Suggestion: An instagram portfolio that pulls a specified number of posts from your feed into a horizontal portfolio with the click of a menu button. I use this place to get my widget code:

thanks again!


thanks for the suggestion. It must be a nice feature as I guess lot’s of photographers have incredible Instagram feeds. I’d love to implement this as a thank you for upcoming 1000 sale.

Cheers, Vilius

Congrats on the sales! Best theme ever!

Just upgraded and now the only thing that shows up is navigation. Can you please fix this theme!!! I tried uploaded all files again and it still does not work.


sorry for that. I’ve released a new version just a few hours ago, could you try using it and see if issues persist. If so please let me know about any JS erros you get.

Thanks, Vilius

Anyone else having issues with facebook & pinterest sharing???

>> deepnotion 15 hours ago Hi, I’ve finally updated to 1.2.2 The main reason is to get the pinterest/facebook multi-image bug fixed. “1.2 Improved: Pinterest sharing now allows to pin multiple images from a page.”

This bug does not appear to be fixed. I now get zero images for pinterest and facebook

Anyone else having this issue?

My original request copied below including response from intheme

Although there was an update, it seems my suggestion wasn’t implemented properly. The latest version has no image links <a href="image.jpg"></a> in the slider. Without these facebook and pinterest will not find the images.

>> deepnotion PURCHASED 2 months ago Flag Hi, Nice theme – well done. I’ve just found 1 issue that is a problem for my client.

When using slides on homepage, Pinterest, Facebook, Google are unable to find any of the slide images. This is obviously caused by the script using background images for the slides.

I see there is an option for a Facebook icon – but this is really a workaround as normally users can select which image from a page/gallery/slideshow they want to use, and this facebook icon is no use for Pinterest or Search Engines looking for all the images on the page.

Can I please request a fix for this by printing links to the images in the source.

Please let me know if/when this can be added to the next update so I can advise my client. Cheers

intheme AUTHOR 2 months ago Flag Hey,

it’s a good point. I’ll make an update which will include image tags in Slider and Grid Portfolio so that Facebook and other services can find them.

This should come with a next update in a few days.

Cheers, Vilius


could you give me a link to a page where Facebook / G+ / Pinterest doesn’t find additional images? The full page slider has images as tags and I’m able to pick any of them when sharing on G+ and Facebook, there’s an issue with Pinterest, as it seems that Pinterest won’t use images that are hidden. I’m willing to fix it.

As for other pages (portfolio, projects) it works on all three of them.

Cheers, Vilius


the new version is available. It should fix Pinterest issue. Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks, Vilius

I have installed the latest update I’m getting no images in pinterest and only 2 images in facebook.

I’d like to use this theme to serve some large photos, so I plan to use W3 Total Cache and Amazon S3 as a Content Distribution Network. Can you confirm if the theme is known to work with this configuration? Are there any known issues with caching the site?


Edit: I haven’t purchased yet, but hope to if it is known to work.


I can confirm that it works. The demo version is using it and was able to serve 3000+ requests per day on Amazon EC2 small instance without any issues. It wasn’t easy to configure it though and I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you with that. Also Amazon S3 is not a CDN, so you should use Cloudfront for that, which is much easier to configure (you don’t have to upload your images to external server, just configure DNS and cloudfront will fetch them on demand from your website).

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi Vilius, could you provide a quick tutorial for how to push content/images/maps to the side in blog posts? Can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks, Scott

Hey Scott,

it’s possible by using aside shortcode. Here’s how it works –

Cheers, Vilius

Thank you, I was looking at an old version of the documentation!

Hi Vilius,

i found a very heavy BUG:

Ipad landscape orientation: vertical galleries with more than a certain amount of pictures (tested with 40 pics in one gallery), SAFARI and CHROME on Ipad crash! No problem for portrait orientation. Can you please have a look at this and fix this as soon as possible? Thanks!


Hey Martin,

thanks for letting me know the specifics. I’ve tried viewing a 40+ project on iPad 4, but did not manage to crash it. Are you having this issue on older iPad? Also is your project with 40+ images online?

Thanks, Vilius

Hi Vilius,

this project is crashing on IPad 3:

Can you pls have a look?

Thanks! Martin

Thanks, I’ve checked it on iPad 4 and iPad 3 emulator (iOS 4) with no luck that is it didn’t crash no matter what I did (rotate, slide, refresh). I still believe that there might be an issue and I’d appreciate if you could give me some more info so it’s easier to track it down.

1. What iOS version are you using? (you can find out that by going to Settings > General > Software update on your iPad)

2. Does it crash once you open the page or do you have to scroll around?

3. Is it Safari you are using?

4. Could you do two more test cases and see if the issue persist. First try going to Settings > Safari and turn Private Browsing on. If that still causes the crash then please try turning off JavaScript (Settings > Safari > JavaScript).

Thanks a lot for your help!

Cheers, Vilius

in the meanwhile I purchased the theme, it’s really great, but my previous issues are still valid:

- the possibility to share single photos (with preview icon on facebook and backlink to the photo)

- for my puroposes it would be great to add square format images in grid portfolios (square format is great for galleries of both vertical and horizontal pictures)

- when a featured image is not 16:9 how does the theme behave? it seems to me that it leaves blank space aside, it would be great to have the possibility to choose a portion of the photo to crop to make it fit better in the 16:9 space

- IE8 compatibility?

thanks for now, but your theme is really great, I will come back with a few more suggestions, but I promise I will not bother you much…

Hi! Great theme!

Is there a way to have a portfolio category chosen by default when someone comes on my homepage instead of having ‘all’ selected by default?

I have a category called Illustrations and when someone comes on my website I would like to display the listings in that category. I would still like the categories to be listed on the side though.

Thank you for your help in advance


it shouldn’t be there in a first place, it must be some sort of change on Google side. I’ll remove it in the next update if you don’t mind waiting.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi, I have another small problem. I know it is more related to hosting but would really appreciate if you can help me out.

To give you an idea, my wordress files are all installed within files. I then created forwarding with mask to hide the above path and then linked it to domain My problem is that the mobile version of this theme is not being displayed on a mobile device when i visit my forwarded path ( whilst when i visit the same website through its original full path, the mobile version of site works on a mobile device.

Is there any way i can go around it and have it viewed correctly when visited from a mobile device? If this is not clear please let me know and will send you the actual domains in a private message to get my point. Thanks


yes, the actual links would help. Could you please send them to

Thanks, Vilius

one more thing: I have some problems changing the order of the photos in a portfolio. I keep changing the order but they get back in the prevous position, after I save

I promise, this is the last for today, I cannot make the social sharing buttons appear in the footer. The social links are ok, but the share options simply refuse to work…

i lied. I think there’s a problem with my installation because i cannot see the Slider tab. I tried disabling every plugin, but still no result

Maybe you could send your login details to so I could check it out. Might be some sort of JS issue as well.

Thanks, Vilius

thanks a lot, the new release fix my sharing buttons problems, now the’re correctly in place. one small thing though, the counter in the facebook baloon appears broken. I haven’t tried the reorder issue yet, but I sent you a mail with my login details.

I found the problem, the facebook button is in an iframe whose width is 75px, but this is too narrow for the counter to appear, it gets cut on the right. maybe it depends on the fact that I see the button translated in italian: “Mi piace” is longer than “Like” so the counter on the right gets cut because it exceeds the 75px

Hello Intheme, Thanks for this very very nice theme ! Before buying, I was just wondering one thing : is it possible to make legends appear below the pictures ? Thanks in advance for your answer Stéphane

Hey Stéphane,

thanksm I’m glad you like it. Regarding the legends (I assume you are talking about image descriptions on project pages), it is only possible to show them overlaid on top of the image.

Cheers, Vilius

Hi, Since I’ve upgraded I have been having issues with text not displaying properly in the sidebar, where the portfolio title and description disappear off of the page when viewed horizontally on and iPad. Is there any fix for this? Cheers, Kieran


I appreciate the empathy ;-) The update is already live and it should solve your issue.

Cheers, Vilius

PS. I’m trying to dig up to your other questions. Feel free to repost them if I take too long!

Cheers Villus, that has indeed sorted out the problem on the iPad, and in Safari (on my Mac when changing the size of the window). I did notice though that now the image ratio can be altered when scaling down the size of the window in Safari for Mac. Although I’m not sure if this would realistically be an issue I thought I would let you know. They are not urgent questions so I will wait a while and then repost them if they have not been answered. Thanks. Kieran

Hi Vilius,

I have not received a reply to my earlier posts regaring your updates in May. As indicated before, my homepage is entirely messed up on Safari on Mac) and on my iPad once I install the update (also with your most recent version).

Kindly see the screenshots in my dropbox folder to see what I mean:

Any ideas how to fix it? For now I’m switching back to v 1.1.2



there’s a new version available. I bet that it should fix your issue. Otherwise let me know. Sorry for the ambiguity, it’s difficult to say what might be broken from the screenshots.

Cheers, Vilius

Hey there! I bought the theme and ist great, but I don´t like that everywhere in the linking of the pages there is the word “fluxus”. Is it possible to use Fluxus without having it in the adress-data?

Example: it is like that now:

I want it like that:


the correct way is to use “pretty” permalinks. That is your URLs should look like this: (no question mark)

This has numerous benefits and is suggested practice. You can turn them on by going to Settings > Permalinks. There choose one that says “Post name” and save the changes.

Note that if your website root folder is not writeable by Wordpress, you will need to manually create a .htaccess file. Just see the instructions on the bottom of that page.

Cheers, Vilius

Does anyone know how to actually push notes and quotes to the right of a post like here?

I’ve tried using aside etc… no idea how to actually do this…




this can be done by using [aside] shortcode. In your post content wrap some content using it like this:

This content is shown on the right side of the page.

Also you could try using this: [aside position=”absolute”] – this will prevent your main content to be pushed down by content in the aside. Sounds crazy :-) Just try using it to see how it actually works for you.

Cheers, Vilius

Humm – I think i’ve totally messed up my blog!

Posts on that page are nicely lined up but when you click on them the text stretches like mad – I’m not sure whats going on…

Also I get no previous / next entries on main blog page – just a never-ending stream of posts!

And when i try to use

[aside] This content is shown on the right side of the page. [/aside]

I get a box with a scrolling bar…

And last but not least I seem to have managed to get rid of the featured image option and no widget even comes up on the dashboard when I edit a post!

Any help would be much appreciated…


Edit: the never ending stream is no longer an issue – but the rest still is – thanks…


Is it possible to display on the homepage directly the Horizontal Portfolio ? not the “portfolio homepage” or “hello homepage” or “slideshow homepage”.



yes it is. Wordpress allows you to put any page as a homepage.

Cheers, Vilius