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Pre-purchase question. Through settings… Is it possible to have the logo/tagline, “recent posts” and search bar right align when using the dark skin?

Excellent work on using post/portfolio descriptions in WP to generate theme descriptions, keeps getting better. Great work!

Hi, congratulation for your work, i would like to buy but i need a pre-purchase question. It is possible to have a zoom image? It is very important for me, no fullscreen but zoom fuction. The most important question is: it is possible to zoom image in iphone device? I try the website on device and tablet and it is not possible zoom finger Standard Please let me know asap



I am desperately trying to fix this issue. I have spent a lot of time on this but no luck.

Basically in horizontal portfolio, the responsive is not working correctly for all screen sizes.

The thumbnails are cut on the right side. All I want is to make sure that on all screen sizes the first thumbnail is shown in full.

How can I do this? please I would really appreciate some help on this.

My website is here: and below here are some screenshots that show the problem.

I assume that if the height of the player or the height of the thumbnail could be adjusted that would solve the problem but unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with what I have tried.

Thanks a lot again for your time.



PLEASE ANSWER this one. I have send you a question 3 times, with no answer!!

I wanted to change the way the accordination opens first tab on default.

I checked out this forum, and Vilius had once before answered, that you could add following into the user in editor.

(function($) { $(function () { $(’.panel-active .pane-title a’). trigger(‘click’); }); })(jQuery);

I did this in the user.php file, and as soon as I pressed upload, the page went blank. Both my wordpress, and my homepage.

Now if I try to log in, it is just blank. What should I do? I can neither go to my wordpress or my homepage?!? Please help!!!

Hey guys,

I have the following issue: my facebook button in the social block in the lower left corner is being cut on the right side. I checked out your portfolios here and you have the same issue, too.

Does anybody know how to change that?

2ricciarmani: hello mate. I see your website has a perfect social windows in the lower left corner. Can you please tell me what should I do to fix my facebook icon which is now cut on the right side of it? Just like in this example:

I’m having REAL issues with panoramic images and trying to get a response from the author is like getting blood from a stone. Only buy this theme if you know what you’re doing, you won’t receive any support from this chump!!!!!!

Does the author still use this support forum? Seems to go AWOL after taking the moeny for this very buggy theme!!

Hi, I purchased your theme and now making some customization but I am facing a problem that no any images found in slider tab even there was many images were inserted. How could I do to make them appearing in slider tab. Please help. urgent!!!

Besides, the theme is really great!!!good work.

hi , i’d like to change the backcolor of the theme . how can i do that ? thanks

i’m looking for a good plugin to have two or mo languages instal for this theme ? thanks

Hello. First off, great theme. I really like the flow, and the responsiveness. I’ve been playing around with it for awhile now and I have two issues with the full-page-slider.

First – on the iPhone it displays title / description / etc in a bar across the middle of the image. This effectively ruins the iphone viewing experience. I have disabled navigation in the Misc section of the theme options, but it still persists on iphone views.

Second – As far as I can tell, the only way to add images to the slider is by uploading new copies of the images. Is there no way to use existing images in the slider on a new page?

Thanks in advance for your time, and a great theme.

No response from theme devs for 9 days????

I’ve checked the option to ‘Upscale images and videos to fit screen height’ The image heights should fill the screen – but the 1st image (wide shot 1920×769) doesn’t fit screen height… unless you’re on a massive screen It’s restricting the width (and height proportionally) on smaller screens.

Is anyone else having trouble with the website display on a Macbook Pro 13” retina?

The display is incorrect – sliders are cutoff and overlapping with no way to navigate into portfolio sections.

On all other computer displays it is correct, any ideas/solutions?

There is a conflict with the Retina photo in the theme options panel. I removed the photo and the problem is gone.

Hi, I have the IPad Scroll issue, and I’ve already made changes to my theme so, could you tell me where to fix the bug so I don’t have to install the new version of the theme?

Hi Vilius

I have the same issue as papagato above, so wich files to uppdate plz.

Best regards Robbie

What has happen with the support?

Hi Vilius

Hope you are well.

I have a question – the “Like” Facebook button after each project does not appear to work. When visitors to my site press it, it registers their like as the number increases but it appears that it does not post on their FB wall or share with FB.

Can you please help me with this – thanks


Do you guys provide dummy data with the theme, i purchased it but i don’t see any xml or sql file.

Hi, Great theme. Is there a maximum/minimum size I should upload an image?



I love your theme, Thank you very much. I have 2 questions:

1. Is the order of the portfolio grid random, or can I control it?

2. Let’s say I have a portfoilio I set up, but, I want the button of “VIEW MORE” to lead to an external link, not to the photo itself. Can I do it?

Thank you Yaki

Dear inTheme team

I was looking to buy your theme. prior to the purchase I’d like to know a couple of things.

-I like the font turning black when hovering over it, as for the yellow marker, I’d prefer an other colour or not to have it on at all. would it be possible to get rid of it? -at the end (right) of a horizontal portfolio there is some sort of social media and other portfolio display box. is it possible to turn that off? -I’d like to display the picture in different sizes and with variations of space in between them. On the horizontal portfolio, is there a cleaner way to change the position of the images than using white borders/ spacer on the actual images?

thank you very much in advance for you help.

ps: I will purchase the theme if these things are possible.

best regards