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Is there any way to get rid of the “continue reading” link on a blog and just get it to display the full blog entry??


it’s currently not fully supported. Although if you are only using vertical blog layout, then you could try to edit content.php file. Find a line that says:

and change it to

This will remove the “Continue Reading” link ad show the whole content. Although some more complicated content styles may break. See how it works for you.

Cheers, V

perfect! thank youuuu

How do I remove the ‘decoration’ (which is a dash line) between items in the info box for the full page slider option?


below is the code, add it to your css/user.css file. It will remove the “decoration” and also reduce the spacing between headline and description.

.slide .info .decoration {
  display: none;

.slide .info .slide-title {
  margin-bottom: 16px;

Cheers, Vilius

Is there a way to add a url link to one of my grid images? When I click one of my grid squares in my portfolio, I would like it to take me to a new website instead of to one of my galleries. Is this possible?


it’s not supported by default, but maybe you could use a workaround. For example you could create a fake project and add a featured image to it, so it’s visible in the grid portfolio. Then you could use WP Redirect plugin (available here: to redirect your fake project URL to external website.

Should do the trick ;-)

Cheers, Vilius

When my page first opens up and you click view a gallery from the full page slider part, when it opens up the gallery the portfolio menu at the top automatically highlights, how do i stop this? with this highlighted people do not realize that they can click on it again to see the rest of the galleries.

sorry didn’t fix it…. so when you click view

it goes to this window and circled in red is what i am having issues with



the code should have fixed it. I’ve checked your website and the user.css file seems to be empty (without the code I’ve provided).

Here’s a link to it:

Make sure you include the CSS code. Connect to your website using FTP client, then navigate to wp-content/themes/fluxus/css/user.css and download that file. Add the provided code and upload it again. Refresh the page (also you could try clearing your browser cache just to be sure) and the link should not be highlighted.

You could also consider adding your projects as submenu links under “Portfolio”. In that case a tiny arrow would appear indicating, that there are other projects.

Cheers, Vilius

BTW. since you are using dark theme, here’s an updated code. Use it instead of previously provided one:

.site-navigation .active > a {
  color: #888;
  background: none;

.site-navigation .active > a:hover {
  color: #fff;

Hi there, great theme. enjoying customizing it a little. i have just one question. if i do not want to upload the recommended size images (1920×1280) but rather of height 500 then the whole image strip – in portfolio view – sits toward the top of the screen. with a whole lot of padding below.

is there a way to center the image strip?

thanks in advance. Andy

and of course can the “box” at the end of the gallery which asks if you “like this gallery” be centered along with the image strip. thanks a lot

Hey Andy,

I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with that as it’s not a straightforward customisation. It involves some JS coding, that takes into account various screen sizes and then adds some top padding to vertically align content.

I’m working to launch a forum, where Fluxus users could share their code snippets used to customise their website. Hopefully you’ll be able to get help there. You could follow @in_theme to get notified.

Regards, Vilius

ok. thanks

Hi Vilius, Working on my new web site with your beautiful theme. How would it be possible to have a caption which appears only when the mouse cross over the image? Same way as the portfolio titled images! Thanks for your work!


Hey David,

I guess you’ve gave me the wrong link. If you were referring to project image descriptions that appear on the bottom right corner, then here’s a CSS code that will do the trick:

.portfolio-single .project-image figcaption {
  opacity: 0;
  -moz-transition: .2s ease-in;
  -webkit-transition: .2s ease-in;
  -ms-transition: .2s ease-in;
  transition: .2s ease-in;

.portfolio-single .project-image:hover figcaption {
  opacity: 1;

Add it to your css/user.css file.

Cheers, Vilius

Sorry fro the link… I meant When your mouse cross over the picture you get informations about the project on a layer on the picture. I wish to have the same on a small layer on each pictures as a caption. I guess it could be possible?

At the moment Fluxus shows image captions on the bottom right corner of the image. See this link for example there’s a label saying “Caption Example – Buy Print”. The code I’ve gave you will hide those captions and only show them when user’s mouse is over the image.

I’m afraid making that caption look like the one on portfolio page is not a simple customisation, thus I won’t be able to help you with that.

Regards, Vilius

Hi Vilius!

I love your theme but my site doesn’t work on mobiles. The main menu is missing and galleries don’t load. A friend said it might be a jquery issue? I’ve tried turning off all plugins.

Best, Grete

Thank you Vilius! You are right, I did copy all the styles over to user.css. I will do it ‘the hard way’ now and I’m sure everything will be fine.

Hi Vilius, I’ve done what you said and it’s now working much better, but there are still some problems with the responsive mode that don’t seem to be css issues, because they don’t go away when I rename user.css.

1. The screen goes nearly all black when I load the site. This happens on my iPhone only, not in responsive view on my laptop. 2. On both my iPhone and laptop [smallest responsive size] the sub-menu items are not showing unless I click the menu twice. 3. On both my iPhone and laptop [smallest responsive size] there is no title [project .hover-box] on my projects or ‘View Work’ button. I disabled the titles under the projects [.entry-title] because it looked cleaner, but do I have to turn that back on to get project titles under each project on a phone?

I hope you can help, these are the last little problems and I’m so excited to launch my site!



Hey Grete,

sorry for the delay. I’ve checked your website on mobile (iPhone 5) and it didn’t go nearly dark. It looked normal, so I guess you’ve already solved it.

Regarding #2. It’s a known issue and it will be solved when I rework the mobile navigation. The way it works at the moment is that sub-menu items are shown only when you are on the parent page. So when you click first time you visit the page (eg. Portfolio) and only when you are on Portfolio page you are able to see sub-menu (eg. Commercial, Client Area). I agree that it’s not perfect, but the other way won’t be very intuitive either, so the solution has to be more subtle :-)

3. It looks like you’ve re-enabled the titles. It’s possible to write CSS for mobile using media queries like this:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {
// CSS rules go here.

The rule above will target devices which maximum width is 480px, that is iPhone in landscape orientation. You could use it to re-enable some elements only for mobile devices. Take a look at css/responsive.css for more examples.

Cheers, Vilius


Can this theme have the hover function deactivated on the pictures?



yes, it’s possible with a tiny CSS modification.

Cheers, Vilius

Thank you! Do you have the CSS modification? And also is there a way to get rid of the yellow highlight with CSS?


thanks for purchasing. Here’s the code for deactivating “hover function” (the one when you hover project and it offers you a “View Project” button):

.project .hover-box {
  display: none;

Here’s a link on how to change yellow colour (accent):

The next version of Fluxus will allow you to do this via Admin UI as well.

Cheers, Vilius

I try to add 3 Tabs to one of the Portfolio Sites. It’s a music video i made and want to show the regular picture slide on the first tab and making of and credits in some other tabs directly under the Main menu as your example template shows. How can i add this? I can only add tabs in the left side element. That doesn’t look so nice. Thank you very much. beautiful template.


sorry for the delayed response. I’m afraid tabs are only supported on posts and pages. Using tabs in a way you’ve described is not a straightforward modification.

Sincerely, Vilius

Hey, Happy new year.

I was wondering if there was a way of assigning categories to portfolios rather than portfolio types, also having the tagging system in portfolios would be great. im running a blog with the theme and i wanting to use the portfolio page layouts as a method of displaying picture heavy posts. in an ideal world id have the portfolio pages with all the same functions as normal blog posts, including commenting (i know youve adressed this previously but id like to add another request for the function).

in some cases im using posts with a page links to plugin to point the click to either a page with the content or a portfolio.

thanks for any help, great theme, keep up the good work.


Hey Louis,

thanks for the encouragement :-) I’ve just spend 10 minutes reading your posts, very attention grabbing!

Regarding categories and tags for portfolios. If you’d like to re-use existing (the ones you already use for blog posts) categories and / or tags for projects, then I’m afraid it’s not possible. Actually what you really want here is to make an alternative layout for your blog posts, which would look something like a project page. That would be cool, but requires quite some work.

Regards, Vilius

Hi there! Love the theme. I’m running into some challenges with independent portfolio pages and permalink structure. Was hoping you could help.


Basically I am trying to set up multiple individual portfolio pages that are accessible from the main menu. I’ve highlighted here the pages that I’m looking to set as portfolios in the horizontal template: Clicking on each link would take you directly to that individual portfolio.

I’m having trouble understanding how I can achieve this. When I create a portfolio, the permalink takes on a random parent page slug (e.g. /wp/my-sisters-are-not-sisters/personal/the-blue-of-where-you-are-not/ – the parent page slug being unrelated to the portfolio).

Is there a way to get a page in the main menu to display a particular portfolio?

Thanks so much!


sorry for the delayed answer. I can see that you’ve already made some changed to your website and I’m not sure if you still have the same issue. Here are some notes:

1. You have a fatal error, which prevents your projects from showing up.

Fatal error:  Call to a member function exists() on a non-object in /home/mrl270/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/fluxus-child/sidebar-portfolio.php on line 40

That is caused by custom code, so I can’t really say what’s the issue. It doesn’t look like a hard fix though.

2. Regarding permalink structure there’s a link to the FAQ section that explains it:

3. Regarding “Is there a way to get a page in the main menu to display a particular portfolio?” the answer is yes. All you have to do is to navigate to Appearance > Menus and use “Portfolio” section to add links to specific projects to your main menu.

Let me know how it goes.

Cheers, Vilius

Thanks Vilius. Just one follow up question, to #3. I’m confused because when I go to the Menu tab I only see pages to add to the menu, not the portfolios I’ve created in the Portfolio tab: Am I missing something?

Do you mean the only way to have individual portfolios in the main menu would be to manually create links to them, ie copy-pasting the URLs into the menu tab? Ideally I would just be able to choose from the portfolios in the Menu tab without having to copy-paste links.

Thanks Björn


I have updated my wordpress and still seem unable to update the slider on my homepage, the option to add new slides isn’t there any longer.

Many thanks, Veronica

Hey Veronica,

sorry for the delay. Were you able to solve this already? An update shouldn’t have caused this. Are you sure your page has “Full Page Slider” set as it’s template?

Regards, Vilius

Hi there!

I’ve the last couple of days experienced some problems with the ‘Portfolio’ section. To be rather honest; it doesn’t seem to work! :p

Let me explain;

1. I click the ‘Portfolio’ menu tab.
2. ‘Edit’ on my new project (just an example)
3. Go all the way down to the bottom to ‘Project Media’ and click the “Add Image’.
4. Select my newly* uploaded photo and press ‘Add Images / OK’ button
5. Nothing happens… ?!!

My problem is that it has worked very fine up until this now. Since I’ve updated my WP to 3.8.

Things which I suspect might have something to do with it; Lately my host has been moving my site to a new server (or something like that! :p), and I think that maybe some ‘rights’ has changed (I’m thinking of going from ‘777’ to ‘677’ for instance). I don’t know if it could be that, but its worth mentioning.

The reason why I think it could be this, is because (as you can see in the video) it works fine with older photos which were uploaded BEFORE the host moved my server. :)

I’ve recorded a video of me showing how to get the error:

Im not even sure it has something to do with your guys, however, I have no idea idea on where to ask. Hoped you might have heard something similar before, and can give me a solution.

Btw; keep up the good work!!

Peace out! \m/


thanks for the video, it was very cheerful :-) You have an interesting issue here, but it is difficult to say what’s exactly wrong. Could you drop me your login details to and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks, Vilius

Hi there,

i have created a page for my “about me ” page. i have then added a few images and text formatted within a table. however the table stretches when the browser window is resized.

i have tried to combat this by using the “style=table-layout:fixed” attribute with a “width = xxx” inside my “table” tag but this is being ignored. i am wondering if this is being ignored as there is some css code in your theme styling tables.

any idea how to achieve this? cheers andy

Hey Andy,

there’s a CSS rule that says:

table {
  width: 100%;

Meaning that by default all tables will by as wide as their parent. If you wish to fix the width of a table to a certain amount you should use something like this:

<table style="width: 320px">

Note that Fluxus is responsive, the most narrow device is 320px in width, so if your table’s width will be more than that it will look ok on mobile devices, but not perfect :-)

Cheers, Vilius

Hey Im loving fluxus so far. Im almost done finishing my site but I ran into something odd.

I changed my grid thumbails to a larger size – from 4×3 to 3×2 which increased it’s image size. But now all those thumbnails in the grid are pixelated, and blurry. Is there a way to force it to create a new thumbnail with out it upscaling from the smaller thumbnail file?

Ive seen this question asked when I searched all the comments here. Id love to fix it since this really gives a bad first impression of my work.

Thanks, hope to here from you.


Hey Alex,

currently the thumbnail size in grid portfolio is 583×328, which may be a bit too low on larger screens for 3×2 size grid. You could increase the resolution by adding following code to the inc/user.php file.

function modify_image_sizes() {
  add_image_size( 'fluxus-thumbnail', 800, 450, true );
add_action( 'init', 'modify_image_sizes', 1 );

It will increase thumbnail size to 800×450. But before it happens you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails. This can be done using this plugin:

Install the plugin, go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails and click “Regenerate All Thumbnails”. It will take quite some time depending how many images you have. After it finishes the thumbnails in your Grid Portfolio will be displayed in higher resolution.

Cheers, Vilius

That did it, thank you very much for such a quick and detaied response.


Hi, I really like this theme and I’m considering it. One thing that makes me hold back though is the theme is now a year old. I’ve noticed you seem to be still supporting it and have updated it over the past year, all to your credit. I wonder if you could maybe say what your plans are with this theme as far as continued development and support. Specifically, how long do you plan to update this particular theme? And, I think this it the only theme you have on TF, do you plan on adding a new one this year, and would it be similar perhaps to Fluxus? Thank you!!


I’ve looked at the calendar and in fact today was Fluxus 1st birthday. Time flies! Fluxus has seen continuous development over the year and I can now say that it’s a solid Wordpress theme. The development and support will definitely continue as I still have plenty of plans for Fluxus.

Version 1.3 is about to be released which will feature quite a few updates for the grid portfolio. It will also take the advantage of a new Wordpress appearance customiser, which allows to change various visual options using admin UI.

The next two major things in the roadmap are: version 2.0 with WooCommerce plugin integration and a dedicated support forum. The latter will hopefully give me more time so I could then start working on a new theme. Not sure how is it going to look, but I do like themes that are fundamentally correct rather than chasing latest trends.

Thanks for the interesting questions!

Regards, Vilius

Hi! How can I protect my images from downloads? Do someone know a plugin or a similar way to prevent the “right click” on my site? Thanks

UPDATE: What I wrote up seems to be only on my 15” Macbook Pro with HD monitor. On another old macbook the gallery is ok. But I’ve noticed that even if I’ve published the gallery, on the second Mac is not yet showed in portfolio. I hope you’ve understood ;-)


the maximum size for images is 1920×1280. If an image you’re uploading is bigger than that it will get downsized to 1920×1280. I suggest you to upload images that are not smaller than that.

I assume you’re referring “Upscale images and videos to fit screen height” as “Fit Screen”. If you don’t use that option, then Fluxus will use image’s maximum height. To make all images equal height, make sure your uploaded images are equal height. In your case you would need to re-upload your portrait images so that they are 683px in height (just like your landscape oriented ones).

Cheers, Vilius

Thanks Villus!

Hello… I need demo XML. Thank you…

Please understand that I am not very good at English…>.<?

No worries, just sent ;-)

Bought your theme today. It looks great. One question: how can I change the size and place of the text box on the home page (the ‘hello’ homepage’)?



Hey Maurice,

you can change the position of text box by clicking “Set custom position” button. A new window will open letting you to drag the text box around and save the changes. You can find that button on the bottom of the page edit screen. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I’m not sure which element size you’d like to change. Any size changes are only possible via custom CSS. For example to reduce title font size add following code to the css/user.css file:

.slide .style-default .slide-title {
  font-size: 32px;

Cheers, Vilius

Hi, I tried the method you suggested to alexanderyerks.

The regenerated 800×450 thumbnails are created, but the theme still uses the old 583×328 ones.
Did I do something wrong?

sorry, I wrote too soon, maybe it was just a cache issue, now it’s ok!

Great! :-)