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Nice design.

The rollover effect of the text under the main logo (on the blog page for example) doesn’t look right to me, it’s a bit twitchy for a smotth rollover.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck with it.

Thanks for your cents sticker :) ...

hello i was wondering if i could integrate a video gallery into this layout thanks.

Where exactly di you want to integrate the video gallery ?

i was wanting to insert it either on a whole new page or in the portfolio part or gallery i just need a video page where i can add unlimited videos :). thanks

Sure, you can take a page like “About page” and insert your embed code in it.

How do I incorporate the blog and twitter pages? Sorry I’m new at this. Please explain how I can do this. Thank you.

Dear Popkadots,

this item is HTML Template which with some coding knowledge you can create a site using WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS .

The WordPress version of this template will be ready in about a month.

Best regards.

Can we get a working demo please?

Looks good in screenshots, but a demo would be more useful :)