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I am receiving a lot of feedback about my site being “slow”. I’ve gone through your support forum and found the article about setting up W3Cache which I have done and people are still complaining… Is there anything else you could recommend?

Website URL: www.opaqueshift.com Host: DreamHosters



Indeed, it is a little slow.. Sometimes a misconfiguration of a cache plugin can result in poor performances. Avoid compressing everything, sometimes it is not really the solution. If you use my plugins, a lot of JS and CSS script are already compressed

Here is an interesting article about this on smashing magazine http://wp.smashingmagazine.com/2014/03/21/wordpress-performance-improvements-that-can-go-wrong/

I hope it will help



How EXACTLY do I get the music player and a video to evenly horizontal populate the Top Area on the Home page exactly like you have it on the Live Preview Theme for Flycase? I’ve been trying to get it to work and the best I can do is get them to vertically stack… but I want it to look exactly how it is on the live preview.

Please and thank you!!!! Love the theme.

YESSS!!!!! Thank you.

you’re welcome!

So I am trying to add a video from youtube to a post on my blog. When I click to preview it looks awesome but when I go to the actual site, all that shows is the text of the URL. How do I get the video to look like it does in preview mode?


Not sure why this is happening. Be sure that your youtube URL is not hyperlinked, and it is recommended to paste the ful youtube URL (not the short one)

If you need more help, feel free to post a ticket on the support forum (it is closed for the week end though) http://help.wpwolf.com/

I hope it will help


I tried to update iTunes store buy links to the JPlayer Song Editor… and when I hit save and update changes, I get tossed over to a 404 Page not found. Can you debug?




Is your plugin up-to-date?

I can’t seem to get the buy links working in JPlayer Song Editor. When I hit save and update changes, I get tossed over to a 404 Page not found.

Am I doing something wrong?




I don’t have this issue on my side I will check this and update the plugin as soon as I find a solution


FYI I removed https:// from the iTunes link and it now works. But I still am unable to get amazon link to work.

Thanks Tosh www.toshsheridan.com

on your widgets page there are various media widgets… can you put those anywhere on a page… like in a column? or do they just show up in the standard header, footer, etc… are they shortcode widgets or can they be inserted the same way?


This should help http://help.wpwolf.com/2013/12/create-a-widget-area/

If you need further assistance, please post a ticket on the support forum


Thank you

creating extra sidebars sounds useful and can prob get the job done (could I limit the new sidebars to specific pages?). are the recent photos and recent videos sections of the homepage demo able to be put into one of those sidebars in a vertical fashion?

You can create sidebars and widget areas. Set a different sidebar for each page a display your widget areas anywhere with a shortcode

In the demo page, i used widget areas

I hope it will help

I am having a problem with the jPlayer. When I click on the play button, the track will not start. The pause button will flash and then return to the play button. Visually the player looks exactly as it should, however, it isn’t functional. I have tried linking tracks from both a url and an uploaded mp3, as well as tried all of the options available in the options tab.

I should also add that this problem is true no matter what the browser or device platform.


Sounds like a javascript conflict, probably due to a 3rd party plugin Could you post a ticket on the support forum? We will help you out!


Kind Regards

Don’t forget to post the URL of your website on your ticket


Hi I noticed today when creating a show that the link for the new Google maps does not show up when entered . If i revert to the old Google maps and enter the link the map showes up. If i Use the new google maps link the map does not show up on page. U might want to have a look at that. Have a nice weekend. Etuonu

Hi one more thing s it possible tu push the latest update for Rev-Slider ? Thx Etuonu


I will check this and update the tour dates plugin ASAP. About the revslider, I will update it in the next release, but it is recommended to purchase the revslider license to get preium support and updates


HI, from some days the plugin Wolfgram is not working correctly. I made a reset on the setting page and now when i try to put a new access key unfortunatly it say that the code is wrong.. can you help me please? thanks



It seems that is related to your server The instagram admin panel in the theme send the key code directly to the instagram API to check if it is authorized. If your server doesn’t allow this “communication” with the instagram API server

Anyway, I will check this on my side and update the plugin if needed

if the ploblem is the server please help me to understand what I have to check for solve this issue. thanks.. Happy Easter!

Hi, I have a problem with the shortcode plugin. there is no Shortcode button in my Text Edit Bar. If I insert a shortcode like [wolf_col_4], I can’t formated as paragraph. Deleting and a new istall of the plugin hasn’t helped. Have anyone an idea? Thanks


The shortcode plugin has been updated a few hours ago for WP 3.9

Maybe it will solve your problem


Hi Brutaldesign, I hope you are doing good! I would like to change the background color of the menu while mouse over. I saw you posting this script:

h2.entry-title a:hover { color:#dd3333!important; }

My question is where does this belong to? Which stylesheet file. Moreover I would like to make the menu a little narrower in horizontal height. Can you tell me how I can do this? Thank you so much matimoon

Same problem, i do not find where it is. it was so simple to find it in the footer. I am losing hour on this stuff.Ca you be more specific about it thanks


Can you pls remind me what the issue is about?

i put this in my child css to get rid of my footer. I hope it help some people /* Site Footer */ .site-footer { margin-top: 0; position: relative; text-align: center; -ms-word-wrap: break-word; word-wrap: break-word; background: none; font-family: “Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; color: transparent; }

I need some help with the Tour Dates. I have several shows loaded in, but when I include the short code on the page or in the widget area I made for the header, it still shows up as ‘No Upcoming Shows Scheduled’. I hope I’m just missing something simple here… I’ve been trying to figure this out all day!


Could you post a ticket on the support forum? Rohan will help you out!


Kind Regards

Okay, I’ve figured out the tour dates themselves, but now when I click to view the details it goes to a 404 Error page like there is no page created for the Tour Dates. I have enabled the option under Tour Dates to link to single page but it’s still not showing up.

Hi, 1- Please I still have the problem with wolf gram plugin, it says “wrong code” (about access key) every time.. I wait some info by you.

2- I just done the up date 1.1.2 of flycase; there is a problem in the Discography section: when I chek the grid flag in the plugin style tab, every release begin out format and the Main Side Bar disappears in every page of the website.

3- It is normal that in the Personal Setting tab there are many functions less?

thanks for your help.


1. I don’t have this issue on my side. It is probably a server side issue. You should ask to your hoster.

2/ Be sure to update your Discography plugin

3/ All fixed in the new release available now ;)


Hi, my hoster need to know what he have to check.. can you help us please? cheers


The plugin makes a request to the instagram API to get your private access token depending on the instagram account you’re logged in. Some servers have security settings that don’t allow connections to external URL’s.

To do so, the script uses the Wordpress wp_remote_get function http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_remote_get

I hope it will help

Hi Constantin,

Thx for quick response and solving the sidebar issue but i reopened the ticket in support formum because second issue concerning discography layout is still not resolved.

The text still appears underneath the Album Cover and not next to it (on the right side of the album cover) like it used befor the update.

Best regards Etuonu


The discography gird option is supposed to be a full width grid.. Just like the demo..

Could you post a ticket on the forum? and give me your website URL and maybe your login infos through private comment?


I think we are missing eachother on this one here. (Forget the sidebar issue since it is a fullwith grid i guess there never was a sidebar anyway).

What i am talking about is the layout of the album release itself. If u open up one of the albums on discography demo page of flycase u will see what i mean. The text appears underneath the album cover. (it never used to do that befor the updat) Now if u uncheck the gridoptions in theme settings and view the page again u will see that now the page appears the way it should. Text of album is on the right side of the album cover.

Best regards etuonu

Sorry about that. Fixe on the way.


The site breaks in the updated theme because the metabox.php is missing in the includes folder. That is the error I get when accessing the site after the theme update.

Class ‘Wolf_Theme_Metabox’ not found in /home/mikedolla1/public_html/wp-content/themes/flycase/includes/metabox.php on line 71

Pls post on the forum with your login info in private comments, and we will fix that for you

And there is no update for the discography plugin. It doesn’t even exist in your list of plugins on the Wolf site.

The discography plugin hasn’t been released as standalone plugin yet and is available for premium theme users only ATM If the plugin isn’t up to date you should be able to update in the wordpress plugin panel. If you need further help, pls post a ticket on the support forum with your website URL and your login credentials via private comment if needed. We will fix that for you htp://help.wpwolf.com

Hey BrutalDesign! Great looking and versatile theme. Is it easily possible to show the author avatar/gravatar in blog posts? Will probably be buying this soonish. Theme update feature means that theme will be able to update without re-installing?

Yes, you can show the author bio and avatar below the blog posts. By default, this option is enabled only when there is multiple authors.

You won’t have to re-install the theme for future update. This was required for one single update


I really like the wolf video grid layout but was wondering if there is any way to have it just play the video (preferably via lightbox) rather than have it link to each individual video item post/page.

Can that be done?


A lightbox option for the videos is already in the pipeline ;)

It will be available in next update


fantastic. thanks! any idea on when that might be coming out?

Within the next few days

Hi Constantin, I have the same problem with metabox.php, the site is totaly broken. What do you mean by remove all old files? If I remove all the files present in the /public_html/wp-content/themes/flycase don’t I loose everything? Please give me some more details because I’m afraid to do this!!! And what’s happening with the custom css if I remove all files? I must back’it it up…?

I have done that, via FTP, it’s ok now. With minor damages, google fonts must be reinstaled, Gallery and Video Templates must be reborn and update page by page, both single photo galeries and single videos in order to rebuild the custom background options ( strange displaying after update ).

And finaly, all pages and posts must be updated in order to show the background correctly. Also the Appereance-Customize page must be updated.

Next time you update, simply use the zip file upload. I improved this feature so you won’t have remaining files from the past version if any.